before & after: renovated studio space

There’s nothing more exciting than the potential of an empty space, and I love seeing creative entrepreneurs translate their vision into their workshops, offices and studios. This incredible studio was designed with its location in mind, and according to Zak Davis, the creative director for Juliet Zulu, the rustic materials, simple palette and minimalism were an homage to his beloved city of Portland. I love the dark floors and the abundance of natural textures. Plus, you have to admit that a row of shiny white Macs looks pretty stunning against a backdrop of rustic wood and leather. Great job, Zak! — Kate

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Time: 1 month

Cost: around $16,000

Basic Steps: I wanted an office that inspired great work. The overarching inspiration was a melding of military/industrial, clean design, MCM and DIY. The military canvas wall coverings were something I had never seen, but the thought of a conference room that felt like a field tent seemed awesome. Because the space is pretty small, the layout design was really important to utilize every inch. I wanted to use dark colors but enough light and whites to still make the space feel airy and fresh. Lots of exposed wood helped with that. Spent hours at local antique stores and the Rebuilding Center (tons of amazing reclaimed materials) to find steals. It was about creating many different textures and making each surface tactile. My advice is to start with a clean slate. A simple, bare, manageable space. Use design elements that you love, but make them uniquely yours. Make it cool, but remember that you can’t work in a museum. It has to be functional AND inspiring. — Zak



Black floor is fantastic. The little bar area is also a great idea – just a casual space to jot down notes on the fly perhaps?

I also love those sliding doors.

We installed them on a project of ours (vet clinic) and found they don’t do a very good job at blocking out sound. I’m curious to know if these individuals used some sort of weather stripping or something to insure that phone conversations etc were private.


All that talk about the military tent conference room and then no picture of it? That’s mean.

Also, what is the flooring, please?


What is the floor treatment? It looks great and I am getting ready to do-over a retail space for my art studio. Well Done!!!

Computer renderings

Me being a computer guy I love the line of computers against the wall. I love when you are working next to someone and you can just turn and talk to them.

A. Gilchrist

What a delightful surprise to see you here! Really incredible work y’all. You nailed it. Love from Eugene


What is that floor, please? I’d like of those too!


Hello, I find your new design very smart but I don’t like the lack of photos on most of the summary posts . As you can understand, I’m not english speaking and when I open the blog I choose which post I will open with the photos not with the title…
Please give us the photos backin the summary posts !!!
Thank you

Amy Azzarito

Hi Monique –
The gallery images below the post should be back next week. It’s just a little glitch with the new site relaunch. We are working to fix it as soon as possible. :)


I, too, was wondering about the canvas walls – I eventually found them by going over to their website, but still, there’s a disconnect between the copy and the pics on this site :(

Grace Bonney


those are similar spaces but they’re not exactly the same- i’m not sure if you mean to imply if there was something shady with the similar style but i don’t think there is.


Zak Davis

Susan, Neha,

The floor is concrete, slightly sanded and then painted with Miller black, concrete stain/paint. A light sanding of the concrete really helps to better take the paint or stain.

Dan Martin

Love the chic urban feel. Sometimes less is more and this is a good example of that. Thank You for sharing these before and after pics.


Is there a polyeurothane on top of the black floor paint?


Seriously? I can see a categorical similarity…but in the details, the two spaces are very different. Personally, I dig the above, but the other space doesn’t work for me. Good work Zak – really impressed.