david stark book party

I have a soft place in my heart for books – after all, I did spend a couple of years in Library School and until recently, called the New York Public Library my work home. So this book-themed party from New York City event designer David Stark, struck just the right chord. The invite for this birthday luncheon at Arena Stage in Washington. D.C. which read “Life is made up of a series of stories. You are an important part of mine,” set the tone for the event. David was inspired by fairy tales and books – from the castle on the hill, to the Princess sleeping on the pea in a stack of book mattresses, or a golden egg nestled on shredded pages, and infused every aspect of the party with sweet reminders of how importance of charting your own story. (To learn how David makes this events happen, check out What’s in Your Toolbox: David Stark)

More photos of David Stark’s book party are after the jump…


love this! The jelly fish and castle. I just got back from the library, signed my kiddos up for the summer reading program, I hope book become a platform for their imaginations too!


Great pieces! I have a few old books just waiting to be used for something like this.


Beautiful photos, if the book is half as good it must be amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.


Books are so beautiful, and I this really champions that beauty. Absolutely love it!

Jill Omeara

So fun and original! Gotta save this for next time I host book club.


This might be my favorite party set-up that you ever featured. It’s beautiful! I’m definitely saving some of these–my bibliophile side is going crazy. I love the level of detail in all the little creations.


I’ll have to dumpster-dive behind my local bookstore and see what I can find! Can’t let a book go to waste.


I love David’s stuff and follow his blog. This is really delightful. .


Love these images. Reminds me a lot of stuff I’ve been seeing in Marie-Claire Ideès for the past couple years.

jenn aka the picky girl

This is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the sentiment behind it. I have a book blog and am an English teacher, so this definitely struck a chord. I love anything made with book pages and made a book page wreath last year.

Very cool party.

holly - livingston & porter

This is my perfect party….Buying and selling books almost daily and so often it is hard to part with some…..Wish I could be there but these photos make it the next best thing.
How lovely. Unique. And just perfect.

Bella Ink Designs

Being that we work to make paper look pretty on a daily basis, we always love seeing what paper artists can do to turn a 2-dimensional material into a fabulous work of art. This is a great post!


I can’t get enough of this!

WOW! What an amazing book party. So whimsical! I love that paper castle on top of that gorgeous moss hill!


amazing. beautiful. perfect. now i just need some DIY instructions on those amazing book page projects – esp the jellyfish & the tree/bird’s nest

David Stark

Thanks for the super kind words everybody! I am really touched by the positivity,and the congrats need to go to my team of magic makers and to Susie Montagna for the gorgeous pictures.




Wow. I love this amazing and beautiful party theme. Out of this world! I love everything books too.


and who says books are going out – ebooks in…can’t do this with an ebook hey!


This is absurdly beautiful. Each image made me happier. I have to see what other things he’s done!!!!


Love the designs, please be careful you don’t cut up anything really rare or collectable or any old Penguin books.


This will totally be the theme for my birthday party. Although it probably won’t look as gorgeous…

ielda jesus

Achei lindos, mas, ao mesmo tempo preocupada porque afinal de contas, são livros!
Mas, o trabalho é lindo. Parabéns!

Lynn George

How timely to see this just as I’m planning a retirement event for 2 of our library staff!! David Stark, you’re a creative genius! Thank you for sharing your talents with the online community!


Completely agree about books, they definitely make a room. Whether they’re grouped by colour or not…!

Bonny johnston

Absolutely stunning! Do ou have patterns for creating flowers in the middle of an open book?