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sneak peek: nadeige & john of choplet

by Amy Azzarito

Nadeige Choplet and John Lego live above the Choplet ceramic studio on Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The building holds a particularly special meaning for the couple. Nadeige initially studied textile design and then received an MFA in painting and sculpture from the Beaux-Arts school in Paris. Afterward, she came to New York on a Fulbright scholarship and pursued a second MFA in ceramics. She met John when purchasing the building in 2000. He was her lawyer, and after a stressful closing, Nadeige was so relieved and happy that she invited him to a Christmas party. The rest is history, and now the couple has a nine-month-old son. The ceramic studio has evolved to include daily ceramic classes, available studio space and a gallery space, and it offers production services for artists and designers. Thanks, Nadeige & John! And thanks to Tom Sibley for the lovely photographs and to Jen Ng for producing the shoot. — Amy A.

Image above: This vintage Danish buffet in the bedroom was purchased on eBay and holds our music system.

Image above: I wanted to create a cozy, dynamic and inviting feeling, so I selected vibrant and warm wall colors. Inside the original 1910 wall moldings, we installed cotton-recycled handmade wallpaper purchased at Emery and Cie in Paris. The ceramic chandelier was produced by Choplet studio for the designer Matt Gagnon.

Nadeige and John’s Williamsburg apartment continues after the jump…

Image above: I created the ceramic tiles for the kitchen backsplash and for the inserts in the wood floor as well as the handles for the cabinets. The cabinets are from IKEA, and the stainless steel countertop was custom made by American Eagle, an industrial kitchen equipment supplier in the neighborhood.

Image above: John built the bookshelf in Thibault’s room with the wood reclaimed from the gut renovation of the top floor.

Image above: We toned down the amount of color used in the sleeping areas to provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The wall color is Cotswald AF-150 by Benjamin Moore Aura paint. The night table by the bed is from Ligne Roset, the lamp is vintage and the candle tea lights are from Yasuko Shingu, an artist represented by Choplet Gallery. The painting above the bed is by Nina Bednarski.

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  • I love this and I always like taking a peek into someones studio and see all the little nuggets in there. The home design was great and I loved the backsplash and the hardware.

  • I have never been a fan of stainless steel in the kitchen (appliance or more), but this kitchen is awesome! I love the play of the tile, wood and stainless. Beautiful home!

  • Love this space and it’s creative use of form and color. In love with the color story in the living area!

  • Id love to know where the sofas are from. I’m looking for one like that to be used either pushed together as a sectional or separately-I change things around too much for it not to be flexible. Great Home.

  • From what I know, all of the ceramics in the apartment, including the Chandelier were all made by Nadeige!

  • Yay finally a sneak peak with coloured walls!!! Getting SO tired of every house being painted white…

  • Love seeing this here as a Design Sponge reader and a student of Choplet! Nadeige is a lovely person and a wonderful ceramics artist. Please, please, please take the time to visit the ceramics studio if you’re an artist in Brooklyn looking for a place to practice, or an individual that would like to learn more about ceramic arts.

  • The great thing about this apartment is that it is so much about its lovely owners, Nadeige and John. They are a creative force in the neighborhood and have built an amazing ceramics community. I echo the commentor above, visit Choplet studio in Brooklyn! You’ll find wonderful ceramics for purchase, great company and inspiration.

  • Beautiful apartment COngratulations Same here about the ottoman fabric Gorgeous!!!! where did you get it?

  • Your tiles are lovely and the hardware for the kitchen cabinets is beyond cool.I adore the tules you put into the wooden floor as well. Are your tiles available in the USa?

    Again Bravo for your original and eye catching work!

  • WOW! I’m blown away! Just spent way longer than intended looking through the Choplet Studio website. Everything there is amazing. If I was in Brooklyn, I would be on my way over. Beautiful work. Is that Nadeige’s painting in the top photo?

  • Thank you all so much for your feedback.
    I’ll try to answer the few questions that came through so far:
    The fabric was purchased at Purl in Soho, NYC. I think they also have an online store.
    The sofas are from room and board.
    Carmen, I will be happy to help you decorate your place. I just finished working on the Baumgart’s restaurant in Nyack, New York. They had a small budget so we had to be quite inventive, but I enjoyed the challenge!
    Carrie, I live and work in New York. I love creating custom tiles. You can see some tiles I made on my website: http://www.choplet.com/nadeige.html
    The painting on the top picture is mine☺
    Peace and love,
    Nadeige Choplet

  • Nadeige and John are truly warm people and their home, like their studio, is a very welcoming space. The only thing missing from this piece is a photo of the belly button tile!

  • I’m in love with the winged horses on the table, they’re amazing. Can you tell me where they’re from?

  • I can’t get over how she made that backsplash and those handles. Most beautiful backsplash I have seen to date. I am a nurse by profession but design is my other love…
    Jillian, Kentucky

  • I LOVED seeing photos of your place, Nadeige and John!!! It’s so whimsical – just like you…. Love the tiles in the kitchen!! You both look wonderful – miss you!!!
    Mary Ellen Franklin

  • Nadeige…I was delighted to see that you are continuing to grow in so many ways. Congrats! I love your home. I have five of your early works and I love your kimono ladies. Anne

  • Anne passed this on. What a wonderful home you and John have. As expected, all your designs are spectacular. So good to see how well everything is going for you.

  • Hello Nadeige, I am so delighted to come across this via Flavia Bacarella’s FB page. I remember us having a great conversation many moons ago while in a printmaking studio @ Lehman. The painting in the very first photograph really captures the essence of your style. The kitchen floor is just incredible! I am so happy to hear you have son & that life is treating you well…xxoo Georgiana

  • Beautiful designs, I love how calming and relaxing these rooms look. I wish I had the skills to create amazing living environments like these. I especially love the very unusual design for the wall behind the bed head, I’ve never seen anything quite like that before.