an illustrated guide to cocktails

I’ve never been a big drinker, but I love the trappings of cocktail culture. Creating a home bar (wait until you see Amy’s home bar in the D*S book!) has always been an obsession of mine, and it was so hard to pass up the vintage chinoiserie bar I saw at Brimfield this year. So while I may not drink enough to warrant cocktail accessories, I still love looking at them (and watching them being made).

An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails was illustrated and published by Elizabeth Graeber, along with author Orr Shtuhl. The artwork is so perfect that it makes me want to try a number of concoctions I’ve only heard about from friends who frequent fancy bars. Elizabeth and Orr self-published this book and are selling it on Etsy, so I’m always happy to support people publishing great books on their own. Click here to check out the book in full and pick up a copy online. xo, grace

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Barina Craft

Occasionally mixing up a few fancy cocktails is certainly a big part of the fun in having your own home bar. Looks like the illustrations are entertaining by themselves.


I’m generally not a big drinker (i.e. not at all), but I kind of want this book nonetheless.

Chrissy @MABSOOTa

Cocktails are actually great options for people who don’t drink often, because they [should] taste great, look pretty, and are good to sip on. You can also go light on some of the alcohol if the recipe allows.


Elizabeth Graeber’s artwork is so wonderful! Everybody wins with a book that teaches you about booze, how to make your own fancy booze, and with rad illustrations by Betsy Graeber to look at.

Susie Lou

I want this book! SO CUTE! Will make an awesome gift Thanks, DS.


Lovely illustrations, and knowing Orr, I’m sure the recipes are fantastic as well!

Rex's mom

This is a wonderful book. The illustrations are entertaining!! Elizabeth Graeber’s drawings are the best and the stories are great too!!