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I’ve got dogs on the brain this morning. Yesterday I got to visit Anthropologie‘s main campus down in Philadelphia and I was so excited to see that everyone working there is allowed to bring dogs to work. I ran around like an idiot saying hi to them all and laughing while they ran around us in the small parks between buildings. Everyone had adorable collars and pet beds around the office, so when I saw these sweet pet beds from See Scout Sleep in New Orleans I thought they’d be a perfect addition to the dogs-at-work scene.

Made from sustainable hypo-allergenic materials, See Scout Sleep’s dog beds are handmade in Louisiana and 10% of their proceeds go to the support the Gulf Coast Fund. The beds come in a range of patterns and prints, each one with coordinating cording that makes them look more like a cute modern pillow than a generic dog bed. The beds are $120-$230 right here, depending on size. I love the heart-shaped shrimp print pillow, I think my cats might actually like that- though getting a shrimp pillow for a tiny dog might be too cute to pass up. Click here to check out their work and shop online. Thanks so much to Jill Dupre for the tip! xo, grace

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My sweet little pupcakes is named Scout so i’m pretty sure she needs one of these awesome beds! Thanks for sharing the awesome!


My dog’s bed is the BANE of my tidy household. Why oh why have I not seen this before? I’m so excited. Thanks for posting!


Oh so CUTE! My little Olive needs one of these. Thanks so much! Katie


My Maggie loves being the pearl in the oyster! She can’t get enough!!


What happens at when people with severe allergies to dogs work there? These beds are darling and the dogs seem adorable, but this is a concern of mine. My husband has severe pet allergies and I often wonder what he would do if dogs were encouraged in his workplace.

Lia Nielsen, The Green Living & Building Center

My dog is the official greeter at my store/showroom. My town is very dog oriented and I tell people that having Riot on the payroll is good ROI. She brings in tons of people, and kids are forever asking if they can buy her. Nope. Not for sale! The guy who owns the antique store next door has a dog that tends to lay flat out in the middle of the sidewalk and make people step over him. Most of the shops in town allow dogs, and the ones that can’t (sell food) having outdoor seating areas and dog tie-ups. I always keep a bowl of water out in the summer for passing canines and have treats on hand for visitors.


Why do I never know when bloggers come to visit us!! I would totally have said hi and shown off my puppy (pictures… he’s too bad to little/crazy to work!)