charley harper + todd oldham for fishs eddy

Todd Oldham‘s love and appreciation for the artwork of Charley Harper is truly inspirational. Rather than creating work inspired by him or somehow interpreting Harper’s style with his own spin, Todd has devoted an incredible amount of time to making sure people come to know and love Harper’s original work. He’s helmed an amazing retrospective of his work in book form and continues to work with the Harper estate to apply Harper’s work to pieces that a new generation will grow to love and appreciate. His latest project celebrating Harper’s designs is a series of plates, bowls and glasses created for Fishs Eddy. Harper’s work has the perfect amount of color and a carefree upbeat style that’s perfect for summer entertaining. The glasses above are my favorite, but you can browse (and shop) the entire collection right here. Prices range from $5-$22. xo, grace


I think I have been waiting for this for years!

Brett Alderman

The tray is amazing! My wife bought me Todd Oldham’s “Handmade Modern” last year for Father’s Day. I’ve been a Todd Oldham fan since watching MTV’s House of Style. My favorite parts of the book are when he discusses the artists and designers that inspire him. Charlie Harper is all over my favorite space in the book (the Relaxing Reading Room).


Oooo. Thanks for letting me know. I love Charlie Harper! And his coloring books are my kids absolute favorites (even over dinosaurs and faeries).


This may be a stupid comment, but are these plastic or glass? The product specs don’t specify and, although I love me some Charley Harper, I’m not really into plastic plates. I *think* they’re real plates since they’re in the dinnerware section? Anyone know? Thanks!!

Jen Munch


I am having trouble find out from the website what the plates and serve-ware are made of. Does anyone know? I’m guessing stoneware from the thickness of the pieces in the first photo here.


I have to have them all!!! Todd’s book on Charley Harper was the best I’ve ever seen on one artist.


The plates are a vitrified high fired sturdyware — commercial quality ceramic. The glasses are glass. Both are microwave and dishwasher safe.


omg, I am so going to Fishs Eddy tomorrow! Thanks for posting about these! My comment about the redesign disappeared into cyberspace, so I just want to say again that I love the redesign. LOVE.

I friggin love these comment bubbles too. Keep up the excellent work, team!

K. Shaw

Looking to sell seven prints signed and numbered including “Seeing Red” , “Dolfun”, Brrrrrthday”, etc. and need a location in the CT area as I do not want to ship them. Any suggestions would be helpful. They are in mint condition, unframed, in original wrappers, and envelopes.


Does anyone know where and by whom these are manufactured?

Marlene LaBossiere

I use some of Charlie’s art with my special needs students when I teach them Biology at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. These kids have to pass a comprehensive Biology test in order to graduate. Charlie’s drawings invite the student to find out more about the diversity of life on our planet. Does anyone have any of Charlie’s books that are in poor condition and would like to donate them to my class?