new: sweet paul summer

In the world of online magazines, I have a few favorites that I hold near and dear to my heart for their exceptional quality of content. Right at the tippity top of that short list is Sweet Paul Magazine. Paul Lowe’s commitment to gorgeous photography, interesting stories and really beautifully presented work makes his online magazine a must-read in my book. The newest issue just launched a few minutes ago and it’s packed with 144 pages full of delicious food and recipe ideas (including homemade dog snacks and an amazing salad story), craft projects (like transforming pillowcases with blackberry dye) and profiles on exciting people in the worlds of food and design (like Tamar Morgendorff and Elephant Ceramics). If you’re looking for a heavy dose of inspiration and eye candy this morning, click here to check out the full issue. Congrats to Paul as well, as Sweet Paul magazine is now being printed and sold on newsstands in Norway! xo, grace

P.S.: Thanks so much for all the sweet birthday emails, comments and Tweets. It was an excellent day full of food, friends and even some skateboarding.

More images from the magazine after the jump!


I’d never heard of this magazine until now…what beautiful pictures…There is certainly a love of color and composition!


Second picture – is that just a scarf thrown over a curtain rod??! LOVE.IT.


i am OBSESSO for those ombre sheets!! know where i can find them???


I make zucchini ribbon salads all the time. LOVE THEM! Can’t wait to look through the whole magazine. Gorgeous, as always!


Can you please say where the lovely bird vase is from?


Nevermind! I saw the decoupage bit in the mag. Thanks though!


I loved the manhunt! It might make a nice change from my usual treasure hunt at the family picnic this summer.

Elizabeth Lee

I have just become a new follower of Sweet Paul :) HOORAY! Thank you for exposing such awesome talent and fun-ness!