before & after: graphic office redo

Some people can work in a cluttered space, and I’ve always looked on them with awe, for I am certainly not one of them. The minute the papers start to pile up and the tools scatter themselves on the floor — okay, that’s a lie; I scatter the tools on the floor — my productivity level plummets. This behavior is probably why I appreciate Nadine’s office makeover so much. It’s simple, but not without personality; minimalist, but not boring. I imagine so much great work being done in this clean, bright and modern space. Great work, Nadine! — Kate

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See and learn more about Nadine’s office makeover after the jump!

Time: 1 month

Cost: $70

Basic Steps: We collected pictures of places and products we liked, made scribbles and finally just tried things out. If your budget isn’t that big, think of alternatives: What can be reused? What can you do yourself? What can be easily altered? We sprayed the lampshade,  painted the wooden stools, added labels to the drawer unit and added casters to the old bookshelf. — Nadine


Ah how I love a clean white room. It’s just a blank slate waiting for ideas to happen.


love the black and white. simple and clean and allows accessories to stand out.


Where does all the desk stuff plug in? Wouldn’t this mean at least one cord to trip over constantly? Also a big fan of the clock! ;)

Daydream Kate

It’s a bit more clean and contrasting than I like, but I still really like it. They totally nailed use of space and creating an iviting feel. And it’s so nice to see someone not abusing the ord “budget”.


I LOVE that clock also!! I’m on the hunt! If I find, I will repost :)


I will add one more request for the clock info! It is great!


BRAVO! That looks great! I love that the back of the built in bookcase is black. It really makes it look clean and makes it pop!

Donna B.

I *love* loads of black & white like this! Very nicely done and I especially like your ingenuity in repurposing things. It shows what a dramatic change you can make without breaking the bank.


I think someone already asked…but where are those desks from. I LOVE them.

Chrissy @MABSOOTa

I admire their restraint in keeping everything white. I’m always too tempted to start putting things on the walls; just like I can never leave the cover of my notebooks un-doodled :-/


I love a black and white room with punches of color in the accessories.

The desk is great…

jenny dias

It’s absolutely fab, I love the clock, where could i get it?


hello…just having given my studio a new fresher look, i can totally relate to your design transformation with you redo, reuse, alter attitude. a fresh coat of crisp white paint ( on just about everything that wasn’t moving, labeling containers, consciously keeping with a color scheme and totally reorganizing gave my work space such a fun & pretty place to create my cards!


I’m wondering where the cords go too. That is most of my office battle…


We (nadine an me) mounted this “cable organiser” under one table:
This houses one power strip with the MacBook and display power supplys and one USB-hub (connected with the LED Display). So basically there are only 4 cables on the upper side of the desk. Printing wireless, the mices as well.


I love the desk set up – great way to bring conectedness to indivdual work. And black light is awesome!!!


After I evict the mouse which has decided to come down the chimney in my studio and terrorize me, I will get a wireless printer, some shelves and finally finish this place up! And for the lighting, will get some lamps from mud australia that are very similar to the nice ones used in this before and after!

levan charly

I totally love what you have made. Awesome transformation.


i love it. this gives me a bit of inspiration to re-do my office this summer. i like the idea of painting the interior of the built-ins. very cool.


it looks great! is the table top from Ikea as well? It looks fab!


I’m sorry, but I don’t like this at all. I love the before & afters, but recently I’ve felt like white is being overused- not as a purposeful color choice but as a substitute for color choice. This whitewash has taken out all the warmth of the wood floors and instead of looking clean and bright, simply looks generic. I would love to see more thoughtful before & afters that actually show the person’s personality…


Where are those cube storage bins from? Absolutely love them.