yellow owl workshop diy video + book giveaway!

by Grace Bonney

One of the greatest things about design week has been getting to meet so many of my favorite designers in person and here what they’ve been up to. At last year’s show I remember Christine and Evan from Yellow Owl Workshop talking about doing a book and at this year’s show the book was out and doing phenomenally. I’ve been a fan of Christine’s designs for Yellow Owl Workshop since day one so I’m thrilled and honored to debut her first DIY/Book video here today and share some images from her newest book, Print Workshop: Hand-Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects (Potter Craft).

I’ve always loved the voice and style that Christine has brought to the printing community. Her style unique and fresh and I’m so excited to see that celebrated and translated into book form. Her book will teach you how to roll up your sleeves and create fantastic home, fashion and accessory-based projects. I love that the book keeps budget in mind and will give you a wide range of ideas that won’t drain your wallet. Whether you’re looking to create a custom t-shirt, deck of cards (my favorite) or dartboard, Christine has you covered (including all the basics tools and terminology you’ll need for printing).

To celebrate her book, Christine is sharing her DIY video above (you can download the template you need for the project right here) and sharing five copies of her book with D*S readers!

All you need to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment below telling her what you’d love to print this summer. Are you hoping to make custom fabric for a back yard hammock? Do you want to make t-shirts for your friends? Or maybe just a cute bag to tote towels to the beach? Share your summer printing project ideas below and Christine will pick her 5 favorite and we’ll announce the winners on D*S next week.

Until then, you can pick up a copy of Christine’s book here and here. Stay tuned for new designs from Christine and Yellow Owl Workshop in my National Stationery Show roundup tomorrow…xo, grace

Suggested For You


  • I would love to make my own fabric so I can reupholster my momma’s sunroom furniture and outdoor patio umbrella! She loves being outdoors and I want to make her smile with custom fabric!!

  • I’d love to make custom fabric for a quilt. I’ve been exploring stencil motifs in my quilting, and it would be interesting to have a more deliberate relationship between my applique design and the print of the fabric.

  • You have just inspired me to print a large beach blanket to share with my best friend during our vacation this summer.

  • i would love to do my late summer *party* invitations using these techniques! the book would be just the thing to get me started.

  • This book is so beautiful! I sell pies at the farmers market with my sweetheart. I would love to sew up some vintagey aprons and print on them! Hand printed aprons for handmade love pie makers?

  • My friends and I all want to go to Europe, but we can’t afford it just yet. So instead we have been mailing letters and postcards back and forth with pictures of our favorite places overseas. I would love to print some cards to send out! We may not be able to travel, but we can play pretend.

  • I’m graduating from university this summer and after three years of living with the same people we’re suddenly going to be miles and miles apart! sob. I really want to make them all extra special gifts to remeber our time together and I would love to make some hand printed tote bags and t-shirts which will remind them of the 26208 hours we spent together here at uni!

    On a mildly selfish note, I’m about to move into my very first house that will be all mine to do with as I wish!!! Therefore much handmade glory will be needed, so of course, handprinted fabrics are a must!

  • 2 things spring to mind, 1) onesies…could any more of my friends be having babies lately? I’m not there yet, but I do love loading them up w/cute, usable baby items…I have a stack of soft onesies just begging to be printed! 2) tile. I’ve been playing around w/making trivets and decorative tiles for fun, and have only been playing w/stencils. Would love to try some great printing projects on tile, time dress up my backsplash already!

  • Hi Christine! Love love love your print ideas! My sis is having twins and I want to handprint all sorts of personalized baby stuff. Plus, a cool shirt and duvet cover for myself. : )

  • I’ve been wanting to learn how to make my own fabric designs for so long now! I also have so many ideas! Table cloths, picnic blankets, t shirts, etc.

  • I’m in desperate need of some new pillows to brighten up my living room! The black couch turned out to be kind of downer but I’ve got chevron stripes in bright colors on the brain.

  • We don’t have kids but have 3 nieces aged 13 & 14 that come and visit during the summers. I am redecorating their room to the theme of Katy Perry’s song ‘Teenage Dream.’ I want to print sheer curtains for their room and would love your creative insight!

  • Congratulations on your gorgeous book! I would LOVE to have a copy of the book as a guide and inspiration for printing curtains for the bedroom in our new house, and wallpaper as well!
    Your handmade aesthetic, and color graphic and playful style get me so inspired. Please pick me!

  • I’ve recently been inspired to take up calligraphy again and write honest-to-goodness letters to friends and family. And what better mode of transportation than a hand-printed card?

  • Hi Christine! My name is Sigal and I’m from Israel, I would love to have your book, it look’s very good!
    I would like to prepare a family logo for our stationary and I would be happy to tell all about it in my new blog
    good luck

  • I want to print everything! but this summer definitely I’ll be printing envelopes and boxes to mail to my son in the Marshall Islands, and I’m hoping to hand print a new zine.

