keeping calm: natural berry by ralph lauren

Ever since moving into an apartment with all white walls, I’ve had a change of heart about paint colors. I used to immediately go for the darkest grays possible (hence the site redesign), because everything looks so beautiful against that color. But when it comes to my home, I’m starting to see the benefit of lighter colors. I’ve always wanted to find the palest pink possible for my bedroom (inspired by David Stark’s bedroom), and I think I may have found it, courtesy of Ralph Lauren. While walking through our neighborhood hardware store, I killed some time in the paint chip section and loved the pale pink offerings from RL. This pink color, Natural Berry, was so pale that the pink was almost imperceptible, but it was just pink enough to give a bit of warmth. For me, pink is one of the most calming colors. It always feels so relaxing and innocent and clean, and right now, as I prepare to reveal the D*S book cover, book trailer and tour dates (coming up at 11!), I could use a little bit of calm. My nerves are feeling jangly, so until then, I’m hoping this pink will calm me down . . . xo, grace


That’s lovely! I too, have been learning to appreciate very very light colors and while I love white, alternatives that are close but offer a bit more warmth or interest are also wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


Oh I wish I had seen this before I made three trips to the paint store (mix with more white, please) while painting my daughter’s room. Love this pink!


Pink is very calming…although I can understand your jitters about sharing your book! I’m anxiously excited to see it! ;)


Cool! It looks like Benjamin-Moore’s Raspberry Ice color.

Beach Coast Style

Love this color I am such a neutral person but I always like to add a pop of color somewhere. Love RL have for many years such classic design.


i don’t know how the all-white walls trend has sustained for so long with so many beautiful paint colors out there! i agree, paint!
at least some walls…


I have found that a very light pink will sometimes vibrate neon-like on my eyes when placed next to white. It is not very calming. Having said that, we have had a lot of luck with a pink called Ostrich Feather from Sherwin Williams. It has a bit of a feeling of pink clay – we often paint our closets in it.


I am also a huge fan of palest pink paint. I went with Sherwin-Williams’s Patient White (so barely pink they named it white). It’s beautiful and goes with anything and everything.


Two weeks ago, I painted the bedroom of our new house with Behr’s Billowy Clouds. It’s white based in pink, and it’s lovely. I just wish I’d gone with a matte instead of eggshell. Ah, well.