kari herer

by Grace Bonney

For me, peonies are one of the few flower types that consistently live up to the praise, adoration and near obsession they receive online. There’s a reason they were our most requested Flowers A to Z topic- they’re gorgeous. And something about the fact that you can’t just pick them up whenever you want them makes their beauty all the more special. I usually try to celebrate peony season by finding a spot for them in every tiny corner of my home (why shouldn’t there be two arrangements in the bathroom?) but these photos from Kari Herer would be a great way to capture their drama and color in a more permanent way. I’ve become a big fan of deep purple peonies, so I love the darker color palettes Kari is using in some of these pieces. As much as I love the familiar soft pink color, it’s nice to see how rich and almost luxurious these flowers can look in a darker hue. You can pick up Kari’s peony prints right here online, and check out her work at her recently updated website. xo, grace

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