make it yours: josh vogel

Josh Vogel of Blackcreek Mercantile and his girlfriend, Kelly Zaneto, share this stone cottage in the Hudson Valley forest. Josh explains that their home reflects the attitude of the couples’ lives: “Nothing we own is so precious that it can’t get dinged or scratched; in fact, there is a softness and warmth we enjoy that can only be created through use and a simple beauty that is inherent in basic functionality.” The cottage is absolutely beautiful and natural. It’s filled with earthy colors and an unrefined style — just the way any cottage in the forest ought to be. Don’t miss the rest of the original sneak peek here. — Lauren

Photos by Jeff Goldman

Palette 1 (Kitchen)
A. Peach Nectar (Benjamin Moore), PMS 691; B. Blacktop (Benjamin Moore), PMS 419; C. Orange Burst (Benjamin Moore), PMS 1575; D. Laurel Mist (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 7485; E. March Wind (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 2935

Roundup 1 (Kitchen)
1. Le Creuset Flame Oval French Ovens, $199+; 2. Tivoli Model One, $150; 3. Sapling Spoon, $10; 4. Maggie’s Harvest, $125; 5. Honey Pot Gift Set, $54; 6. Le Creuset Cobalt Cereal Bowl, $15; 7. Fruitwood Serving Tray, $48

The second room photo and roundup continues after the jump….

Palette 2 (Living Area)
A. Dove (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 2706; B. Jungle Chameleon (Valspar), PMS 5783; C. Blacktop (Benjamin Moore), PMS 419; D. Sunlit Coral (Benjamin Moore), PMS 7422; E. Gig’s Gray (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 421

Roundup 2 (Living Area)
1. Simon Pearce Cavendish Vase, $95; 2. Chesterfield Sofa, $4200; 3. Vigo Round Table, $695; 4. Cummerbund Pillow, $128; 5. Corked Bottle Trio, $24; 6. Old Schoolhouse Metal Pencil Box, $10

Lisa Stewart

Love this kitchen! Would work well for an impromptu studio, too. A great idea for all those wine crates I’ve collected…


They must be warm individuals because I get such a warm vibe by looking at these pictures. There’s many different things in the first photo, but doesn’t look cluttered at all! The Tivoli Model One looks antiquated and modern at the same time!

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

I have an orange casserole dish like the ones pictured. I love em’. The perfect way to add punch to a kitchen ;)
Ps. That tufted sofa is amazing!


amazing spaces, i love their character! the kitchen area is amazing! i love the use of wood and how it’s paired with that minty blue on the wall.


Wow, the cabinets are so beautiful. How fun to wake up every day and see such beautiful wood right in your own kitchen.


I’m not as enthralled by this home as others. The walls are great and some interesting antiques, but it doesn’t have the mark of the artist that lives there. Mr. Vogel makes beautiful turnings that, in person, are just smooth and elegant. He founded BDDW, one of the most respected furniture companies in America right now. That said, there are very few of his own pieces in his home – maybe a turning here or there, but no pieces of substantial furniture. I wonder why that is.