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sneak peek: greg + grey of antler&co.

by Amy Azzarito

Grace and I just returned yesterday from our West Coast adventure in San Francisco and Portland. It was my first time in Portland, which I found to be an easy city to fall in love with. So I’m thrilled to have a Portland home in today’s sneak peek roundup. Greg and Grey of Antler&Co. moved into this space in February. With its open floor plan and 20′ ceilings, it’s been perfect for everything from making furniture to hosting dance parties. The couple started Antler&Co. after building a cabin last summer in the Northwoods of Minnesota. They wanted to use antlers in the decor as a reflection of the Minnesota landscape, but there wasn’t anything quite right on the market, so they decided to make it themselves. That DIY aesthetic is certainly evident in their Portland home. Thanks, Greg & Grey! — Amy A.

Image above: We commissioned the portrait of Henry David Thoreau from our good friend Brooke Thompson. The table base is from Blu Dot with a custom top we made with black walnut from GOBY. The antlers, of course, are from Antler&Co.

Image above: The shelf above the bed is driftwood salvaged from Lake Superior near our cabin in Minnesota. Surrounding it are four pieces by our good friend Jake Keeler. The duvet cover is custom made by our friend Rebecca Sullivan, and the little guy on the bed is a creature handmade by our friend d.c. ice. The flat file is a Craigslist find, and it’s totally amazing. Grey has a phenomenal art collection from the many shows curated at her gallery, so the drawers are filled with magic.

Greg & Grey’s Portland home continues after the jump!

Image above: An assemblage of various bits of ephemera and art along with our special drafting table, which serves a million purposes.

Image above: This is the relaxing corner of our bedroom office; the half wall overlooks the main studio area. The piece on the wall is the “World’s Largest Love Letter,” a 35 x 50″ masterpiece from Grey to me. And yes, it’s in normal college-rule sized handwriting. Unreal.

Image above: The wolf is another piece by the lovely d.c. ice, a gift to Grey on the occasion of the final show at her gallery. The Hasselblad reminds us to keep shooting, and the wasp’s nest was actually found with the bird’s nest inside of it!

Image above: One of Grey’s beautiful typewriters, from her extensive collection, with a large functioning pulley in the background.

Image above: The nest etching is by John Pearson.

Image above: The living room sofas Grey inherited from her grandmother. The original drab green fabric wasn’t doing the trick, so she had them recovered in leather. The map on the wall is of all the roads we traveled on a trip through Iceland in the summer of 2009.

Image above: Our cozy little kitchen. The pot rack is an old New York City subway grate.

Image above: We clad the bathroom in cedar. Who wouldn’t?

Image above: More products from Antler&Co, including a Dewey decimal and modern mobile. The bag comes from the wonderful Matt Pierce of wood&faulk. (Ed. note: See Matt’s DIY projects for Design*Sponge here.) The cart is a Craigslist find with birch tubes foraged from a northern Minnesota forest.

Image above: This is a found family album with prints from the late 1800s. The nest on the table comes from the forest behind my parents’ house in Minnesota. (The paint throughout is Mountain Snow from Metropaint.)

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  • Clean, simple, warm…I love it all—but especially the cedar bathroom. I bet it smells amazing every time you go in.

  • oh dear god.
    you guys keep upping the bar with the sneak peeks. can i please be friends with people who appreciate these beautiful homes the way i do?

    love holly

  • So much character in this house, I absolutely love it. It is really inspiring me to get a little crafty. I definitely need to make a trip to my local thriftstore/goodwill soon! Thanks for the great pictures!

    Alyssa Steffes- CoolProducts.com

  • Hello inspiration! I absolutely love the found natural objects with the old photos and prints. This is exactly what I want my home to feel like. Thanks for the sneak peak!

  • I love the flat file underneath the mattress. Few questions, though:
    1. Is the bed comfortable without a box spring?
    2. How do you keep the mattress from slipping?
    3. What is supporting the bed on the other side (I’m assuming the flat file doesn’t span the entire length of the bed)?
    4. What size bed is it? Full? Queen?

  • Gorgeous home. It’s has just the right amount of everything.
    “World’s Largest Love Letter” killed me. So wonderful.

  • What a superb space….totally love it. Looks great and really personal to the people who have created and inhabit it, just like every home should be!

  • I love this, the rustic and the industrial finds mixed with the contemporary, the textures of both the building fabric and the beautiful arrangement of objects. Such stylish simplicity, pleeeese can I live here?!

  • wow. wow. wow. wow. wow.

    i have rarely ever been this impressed by a sneaked by a sneak peek.

    i love that there are personal, romantic touches everywhere (giant love letter, “found” family album) AND there is something very sibella court-esque about this home minus her overwhelming “clutter” (it pains me to type that, as Im a massive fan of her style, but it seems some people view it as anxiety-inducing clutter. Im not one of those people!). i think its all the curiosities and treasures from nature combined with the fact that every little piece has meaning/nostalgia/sentimentality.

    its very similar to my personal taste (this home has an industrial “shell” with touches of nature everywhere, while my home is mostly a natural feel allover with industrial touches!)

    what really slays me is that every single picture blew me away… the subtle little touches in each room just REEK of creative genius.
    oh, and can we discuss the massive rope hanging from the ceiling, twisted around an antler and pooled in a big coil on the floor. Gahhhhh i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im MADLY in love with this home. Thank you, Grace!!

  • I love your ideas and the look at nature.
    How do you attach the antlers to the wall? as I would like to do something similar.

    Many Thanks


  • we all need small refrigerators. and small ovens. (the cookies taste better!) thanks for sharing your slice of beauty.

  • I grew up in Montana and saw A LOT of antler art but nothing quite as clever as a book holder on the wall. Love it. The cedar bathroom is also quite amazing!

  • Very Interesting, a little like a collage.
    Now if we could all just work that much harder to preserve the underlying theme of this space – Nature – and our natural world!

  • what a wonderful home. Your aesthetic is somewhat in keeping with my own work- an attention to nature in the world and our relationship to fading forests… I especially love the antlers repurposed as book holders. and the love letter, of course!

  • I love the cedar bathroom – reminded me of a Northwoods sauna. Also, is the Jake Keeler here the same Jake Keeler who does homebrew stuff with Northern Brewer? If so, awesome that two of my regular diversions seem to be colliding…

  • yes nikki, it is indeed the same jake keeler. his are some of the finest pieces we own, (in my humble opinion).

    yes jen, the bed is comfortable without a boxspring. actually, it doesn’t slip at all. the other side of the bed is supported by a plywood platform and the mattress is a full.

    thank you all for your comments, so lovely.

    and it’s true, the cookies taste better in a small oven.

  • I just bought a flat file on craigslist to do exactly the same thing with my bed!! I still need to make a support for the other half, so it’s a work in progress, but this makes me even more excited to get it done!

  • what a beautiful space! your furniture and the little nature finds give the concrete walls a great warm boost. Your bathroom looks great, like it’s scandinavian (sauna?) or something. Love the big sliding door!

  • Came across this super randomly, and I’ve gotta say..that is the best use of my work in a living environment ever! So happy they have a great home. All together great spaces and excellent aesthetic.


  • I love the cedar bathroom – reminded me of a Northwoods sauna. Also, is the Jake Keeler here the same Jake Keeler who does homebrew stuff with Northern Brewer?