bevara terrariums

I’m on a bit of a forced terrarium hiatus right now (I went a little overboard with glassed-in plants last year), but these hand-blown terrariums from Bevara were too beautiful not to share. Designed by Liz Boscacci and made in Poland, each of these terrariums is a seamless egg shape that makes them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. I just love the clean shapes — they’d be perfect for something small and simple. If you’re looking to add a handmade terrarium to your collection, you can email your order right here ($200 each) at Bevara’s website. xo, grace

Susan Brinson

I love these – also if you have pets – looks like it is good for keeping the pets at bay! As I think of my half eaten aloe plant…

Adding these to my wish list.


Would these work with herbs too? I would think so. I’m all about growing practical plants much more useful than my languishing orchid. Last year I had sage, basil, chives…I think the sage lasted the longest before the frost killed it.