before & after: embroidered-back chair

I’ve always been a fan of seeing embroidery on unconventional materials: porcelain, wood, metal, and so on. With a couple well-placed embroidered monogram letters, wood and craft workshop mentor Dana Israel has given this simple little chair infinitely more personality and sweetness. Wonderful job, Dana! — Kate


This is super cute. I’m curious what the back looks like. How do you make the stitching look finished on the reverse side?


While this is gorgeous, I mean amazing and beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like it…those aren’t embroidery stitches. It’s a form of cross stitch :)


I’d love to know how she accomplished the cross stitch on the wood and see the back as well. Gorgeous though and definitely thinking out of the box. Brava.


I liked it better before too . . . sorry not my style. The chair was edgy and cool before and now a little too nanna and twee for me. Each to there own though – never one to knock the creative process . . . obviously more likes than dislikes here . . . so I guess it is well done to you!


I love this! This would be a great project for my art students to do on some old chairs from school. Great idea!