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portland courthouse ceremony

by Grace Bonney

They say rain is a sign of good luck on your wedding day, so this couple picked the perfect place to make sure that happened. Joe and Naomi recently got married in Portland, Oregon, and decided to hit up their favorite spots around town on the big day. After their ceremony at the courthouse, they hopped in a pedicab (driven by their friend) and drove around town, visiting local favorites like the Ace Hotel, Ristretto and Pix Patisserie. I love starting the day on a positive note, so I thought a peek at this couple’s special day would kick things off right. Also, I miss Portland and loved getting to relive some of my favorite spots while looking at their photos. Thanks to Naomi, Joe and photographer Sara Gray for sharing these photos with us (click here to see more images from Sara). More details and images continue after the jump . . . xo, grace

Wedding Details
Bride’s dress: Nordstrom
Bride’s blue jacket: Used clothing store Seams to Fit
Bride’s shoes: Zelda’s
Groom’s suit: From his grandfather, Sylvester Collette
Bouquet: Naomi’s mom
Pedicab: Generously on loan from Eugene Pedicabs, driven by bride and groom’s friend Doug Merritt.

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  • How beautiful …
    And thanks, Grace, for explaning about the dates at the posts – I just strangely missed them :-)

  • Aww this is amazing! The husband and I stopped in Portland last Friday on our way to Montana, and we absolutely fell in love with it!! The Ace was awesome as was Stumptown and Powell’s books and all the other places we got to see. I miss it already.

    • nicswife

      it’s pretty awesome, right? though montana is one of my favorite places in the world- the sky really can’t even be put into words it’s so gorgeous.


  • Love this! My husband & I also got married at the courthouse, and then drove around Portland in our VW van. We stopped for a photo op at the Kiss Carwash on W. Burnside (and then drove through it, of course!), which is where we honest-to-goodness had our first kiss. Viva l’amour Portlandesque!

  • Pix Patisarie is THE MOST AMAZING place in the whoe world…I have NEVER eaten deserts like it!!! and SOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • So fun to see a Portland post, since I too am a native Oregonian…born and raised in the area. Looks like a very happy couple! Congrat’s!

  • Great photos. Being a Portlander, it occurs to me that their friend must be really strong because a lot of those spots around town are not very close to each other!

  • fyi- the Courthouse doesn’t perform marriages or even have the paperwork for marriage licenses. You have to go across the river to Hawthorne to the Records Building. :)

    • mcauliflower

      the wedding was described as a courthouse wedding to me, because the couple preferred to not use the term “elopement” as the wedding was planned ahead of time (not a spur of the moment thing). i’m sure they got married somewhere it was legal ;)


  • We were married by a judge at the Multnomah County Courthouse in downtown Portland, Oregon, on February 18, 2011. So yes, the courthouse does perform marriages. You just set up an appointment with a judge in advance. You apply for a marriage license before the ceremony (at the Multnomah Building on Hawthorne) and the judge makes it official. Big thanks to Design Sponge for sharing our NW wedding!

  • These photos are gorgeous and so much fun. Hurrah for Portland! Home to the best coffee, food, and people!