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sneak peek: caitlin of roost

by Amy Azzarito

I have two words for this peek: two months! That’s how long Caitlin Van Horn of Roost has lived in this Birmingham, Alabama, home. After living in Seattle for three years, Caitlin and her husband moved back down to her southern hometown to be closer to family and friends. The house was built in 1940 but has been newly renovated. In decorating the home, Caitlin worked to marry a rustic, antique style with a primitive farmhouse feel. She’s drawn to used pieces of furniture that tell a story and loves how each piece makes the room feel lived in and comfortable. Thanks, Caitlin! — Amy A.

Image above: My mother painted the picture above the mantel. I have a fervent admiration for the English countryside, and I feel she captured it in such a lovely way.

Image above: Although I love all things vintage, it was important to incorporate some newer, more modern pieces. The sofa is new from a great store in Birmingham called At Home. And I found the “You Are My Sunshine” pillows from an antique store here in Birmingham, as well. I am also in love with silhouettes; they remind me of a Jane Austen novel. The ribbon-embroidered lampshade and stand are both from Anthropologie.

Caitlin’s Birmingham home tour continues after the jump . . .

Image above: I found this primitive ironing board at an antique store, and it was in perfect condition! I had trouble figuring out what type of piece to put on this wall because the walk space was narrow. This ironing board fit perfectly, and it makes a great shelf for books, picture frames and my vintage Brownie camera. The wire shelf above is from Anthropologie.

Image above: This is the coziest room of all! These bookshelves are built in and have a lot of storage for all of my old books and nicknacks. I also love the exposed wood beams on the ceiling; they really warm up the room. Paint color (walls): Extra White by Sherman Williams. Built-in shelves are Iceberg by Sherman Williams.

Image above: The kitchen is where I spend most of my time. I love the openness. It is so great to entertain friends and family and have them spill from the kitchen into the family den. All of the countertops are white marble, which really brightens up the room. The counter stools are from Anthropologie.

Image above: Who doesn’t love a farmhouse sink? I love how it adds a vintage feel amongst all of the stainless steel appliances. Cafe curtain from Pottery Barn.

Image above: This freestanding tub is my new best friend. Perfect for a long soak with a glass of bubbly and a book.

Image above: I love having a his-and-her bathroom. We have lots of space for our myriad of products, and I enjoy having a place that is well lit with natural light. Countertops are white marble.

Image above: I have always wanted all-white bedding; it gives the room an airy feel, which I love. Originally, there were some not-so-cute sconces on the wall, but we found these simple sconces (that are actually for bathrooms) from Restoration Hardware. White bedding is from Donna Karen. Pillows from a store in Birmingham called Three Sheets. Bed is the Colette King Bed from Crate and Barrel. Paint color: Extra White by Sherman Williams.

Image above: This old, vintage window cost me $20 and was a perfect fit above the bed. The handmade paper butterflies are from the Etsy store Hip & Clavicle. Paint color: Extra White by Sherman Williams.

Image above: Birdcage is by Ballard Designs, but they no longer sell it. The Swedish Post mailbox is from Mailbox.net.

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  • I, too, could have a house like this in two months if I shopped at all those big name stores… While I think this home is nicely decorated, I am not impressed when I see designer names dropped like a D list celebrity at a cocktail party… I can’t be the only reader that could never afford this home, can I??

    • AFS

      I wanted to address a few of your points quickly:

      -I understand not wanting to hear super high end designer names used excessively, but to me Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel aren’t the types of shops I would consider “I could never afford” resources. Both offer mass market goods at lower prices than specialty designers and they often have big sales a few times a year. So I’m not sure why those sources read as too expensive to you.

      -In terms of “name dropping”, we request that home owners source as much as possible because readers request that. This isn’t a case of a homeowner trying to show off by listing names, but rather responding to our direct request for information.


  • Totally agree with Caitlin. Loving the crisp whites paired with the woods. Really wanting to redecorate my own walls. LOVE this post.

  • Love every detail! I usually have trouble finding rooms all in white cosy, but not in this case. And I would definitely buy the written pillows as well if I came across them!

  • What a terrific use for an old ironing board! I see those all the time at antique malls, but never thought to use one as a console table. -Love it!

  • pretty but a little too “sterile” white for me, could definitely use some punches of color with all the great vintage stuff.

  • Now that’s my kind of ironing board! One that can only be used for storing beautiful things! :) Thanks for sharing this beautiful home.

  • love it, so airy and bright and pleasant. I especially love her mother’s painting, and her kitchen, and the bathroom, and…, ok, it’s all great!

  • I love this room, every detail is perfect. The selection of vintagey frames and quirky accessories against the crisp white background is stunning – I’d love to create this in my home!

  • Crazy! My mother gave me those exact measuring spoons. They were hers and I learned to cook with them. Total nostalgia moment.

  • I agree with A Frugal Shopper – and with Em. Pretty, but too white and sterile for my taste.

  • oooh…I just bought white paint for my bedroom today. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. I hope I can make it look half as nice as these rooms.

  • Oh gosh, I love the “You Are My Sunshine” pillow! My mum used to sing that to me when I was little :). Some really lovely ideas here.

