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sneak peek: paul & jordan ferney

by Amy Azzarito

Just a couple of months ago, San Francisco-based party planner and letterpress printer Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day!, put all her furniture in storage and moved to Paris for a year with her two young sons and husband Paul. Living in Paris for a year had been on the couple’s must do list for quite some time, and they finally decided there was no time like the present. But before pulling up stakes, Jordan opened up the couple’s one bedroom for a little sneak peek. Jordan’s home is just as bright and cheerful as the parties she plans (one of my all-time favorite parties was the color fight party – I’m dying to have a color fight! {Thanks Jordan and Paul! And many thanks to Aubrey Trinnaman for the lovely photos!}

Image above: Style is very important but my first priority was that we utilized the small space efficiently. It’s a one bedroom apartment so we really had to edit things down. I feel like I’ve grown up a little bit with my style even since we decorated this. Jenny from Little Green Notebook helped me with some of it–it was my first time doing e-decorating. She is so good at finding fabric and helping me hunt down things on Craigslist. It is also great to have someone to bounce ideas off of. My greatest inspiration is Craigslist and Thrift Stores. If you spend time on it they are the best places to find really original pieces. The campaign dresser is a Craigslist find and the lamp from Anthropologie.

Image above: The bedding is from Dwell Studio and the drapes I made from some Thomas Paul fabric Jenny sent me.

The full home tour continues after the jump…

Image above: My husband and I try to buy one piece of art every year. We bought this big colorful piece last fall from Michelle Armas. I love it! (ed. note: See Michelle’s sneak peek here!)

Image above: Our living room is also our office. I love having my desk in an armoire because when I’m done working I can just close it up. It also hides my behemoth printer that really, no one wants to look at.

Image above: I bought this renters wall paper or “removable” wallpaper soon after we moved in. It is great because it comes off when you are ready to move. It did need some touch ups with paint after we took it down but it peeled off easily in about five minutes. Its from Sherwin Williams pattern #SW8EG5315

The boys’ room is really a walk in closet off the living room. We were paying very cheap rent and were planning on moving when I became pregnant with my second child but then were faced with some crazy medical bills so we were forced to make due and live in our one bedroom apartment a little longer. It was cozy!

Image above: The shelf is a good way to limit the toys we bring into our house. All the toys get played with because they are visible and any toys that don’t fit are given away or sold.

Image above: I started this wall of old paintings I found at thrift stores and flea markets and occasionally eBay. I never quite finished it and it was sport of a joke in our marriage because I would bring home some bad art and my husband would always roll his eyes. One piece he particularly didn’t like we reframed and under the old frame on the back it was signed by “Jimmy age 9.”

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  • Loved Jordan’s sneak peak! And don’t worry, I think there’s no better place for kids than in the closet ;)

  • My baby (now 13 months) lives in our walk-in closet (our only closet), too. Sadly however, there’s still some clothes hanging in there with her…I keep holding back on really turning it into her “room” thinking the second I do it we’ll finally move.

    Beautiful home. And great use of a small space.

  • Great sneak peek. I really like the bedroom, particularly the curtain fabric. I always find small space living inspiring, and Jordan and Paul seem to do it particularly well.

  • An amazing sneak peek! I have always loved the intimacy you get in a small space. Love it! And Oh Happy Day.

  • She has a way with color!! I love the home, and hope to make my living room look more like hers.

  • Love Jordan!!! What a beautiful space. We had our little girl in a walk in for a while and I honestly loved it. She loved it too. You make the most of what you have! I’m so glad we got a sneak peak of her last place.

  • Renter’s removable wallpaper!! What a revelation! I had no idea this stuff existed. Oh, happy day! I’m so going on a hunt for this stuff.

  • I love Jordan and Paul Ferney. I think they are so inspiring as a couple and as a family. Love her bright a colorful home and I would love to see the sneak peek eventually of their paris apartment

  • I love the removable wallpaper idea, too! Where did those coral tumblers come from in the knife shot? I need them!

  • Where did Jordan purchase the “beautiful” coat rack in the kids’ room? I like it.

  • jordan’s blog was the first one i discovered years ago. she and her husband are the most creative couple. their family makes a small apartment look so chic. so happy I have now been introduced to michelle adams. have to start saving up for one of her paintings.

  • Any ideas where that carpet is from in their bedroom? it looks like it might be an antique persian rug. I’ve been looking for one just like that without breaking the bank..

  • Ah! Where is that printed sofa from in the living room? I’m completely and utterly in love with it!

  • I love all the color! Too many people are afraid to just go with the bright colors they like and opt for a less intense color palette out of fear of mismatching something. This is so playful and fun and organic.

  • Oh- and I was feeling like such a bad parent for letting my husband convince me to put our baby in the closet because we haven’t found a new place yet! I feel so much better knowing first that it’s not just me, and second that it can be done in a totally classy way.

  • Love the first shot, the kids room and the transparent tubs for toys! beautiful!

  • What a great tour… and I love the mention about making do with what life throws at you. This couple does it with such pizazz!

    Also, thanks for reminding me to go and see what they’ve been up to on Oh Happy Day!. It was one of the first blogs I read regularly, but somehow it’s disappeared from my rotation. I’m glad to have discovered it again.

  • This is such a treat. I’m a huge fan of Jordan and Oh Happy Day! I’d also love to know if Jordan has any tips on where to find such beautiful persian rugs.

  • Doea anyone know where to find that gorgeous curtain fabric in Jordan’s bedroom photo? She mentions it’s “Paul Smith”. Googled and couldn’t find that print anywhere. I am in love with it!!

  • they have decorated their home in the exact style I want!! Not to mention, we have similar taste in books ;) Great job!! It looks amazing! And I am soooo jealous of your bedroom’s great look and style!

  • @Christine, I googled Paul Smith as well, and I came to the conclusion that he is mostly wholesale… it seems like she just got lucky with that beautiful fabric?

  • curtain fabric is not “Paul Smith”, it is from the “Thomas Paul” collection! You can get it on line at velocityartanddesign.com or thomaspaul.com for more info.

  • where oh where are the clothes for 4 people?????? love the boys’ room, but where are the clothes????

  • does anyone know where the elephant print scarf/throw is from? (it’s sitting on the bench at the foot of the bed.) so cute.

  • I find it entirely pleasing that not only do I adore their space, but apparently share their taste in books, as well!

    Also loving? Evidence that flowers can live in a bookcase

  • Love the boys’ room, gives me some inspiration for our nursery (especially the globes). The use of space is brilliant.

  • Kay, the little printed sofa is by Nate Berkus for HSN. I have it too, it was inexpensive and is great in a small space.

  • My favorite was the boys’ closet! My second child is constantly begging to have my closet so she can have her own “room”. Can’t let her see this! lol

  • The removable wallpaper looks so retro…and the particular photo is nice because it draws the eye back. The removable paper is nice even if you don’t live in a rental. Cute place…I can’t wait to see how they redo their look when they return from Paris!

  • Love so much about this home. Where did you find the velvet(?) couch pillows? love them.

  • don’t worry about keeping kids in closets (which look bigger than many ‘normal rooms’ friends had growing up); in Scotland it used to be traditional to keep the baby in the top drawer of the dresser! I think maybe there was no danger they’d roll out? safest place if you don’t have a crib? Seems crazy now!

  • Where did you get your corner armoire? or where do you recommend looking? thank you!