  • I would love to make a custom print to line DIY wedding invite envelopes. I could us the print in other wedding projects as well- maybe on menus or a fabric table runner!

  • I’ll be hand printing a set of Thank You cards for my friend who’s getting married. It’s so much easier and less expensive to just custom-make them than to find the perfect ones and buy them!
    I made a set for my sister’s wedding last summer. It’s actually a really fun project, especially because I was able to pass the inks and hand-carved stamp on to her for her to use for anything in the future.
    Can’t wait to get started on my next batch!

  • I absolutely love this video, and can’t wait to check out your book. I’m always looking for new home printmaking methods and this looks simply awesome. I recently moved to San Francisco from New York and am getting homey all over the place, and now have this method in mind for a number of projects.

    Also love the track on the video!

  • Loving those photos! I would love to print some tote bags for my girls. They are obsessed with bags right now and putting stuff in them!

  • I’m working on bags made out of tshirt scraps to package my necklaces in (great summer accessories) and I want to hand print a logo on them. The whole process has been personal and handmade– I’d love to put a handmade stamp on it!

  • Oh! I love this. I’ve been hoping to do some printing with my kids this summer – I organized an Etsy Craft Night on June 10th and I would like to print cloth napkins and furoshiki to brighten up our family lunches, all spent away from one another.

  • Printing my own fabric to make a fun summer dress would be a great summer project! Who needs stores when you can sew it yourself?

  • Wedding season is here! I have a few sets of close friends tying the knot in the next few months, and I would love to to print shower and wedding gifts. Maybe some tea towels for the bride and/or an laptop or phone case for the groom?!

  • I have come to the conclusion that being an architectural and interior design student is death. I am constantly surrounded by the most amazing things in the world, and the only thing I can afford is ramen noodles. With that said, I would loveeeee to make some awesome fabric to reupholster the handy-me down furniture that I have acquire. It needs a facelift. Plus I am thinking a black and white piece of fabric, stenciled with the feathers would look amazing above my sofa! Thanks!

  • I would love to be able to print my own set of prints of where I’ve traveled on my time away from college. Seattle space needle, Golden Gate bridge, St. Louis arch; they all deserve they’re own art piece on my giant wall map!

  • I’m always a fan of giving unique and one-of-a-kind gifts and if I can create them myself – even better! With oodles of baby showers, weddings, and birthdays happening this summer, I would love to give various prints as gifts! Plus, who doesn’t like having a little fun creating personalized gifts?!

  • Beautiful book!

    I plan on printing invitations to our annual fried chicken n’ waffles dinner party!

    Love Holly

  • I’m absolutely in love with Christine’s designs. My girlfriend’s beach wedding is coming up and I would like to surprise the bridesmaids with a goodies tote (custom printed of course). I plan to buy plain cotton fabric, decorate with colorful prints and give as a sarong. I will also include monogrammed and printed ribbons that the girls can tie around their wide-brim straw hats. I’m very excited about these projects!

  • I would love to print some fabric that I could use for curtains in my bedroom (mid redo) and after seeing the darling placemat above, I would love to recreate that idea, too! Also think it would be great to get the kinks out so that I could do fun printed things this fall for Christmas presents. Dying for the book! :)

  • Handkerchiefs! I hike a lot, and even in summer (allergies) seem to always have a runny nose, so I take hankies with me (ever tried to backpack enough tissue for a 12 hour hike? it doesn’t work). And I’m very particular about fabric texture, so I make my own Hankies, but the only fabric I can find that’s right is white. And I’ve considered embroidering on them to make them more fun, but you don’t blow your nose on embroidery thread, so that limits the usefulness of the hankie. So I’ve been thinking recently about trying dies or block printing or something like that, but I know nothing about these things, so I’d love to learn!

  • Since July is slowly creeping up, I am already starting to plan birthday presents since my sisters, mom, and best friend all have birthdays that month. I think it would be great to make my own gift wrap for their presents. The stamp would also allow me to coordinate handmade birthday cards to go along with the present! It’s a great way to push a birthday gift further.

  • Christine! I love carving stamps and printing, but this has inspired me to do more! I would love to learn different printing techniques for custom wedding gifts/baby gifts (ie. burp cloths, tea towels, onesies– even teeny socks with little toes printed on them!!!) your book looks phenomenal to learn from! Thanks so much!

  • Great DIY video :) I’m thinking printed tee’s for my next annual girls weekend. We always try to craft something to commemorate our trips. I would love to have this book!

  • Wonderful videa…it makes cutting a stamp almost seem doable to me! I’d make new aprons. I love plain industrial white ones but with a bib design.

