christopher stott

Still life painting and photography is something that’s slowly crept back into my life as an interest. I remember being bored to death by still life in college, and hating having to sit through slide show after slide show of Dutch Masters’ work. It’s so funny how tastes can change, because now that’s all I want to look at. While I love a beautiful still life with wilting flowers and food, I’ve found myself drawn towards pieces with a more minimalist modern spin. These paintings by Canadian artist Christoper Stott look like photographs, but are actually paintings. Chris has twenty new paintings on display at the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, California, which will be up through the ned of June. These three pieces above and below (especially the typewriter) are my favorite, but you can view more of Chris’ work on his website right here. If you’re interested in seeing the show or purchasing a piece, you can contact the Elliott Fouts Gallery right here. Thanks to Michelle for the tip! xo, grace

Michelle @ If Toys Could Talk

Wow. Those paintings are incredible. I’ve always loved paintings that look so real they could be photographs and I’m simply blown away by the incredible talent the artists to create them possess.


these are crazy great paintings! love the color palette and the quiet subject matter…


I can’t believe those are paintings! Amazing. I honestly thought they were photographs. I definitely want to see more of his stuff – thanks for sharing.

Laura Bucci Handmade

I love his very simple and clean compositions, they focus you right in into the object. For me they evoke a sort of solemn reverie about times gone by.


Absolutely gorgeous. Still life has never been my thing either, but I could stare at these all day!

Marie Newell

I’m in love… I can’t afford to be, but I’m in love.


I have that fan, the exact one. I love it. It is one of my favorite items. It makes me happy to lay my eyes on it. It even works! I bought it for a friend as a wedding present, and then I just couldn’t give it to her. She got a pasta machine (she is Italian).