I really love good identity design. When a designer can carry a theme through web, print and product design, it feels like everything clicks into place. A Friend of Mine design studio in Melbourne created these business cards, web and mobile designs for Bookish, a platform for distributing, selling and reading e-books. As much as I love the site design, my favorite pieces are the colorful bookmarks with adorable bespectacled heads poking over the top. The entire design, from the bright red colors to the letter “B” made of eyeglasses, is so sweet and wonderfully “bookish.” Click here to check out the full identity project and more from AFOM right here. Thanks, Ryhs! xo, grace


Adorable! I love nerdy chic.
I’m currently rebranding my own products, and although challenging, it’s heaps of fun! Kudos to these guys….I want one of those bookmarks now! :)


I really like when people design “something” that can work in different ways at the same time, like this B (both letter and logo)!
I’ve visited their website and it’s really amazing! They make such wonderful projects! Thanks for sharing with us.


Love it. The branding is so fun it makes you like it before even knowing what it’s about. Great design.