jane hollinger

by Grace Bonney

I don’t typically cover jewelry here, but every now and then, I fall so completely in love with a piece that I’m compelled to break form and cover a personal accessory. After we landed in Portland, Amy and I almost immediately ran to Alder & Co., where I was happy (and sad) to hear that the striped throws I covered were sold out. While I was sad to miss out on that striped good-ness, I was happy to find the most perfect necklace, a sweet heart design from Jane Hollinger. Amy and I both ended up getting one because, despite the fact that neither of us is a huge necklace person, we agreed it was the sweetest, most subtly awesome (and dare I say, sexy) necklace ever. It lays flat against your skin, so you can barely see it, but when it catches the light, it’s just gorgeous. If you’re looking for a gift or just a little addition to your jewelry collection, I highly suggest checking out Jane’s work. You can pick it up at Alder & Co. in Portland or online at her shop. xo, grace

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  • I have been wearing two Jane Hollinger necklaces for years now. I have a larger silver one that my parents gave me and a smaller gold heart that my boyfriend gave me. I constantly get compliments on them, but they are so subtle I never notice them against my neck. I <3 Jane Hollinger.

  • Its beautiful! Why don’t you cover jewelry more? As a product designer, I can honestly say its just like any other product when It comes to designing it. Esp with people becoming more conscious about jewels around our age. I would love to see a piece on jewelry that pushes the envelope. Cheers!

  • Awe! I am wearing this exact necklace as I read this! My favorite one btw….I wear it almost every day. :)

  • i love all of her pieces- she basically began the dainty necklace trend, in my opinion. I have on the gold hoop bracelet and necklace right now:) check out Me and Ro- not as dainty but equally cool.