  • Hi Christine, thanks for this offer! I’d love to create found-object prints with my girl and boy, using some of our found spring treasures. (Anything to remember our tiny journeys outside.) We’d frame and hang ’em, and then when we pass them, we can remember how we were one spring at 2, 5, and 41.

  • I have had my eye on this book since I saw her cyonotype scarves on MS crafts. I would love to make some linen tea towels with a repeating asparagus pattern from green to purple or some fun artichoke print… Perhaps I may even be a bit more gutsy for a larger project like some curtains for our guest room.

  • Why, matching octopus-and-eyeball print outfits for me and my son, of course! Better do it soon while he’s still young enough to put up with my insane craft project ideas…

  • I would love to print up fabric to make new pillows! I just got a new couch and would love to jazz it up a bit :)

  • i have been doing wood carvings and linoleum carvings for printing my own christmas cards for years, but this would take my skills to the next level!

  • What an exciting giveaway! I would love to hand stamp some linen placemats this summer to make our patio table look lovely when guests come over for BBQ.

  • I have so many printing aspirations! Table cloths and napkins, baby onesies, tote bags, curtains and pillow covers – for a few examples :)

  • OooOOooOOO! Christine, this looks amazing! I would love to hand-print some sturdy fabric for a hammock! That way my family and I can swing in comfort and in style!

  • I’ve never printed on fabric, I would love to try and this book looks like an interesting way to learn. I like how it’s organized. I would start by printing some tote bags and I’m always up for printing paper stuff like cards to send to friends.

  • Hej hej, I’d print a stationary set to send all the people I care for a letter of love with a picnic blanket that I’d also printed so that I could be with them on warm summer days. But also so that I could exchange mails with my little sister, she just started writing and I’d love to send her cute envelops.

  • I have been planning to print bed sheet for my baby boy! Anyway after reading this I started immediately planning some other printing too :)
    I´m getting married on June. Maybe I could buy just solid white napkins for the wedding party and make some prints on them!

  • I’d love to start with some simple prints for my young daughters room, attempt pillows for the couch and finish the summer with holiday cards designed and printed (wishful thinking!). I love someone’s comment about printing curtains! If I can figure out how to sew the pillows, I’d love to try out the curtain idea!

  • I saw this book at the art store, it was lovely! I have a whole stack of tshirts I’d like to print (some for strategic stain hiding purposes). I’d love to experiment with some new techniques.

  • I have seen preview of this book and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a copy!!! I have two teal tote bags just waiting for a great idea! :D
    Thanks for the chance!

  • This is great!! I would actually like to win the book and give it to my sister – She’s recently started stamping prints on paper to be framed and displayed. Although, I know I would probably sneak a peek of the book before I handed it off :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mahalo for the ideas. I am seriously super inspired. I have weddings galore to attend this summer, and what a great way to personalize gift wrap for gifts. Perhaps stamp canvas bags to put the gifts in!? Eeek! I am so excited bike to the art store this weekend.

  • Table clothes, table clothes and more table clothes. What an awesome wedding gift. Also I would like to make a backdrop to take picture of my kids in front of each month.

  • I’d love to learn how to print my own tote bags for the summer! I think it’d be really fun to have a personalized bag at the beach that no one else had. Great video!

  • I would LOVE to win this book. I’m a big fan of the yellow owl workshop. :) I would love to make some printed fabric for canvas pillows and little embellished bags for friends.

  • i would love to print a fun pattern on some parasols – first time pregnancy and i’m trying to stay out of the sun but still enjoy the weather!

  • I’ve been itching to do something like this! I’m pretty bored with the little boy tees I’ve been seeing in stores so I’d probably make some cool stuff for my son.

  • I am so excited about this DIY how to! I recently inherited a lot of very old out dated furniture that has great bones but could use a lot of reupholstering. I would love to make my own fabric prints for these pieces.

  • I would love to do a set of cloth napkins!

    I spent last year sewing cloth napkins and would love to make it the kind of project where I make new ones in new ways year to year. Cloth napkins just have so much personality.

  • i’ve been looking for stamps online, making your own is such a good idea. i’d love to use the stamps to print bibs for baby gifts.

  • I’ve been looking for a good all-purpose cloth–tablecloth/picnic blanket/impromptu yard tent–so I think it may be time to make my own.

  • I want to make prints on fabric of different elements of the forest floor… layers,layers,layers! I have never printed on fabric and wanted to so badly! I want to then use the different printed fabrics for pillowcases, a baby quilt, and funky napkins for my friends weddings & bridal shower! Yay!!

  • Everything seashore! Pillows, bags, (especially messenger bags), lampshades and unique. Upholstery fabric. Then I would love to design a few jumpers and skirts for children with unique. Back to school designs!

