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sneak peek: ivan hvam hvam

by anne

This morning we travel to Aarhus, Denmark, to the home of multi-disciplinary art director, Ivan Hvam Hvam. With his work spanning visual identities such as CrossEyes — a new brand of eyewear — to Facebook campaigns for international clients, Ivan is recognized for his clean, Scandinavian design style. This style translates to the home that he shares with his girlfriend. As renters, they are not allowed to change much, but they have been able to create the atmosphere they love — a mix of new and vintage, Danish and international, with a welcoming and cozy feel. For now, they’re happy in their home, but they hope to relocate to Los Angeles sometime next year. Thanks, Ivan! And thank you to Andreas Szlavik for the photographs! — Anne

Image above: This is our Eames marble eating table surrounded by vintage Arne Jacobsen “Myren” chairs in original flashy orange from 1984. The pendant lamp is Le Klint.

Image above: This is our balcony with Terrecotte Benocci pots from Italy with herbs and plants. We’re trying to grow Thai basil this summer.

The rest of the home tour continues after the jump!

Image above: This is the bedroom. Next to the bed is a director’s chair; the artwork is by Ivan.

Image above: All of the shelves are mounted on wheels for flexibility. The artwork with the girl was brought home from Sweden.

Image above: The British military-style chest in mahogany was inherited from my girlfriend’s grandmom. On the floor is a Kashmir hand-tufted carpet. On the wall is an original Richard Mortensen piece.

Image above: Books on our Eames coffee table. The bicycle man from the 70s and is my granddad Karl Petersen’s original welded artwork.

Image above: Nuts and machines. I love cooking.

Image above: Eames chair. Books. My cat.

Image above: I love the wooden doors — original 60s Danish style. Another 1970s welded piece by my granddad, Karl Petersen, near the far door.

Image above: Me wearing hand-carved wooden frames from Japan by CrossEyes on my Butterfly Stool by Sori Yanagi.

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