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For some reason, I’ve never been a big quotation person. I had the hardest time picking a senior quotation for our yearbook, and from what I can remember, I went with something cheesy and seriously overused. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to appreciate a nice piece of poetry or a line from literature, mainly on days when I need something insightful or meaningful to pull me through.

These prints from Little Things Studio at Etsy combine beautiful patterns and designs with well-chosen quotations from well-known children’s books, literature and cultural figures. The yellow pattern above is so lovely, I would enjoy it on its own, but that little nugget of wisdom from Coco Chanel does add a special something. You can check out Little Things’ full collection of work right here for $20 each. I hope some of these can pick you up or give you a friendly nudge when you need them. xo, grace

Jessica B

Ha! I used to work for a design firm that required everyone to have a quote under their headshot on the website. I hated it! Can you really choose one quote to define yourself? These prints are great. Nice find and fab designs Little Thing Studio!

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt

These prints are wonderful. I love the name of the studio and this gorgeous little shop. I love how the quote is not the main part of the design.

jessica swift

I’m so excited to see Little Things Studio posted here! Kate (the woman behind the work) is a dear friend of mine, and she’s just as lovely as her work is!


This artist does amazing work! Love the radiant images that make the words communicate even more effectively then they would alone!


these are beautiful! Come Thou Fount with the birds on it is my absolute favorite!


Just ordered three prints fron her site – thanks for sharing it!


POOH BEAR! I was already excited about these and then I saw a quote from Winnie the Pooh and couldn’t stop smiling. :)


mmm, that yellow poster is just gorgeous! LOVE Kate’s stuff, she’s a genius :)




Love these! And I was just looking for some wall art for my freshly painted living room.


Oh kate your so amazing.. you have full of ideas and i want to thank you for sharing it also with us.. God bless you.


These are beautiful. I like that the qoutes are small and subtle. I generally find quotes to be over-the-top, but in this case, they suit the posters perfectly. Thanks for sharing.


Thanx for sharing! Just ordered two prints – absolutely beautiful!