  • Nothing makes me happier than a homeowner sharing their sources so I can copy…I mean appreciate! I do shop in name brand stores but always wait for the bargain! TJ Maxx and Homegoods make me happy, too! I know of some beautiful pillows at http://www.petit-coterie.com/catalog.htm. Please go see her work! I have enjoyed oggling this beautiful home!!

  • What a lovely LOVELY home….i love most the antique window. I hope you don’t mind i’ve pinned a LOT of these photos on my pinterest.

  • This is one of my favorite sneak peeks ever! You did such a beautiful job decorating your home! In two months, WOW! I admire how it is so beautifully collected!

  • Love this! Can I ask about the comfort level of those (anthro) stools? I’ve been coveting them myself, but wonder if they are as functional as they are attractive! (?)

  • Great project and beautiful home. Well sourced. Think a good collaboration and I wish her the best in Alabama. Thanks for sharing

  • Sara- The Anthro counter stools are wood so the seat is firm but definitely not uncomfortable. I wouldn’t necessarily chose to sit on them if I were going to read a book but they are great for eating breakfast while checking email plus I enjoy when friends and family sit there while I cook :)

    Cathy D- The teak bench was purchased 3 years ago from Crate and Barrel.

    Sam- The “You Are My Sunshine” Pillows unfortunately are one of a kind, I found them at a thrift/antique store. But Im sure they can be easily copied with a stencil of sorts.

  • You have created such a beautiful home full of light, Coco. As I’m still working on decorating and furnishing my new aparment this is truly inspiring.

  • I love the clean design and use of white. Similar period design as our home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I wish my parents hadn’t thrown out their old wooden ironing board! come to think of it, there may be one hiding at my Grandad’s house, I’ll be hunting it out.Lovely touches in an airy & calm home.

  • Lovely… clean and light and I’m thinking I’m going to buy some white paint on the weekend!

  • I love that handwritten note: “What I love most about my home…is the light!” So true…and hard to believe they’ve only been there two months. It’s like they’ve been there almost a lifetime. Amazing. And that ironing board is such a great find. I love how it’s been re-used.

  • gorgeous, and I don’t agree with those readers who dislike a’ high-end’ sneak peak. I feel the opposite- seeing a beautiful home and becoming inspired to source similar items in your price range, what ever it may be, is part of the fun! I love a design challenge! This home inspires me!

  • My friend actually renovated this house completely and obviously Caitlin was the lucky buyer! Even with most of the same wall colors its amazing what different furniture and style does to the same house!

  • Oh my, that’s gorgeous! And only *two* months?!! Yeesh – I’m embarrassed to think how long it’s taken us to get our place habitable.

    And KelliJ, we used BM Chantilly Lace in our bedrooms and we absolutely love it – to me it feels like a cool but happy white. :) I bet it’ll be beautiful!

  • A perfect example of how simplistic elements can come together for a delightful space.

  • Caitlin, I LOVE those You Are My Sunshine pillows! I know they are one of a kind but I would love to know what store in Birmingham they came from (I also live in B’ham…). Do you mind sharing? If not, I totally understand the need to keep the good thrift/antique shops to myself! ;) I have a few I keep to myself too!

  • I absolutely love what Caitlin has done to their new roost! I’ve actually had the privilege to work with her, and in seeing her space it makes all the more sense why I was immediately drawn to her sense of style and aesthetic. The simplicity, the beauty and the light…love it all. Beautiful images, Coco! xoxo.

  • Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!! How I wish my home looked like this!! Love the pictures on the mantle, out of curiosity, does anyone know Caitlins height?

  • It’s a gorgeous home, and I’m so thrilled to see a house featured from my home state of Alabama! I love that she sourced everything, including paint colors. One thing (and I’m sorry if somebody already mentioned this) but the paint is probably by Sherwin Williams…unless there is a paint company named Sherman Williams I’m not aware of? Anyway, I don’t mean to be a troll…this house is divine and I loved the post!

  • This is a beautiful home and Caitlin’s style and voice clearly shows through. Regardless of how much or little resources you have, and where you shop, creating a space that is unique like this is difficult…so kudos to Caitlin :)

    I do feel the need to say that, regardless of yearly sales, places like Pottery Barn and Anthro are still so out of reach for many of us who try hard to find good deals on craigslist while making our homes feel lovely.

  • I hate to come so late to the party, but found this kitchen on Pinterest. I am in love with the faucet in the kitchen and would like to know the brand/source. I am trying to decide between many and none of them are half as gorgeous as this one in the kitchen. Perhaps its really all the marble that is surrounding it, but still….

  • Clean white and lots of windows, my two favorite things! Caitlyn has a natural gift when it comes to decorating and style. I loved everything. Wish I had just a bit of her talent.

  • As a designer in Birmingham, I’m in love with this house! Well done Caitlyn! At Home and Three Sheets are two of my fav locally owned stores in Bham, so I was glad to see them mentioned. Your home is fantastic and inspirational!

  • When I look at these pictures I am in awe of the simplicity and beauty that they evoke. Every room gives off a dreamy quality. Are all of the walls painted “Extra White”? Does it give off any hints of blue or grey ever?