emilio braga notebooks

Last week Amy and I headed over to SoHo for the Anthropologie/Sibella Court walking tour through downtown Manhattan. I’m editing a little video of the tour together, but until then I wanted to share these notebooks I picked up at one of Sibella’s tour stops, Kiosk. These colorful notebooks are handmade in Portugal by Emílio Braga Ld, a family-run company. They’ve been making these notebooks since 1918 and they’re the perfect size for dropping in your purse or laptop bag on the way out. The spines are wrapped in a wide selection of bright colors (the cobalt blue and orange were my favorites) and the edges of each page inside are hand-sponged in a distinctive pattern. Kiosk’s collections change regularly, so I was thrilled to find out this was an ongoing item, so if you’d like to pick up some gorgeous handmade notebooks for your next work or personal project, click here to pick up a set for $40. xo, grace

Click here to check out Sibella Court’s home tour on D*S and stay tuned for an interview with her this afternoon!


Hi! The Design Sponge new design looks great, but I was wondering if any of the designers had tested it with the Opera browser. For some reason, the entire design just doesn’t load (namely the white background behind the text.) As such, text is totally unreadable unless highlighted. I thought maybe you guys might like to know!

Grace Bonney


we’re working on it. a very very small percentage of our readers use opera so i don’t think we’d tested it in enough versions yet. but we’re on it :)



I’m Portuguese, and this notebook are very famous in Portugal. They are often used by shop owners for the accounting.

Now many portuguese young people are discovering this beautiful notebooks.

Katherine @ Almost Grown LA

I first saw these on Kiosk, but then did a little bit more digging and found them for sale on a Portuguese website. They have SO many beautiful designs (that I actually preferred to the ones Kiosk chose). I would love to use these daily — for anything! Now I just need to get to Portugal…


So wait… do they have additional colors on the Kiosk website? Their site is kind of funky and I can’t figure out how to navigate it…

Grace Bonney


they have them in person, but not online. but you could call and ask and request specific colors i bet..



I use composition books to take notes all the time! Personal and at the office. These are perfect. Unfortunately they will only ship to Hawaii for $40? I’m bummed. Tempted to call them and say, “hey, you can send that priority mail flat rate for much less, how about it?”.


Hi Grace! I’m Portuguese and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see something as popular as these little notebooks in your blog! It’s great just to know they are being sold in America, Portugal is really trying to make the best of its products and this is an amazing post for all of us. Thank you for posting it ;)

Marta Silva

40 dolares?? Jessssus! If you ever want some notebooks at reasonable prices just ask, I live next to the store. They don’t cost 40 dolares here (Lisbon). (around 10 euros, depending on the size)