before and after

before & after: graphic office redo

by Kate Pruitt

Some people can work in a cluttered space, and I’ve always looked on them with awe, for I am certainly not one of them. The minute the papers start to pile up and the tools scatter themselves on the floor — okay, that’s a lie; I scatter the tools on the floor — my productivity level plummets. This behavior is probably why I appreciate Nadine’s office makeover so much. It’s simple, but not without personality; minimalist, but not boring. I imagine so much great work being done in this clean, bright and modern space. Great work, Nadine! — Kate

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Time: 1 month

Cost: $70

Basic Steps: We collected pictures of places and products we liked, made scribbles and finally just tried things out. If your budget isn’t that big, think of alternatives: What can be reused? What can you do yourself? What can be easily altered? We sprayed the lampshade,  painted the wooden stools, added labels to the drawer unit and added casters to the old bookshelf. — Nadine

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