before and after

before & after: reupholstered chair

by Kate Pruitt

I know I shouldn’t anthropomorphize furniture, but I have to admit that it saddens me to see decrepit, neglected furniture. This chair was in serious need of love and attention — a very sad specimen indeed. Irina has done a wonderful job bringing it back to life and making it stand out with the custom embroidery and fabric collage she’s added to the upholstery. I love that the pattern travels from the seat to the back cushion, and the button flower is an adorable little detail (More images after the jump!). Happily, this chair’s best days are clearly yet to come. Great work, Irina! Kate

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Time: One month (spread out over time)

Cost: $100

Basic Steps: First I put the chair into pieces in order to take out the old finish and to repair the joints. The wood was intact, but the joints broken, so the chair didn’t have stability anymore. I reinforced the joints, took out the old lack from the wood and redid the base of the upholstery. This was the hard-work part. While working on it, I already started to build a concept about the final look and to sketch the design for the fabric. Once the fabric arrived (ordered from a supplier in Italy), I applied the design on it using fabric collage and hand sewing. Finally, when everything was ready, I reupholstered the chair with the new fabric, put back the wooden legs and got a brand new chair straight from the fifties! — Irina

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