sneak peek: jo metson scott & co.

Sometimes, creating a cohesively designed space can feel like a Sisyphean task when there are roommates to consider. Just when you think things are settled, someone brings in a new find or wants to change the wall art. Photographer Jo Metson Scott purchased this apartment in East London in 2007 and immediately welcomed roommates Julius and Naomi. Luckily, the three settled into a style groove, choosing pieces that felt comfortable and weren’t too precious. It helps that Jo loves to change things up and brings home new finds from her travels or castoffs found in the street. Thanks, Jo, Naomi and Julius! Amy A.

Image above: This is “the rotation wall.” I often have images left over from an exhibition, or before I sell an image, it goes up in Julius’ room. He doesn’t seem to mind that the images change quite a lot. Julius bought the chair from The Hurwundeki boutique.

Image above: My bedroom.

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Image above: This is Julius’ room; again, he’s hosting images of mine left over from an exhibition. It is from a series of images I’ve been working on for the past five years with set designer Nicola Yeoman.

Image above: The photo wall makes me happy every time I look at it. The flat is incredibly light, and when the sun heats up the photos, they all curl away from the wall, which I strangely like. The chairs at the dinning table are my granddad’s old boardroom chairs from the brewery he worked at. They are unusual yet very comfortable.

Image above: I love bright colors and patterns. Most of the stuff in the hallway was bought whilst away on jobs. The rug was bought when I was working in Jordan. The fabrics are mostly from Tanzania and China.

Image above: I found the dead butterfly in the mountains in Tanzania. I thought it was beautiful and managed to carry it all the way back without it being crushed. I tend to collect a lot of random objects, some of which my flat mates aren’t too keen on, like the dead butterfly.

Images above: We have one huge wall in the flat that needed a ginormous ladder to put all the pictures up. Two of the photographs are by my great friend Stephi Jung. I think her work is beautiful. I’ve also bought a couple of prints from Darling Clementine. Tonji is a good friend of mine, and I really like collecting the work of people I know. The drawers I bought from Kempton market. They were very tatty and cheap, so I sanded them down, and they cleaned up really well.

Image above: There is constantly amazing food in the flat. Naomi loves to bake and cook. The cake dome is always full. A good friend of hers runs an amazing cake business, and the two of them are always testing out new recipes. It’s great!

Image above: I can’t resist buying fabrics, but I can’t sew very well. So Naomi and I collaborate together, as she can properly sew. She has a lovely sewing area, with loads of fabrics, ribbons and bits. We made all the cushions for the flat.

la domestique

Love this space! You can see the harmony of 3 people living together. I’m going to coin the term, “may your cake dome always be full”- fantastic!

molly groce

so beautiful. I definately have trouble styling with my roomates so i mostly keep interior design to my room but this is gorgeous <3


Oh I love this, white walls, wood trims and travel souvenirs is such a beautiful combination.


i love the ich liebe u print. is it available for purchase anywhere?


Great inspiration for what can be done in a rented flat on a small budget. Simply beautiful!


i love the ich liebe u print, can Jo tell us where it comes from?


It’s wonderful to see the display of the beautiful fabrics from Tanzania and thanks for showcasing them … I live in Tanzania and it’s one of my favourite past times going to the fabric shops to check out what’s new.

Zsa Zsa

Seeing a lot of white lately and this one’s stunning! I love the photo wall and all those picture frames hanging on a white canvas. :)

Bec Noton

I loved this from the first image!!! Love the white and the simple styling! Really clever arrangement of art and mirrors!

Jane Metson

it made me cry- it’s so beautiful but then I am biased!!

Maddison (Waiting for Sunday)

I just love how lived in it looks, yet it’s so perfectly put together. An achievement indeed! Punchy sheets + white comforter, the teacups, the gallery walls. All perfect.


I have the same question as Katie! Love the ich liebe u print!


So pretty!!! And even with all the “stuff” you have, it still feels serene!

martha speed

Ooooh lovely Jo! Communal living looks so appealing in your pictures! I put my home on a house swap website and really enjoyed photographing the rooms and garden, but now I’ve looked at your pictures I’m inspired to start again and try to make a better job of it!! x

Stephie Metson Scott

A beautiful & stylish flat full of very beautiful & stylish people! I’m biased too! x


Where can I see more of your paintings like the ones hanging in julius’s room?

Andy Morris

I love to see an eclectic group of unrelated elements brought together to form a cohesive style. What flair!


yay, this is my favourite of this batch of peeks, definitely! so cozy and personal


Stunning – what a beautiful stylish flat. I loved the Great Wall with all its pictures. Wish i lived next door!


That last photograph is lovely. Props to the picture-taker.