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living in: delicatessen

by amym

Floating somewhere between Amelie and Sweeney Todd lies Delicatessen, the 1991 French film by Amelie‘s acclaimed director and writer, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. A true black comedy, it tells the story of a cannibal butcher making his way through a building’s worth of tennants in post-apocalyptic France. And it’s charming, I swear! While the story isn’t saccharin, it does vibrate with the incalculable whimsy so beloved by Amelie fans, and once you factor in the deliciously dark plot, it’s pretty much perfect for girls like me.

1. Red Pinstripe Umbrella, $105; 2. Carrington Tea Set, $16+; 3. Clear Frames, $188; 4. Dragon Vase, $159; 5. Antique Bamboo Mirror, $595; 6. Gingersnap Cookies, $3.49; 7. Coat Rack, $79; 8. Dolly Heel, $99; 9. Vintage Leather Chair, $2600; 10. Daisy Eyelet Dress, $68

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Jenuet’s vision of post-apocalyptic France looks better than one could ever hope for. It’s a witty blend of faded French glamor and rumpled mid-century, chockablock full of charming rooms worth coveting. Just do yourself a favor and steer clear of the butcher, will you?

1. Varsity Fountain Pen, $3; 2. Tiffany Locket, $425; 3. LampsonSharp Meat Cleaver, $45; 4. 1950s Floor Lamp; 5. BonJour Teakettle, $60; 6. Timex Cavatina Watch, $37; 7. Lulu Chair, $429; 8. Severin Hansen Side Table; 9. TV Mousepad, $6; 10. Revlon Lipstick, $7; 11. Harry Allen Piggy Bank, $125

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