before and after

before & after: reupholstered foot stool

by Kate Pruitt

Foot stools are such fun little pieces of furniture, and I really like it when people recognize this fact and upholster them accordingly. This fabric is so eye-catching that it could totally overwhelm a large piece, which is why this stool is such a perfect fit. Great work, Laura! — Kate

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Time: a few hours

Cost: $48

Basic Steps: The legs were pretty scratched up, and I wasn’t crazy about the colour. I sanded them down, and the wood underneath looked good, so I just gave them a few layers of oil and buffed them. I removed the fabric and unpicked the two sections, then used these as templates for the new fabric. I sewed the pieces together and stapled them into place over the foam — the original foam was in good condition, so I kept it. I made new, slightly larger buttons using squares of the same fabric. Using a long upholstery needle, I pulled the buttons into place and stapled them underneath. Then I just neatened up the base with some black fabric, and that was it!

My advice would be just to have a go — this was my first attempt at upholstery, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was easier than I thought and much cheaper than buying a new footstool! — Laura

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