before and after

before & after: painted plank headboard

by Kate Pruitt

I may have discovered my new favorite color palette, thanks in no small part to this painted headboard from Heather. Doesn’t  the gold, wood, cream and ochre combination look fantastic? So rich and warm, and incredibly soothing. The untreated wood gives the gilded stencil design so much character, and I love the accessibility of the simple plank construction. Wonderful job, Heather! — Kate

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Read more about how Heather made her painted plank headboard after the jump!

Time: 8 hours

Cost: $78

Basic Steps:

1. Buy supplies.

2. Have hardware store cut wood to desired length.

3. Sand all rough edges on wood pieces, and wipe down to remove excess sawdust and dirt.

4. Choose which wood pieces you want to be visible. Then lay out the pieces with the visible side facing down. Remember which end is the top and which is the bottom. You can write on the boards if it helps.

5. Evenly spread out the brackets across all seams in the wood and screw them in. Make sure your screws aren’t too long!

6. Position stabilizer boards so they run parallel to your seams, and attach them with nails.

7. Carefully lift your finished headboard and lean it against a wall. Prep your work area for painting. (Put down a drop cloth, and/or protect the wall your headboard is leaning against.)

8. Use store-bought stencil and spray paint to embellish your headboard. I used a pattern and repeated the stencil across the entire headboard. You could also do one big stencil or just a border along the top plank.

9. Let paint dry.

10. We just leaned the headboard at an angle against the wall. It’s heavy enough to stay in place, and we didn’t want to damage our apartment walls. I’m sure there are ways to mount the headboard to the wall or bed frame, though.

    My advice for anyone attempting this project is to have a strong friend or loved one around. I was able to do every step myself except carry . . . ahem . . . well, push the headboard through the apartment and put it in place. You’d need some serious lifters to get it up any stairs, so make sure you think ahead before assembling. — Heather


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