brent wadden at little paper planes

When we were in California last week, I found myself plugging back in to my crafty side. It’s been a while since I felt like I had enough spare time to get creative and just play with materials, so it was nice to dive back into making things with my own two hands. The one material that always inspires me the most is colorful string — you can obviously sew and embroider things with it, but it’s perfect for old-school friendship bracelets and weaving, too.

These new prints from Brent Wadden at Little Paper Planes remind me of advanced string studies that I used make with friends in college. Ours were never this detailed, but the same love of overlapping lines is there. Brent’s work is part of a limited-edition series of eight prints — inspired lo-fi patterns that seem to change as your eye moves around the page. There are only 50 of each print being made, so if you’re interested in picking up one of Brent’s new prints, click here to check them out ($35 each). xo, grace

Kelly Lynn Jones

thanks so much lady for posting Brent’s work! I agree Danielle about the spirograph drawings! That is why I fell in love with Brent’s work immediately!!


Great to see bright bold colors in here!
I love this kind of work. I did a couple of those when I was a little kid, and every time I see one, it just drags me into it. Can’t stop looking at it. Since last year I’ve been thinking on doing some kind of project based on those. We’ll see!


I love these prints as well- to me they seem really fresh and modern with the bright colors against the white background. Thanks for posting!