  • I was lucky to have Christine design my wedding invitations last year. She is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. Our invitations we so unique — our guests were blown away — and they totally set the tone for the event. People knew to expect something unique, special and that completely reflected us. She was also our neighbor at the time so it was extra special for us to work with a local artist!

    I couldn’t be happier for Christine. She is the real deal and deserves all of this attention. I especially love that she’s giving away all her secrets! It comes from such a pure place — wanting everyone to have a creative outlet and showing us all how easy it can be.

    Go, Chris! Sending our love from the west slope! ;-)

  • I fell in love with printing this past semester, my dissertation semester off (when, yes, I did write in addition to find other things to do). This summer, I’d love to combine my dissertation topic with printing text-based images–a new “old” illuminated MS folio or two would be awesome. And may very well keep me sane. :)

  • We just put in an offer on our very first house (hopefully we get it!). The kitchen needs to be remodeled but won’t be the first thing on our list, so I want to print some super cute tea towels to distract people from the ugly kitchen around them!

  • So excited to hear that Yellow Owl Workshop is sharing their secrets. I want to print placemats and a table cloth for a garden party I’m having next month and maybe some tea towels as presents as well. So fun!

  • I would love to print anything for friends. Towels, onesies since a close friend of mine is pregnant, wrapping paper, etc. I m a GIS analyst and it might be cool to print on some of the un-usable maps.

  • Going to the beach in August, and it’s also my birthday. I should make a bag announcing my age change. And how people should buy me a margarita. (:

  • I would make pillows, purses and t-shirts as well as using it for my “Make. Brand. Sell” class that I am teaching at The University of Akron this Summer. I am hoping to get the designers away from their computers and teach them to create while getting their hands dirty. Your book and work will be wonderful inspiration!

  • I want to make a special summer journal to record all my thoughts, favorite memories & special-to-me events or happenings. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • I would love to print some cards and fabric inspired by all the African Shwe Shwe fabric I saw while I was doing aid work in Lesotho last year. I’ve been looking for a new job since I got back and this book is on my list of things to buy when I’m earning money again. So beautiful AND useful! Just like Design*Sponge…..

  • I am an art teacher in an inner-city middle school in Dallas and would love to have this book to teach my students and after school art program. It will make printing seem doable for these kids that have never had art before! The possibilities are endless!!!

  • Two aspiring projects for the summer:

    1) Custom cushions for my patio rocking chairs–which will be painted a glowing, lime green color.

    2) I’d want to print the words Serve in a scripted font on a burlap-type material–then, I’ll affix some vintage silverware next to the word and frame in a large white or cream colored frame to go above my kitchen table.


  • I’m hopefully graduating from Library School this summer, and I want to celebrate w/ a big Book-Exchange picnic party when I’m done. It would be perfect for me to print a lot of paper-crafts, like tablecloths/blankets, invitations, and maybe even create some original book stamps! I’d make book plate stickers as favors also.

  • i would love a copy! i would like to print on fabric to make a picnic blanket for my 6 month old little boy. i am looking forward to spending time with him outside.

  • love the video! thank you for sponsoring the giveaway!

    my new years resolution for the year was to not buy any new clothing and if i wanted anything i would make it… i would love to apply some printing techniques to liven up the solid colored fabrics i have been using to make dresses and tops.

  • I’ve been exploring my fascination for printmaking lately, and this looks like a fantastic resource! I’ve been thinking about making a big handmade book of prints. Like, 11×17 big. It would be a great coffee table book, if I had a coffee table.

  • What a fab video!

    I am working on building a recycling station for our kitchen and want to do some stenciling/stamping to make it look really awesome. Also I would like to print on plates and mason jars, and on some fabric to upcycle our old lawn chairs into majestic funky Summer seats. Basically, I would like to print on everything in my house (except the cat)!

  • I CAN’T WAIT! Our family,all 16, get together over the week of July 4th. We will be printing this summer!!!! Your DIY video was educational as well as inspiring. Love the idea of printing bags for cards, shoe bags, also bags for vocabulary words! Endless! Thank you for sharing your “gift” and not holding on to it.

  • I’d love to print a crazy-cat lady fabric to make a big tote. It would incorporate my old (beautiful) leather boots that went ka-put this past winter and the leather is too far gone to repair into the handles… a clasp… and maybe the bottom.

  • To be honest, watching the beginning of the video I thought: Hey that looks easy enough to do, I don’t need the book. Then I got to the montage at the end of the video and realized: Ok this is AWESOME and the possibilities look endless, I really need this book.

    I’m creative and drawn to craft and design like this, but I’m terrible at sewing. However, my best friend is an amazing seamstress and I daydream (literally) about the day that we could work as a team. Maybe even as business pursuit.

  • I’d love to print funny designs on plain cotton underwear for my sister’s bachelorette party. Sounds kinda funny, but I saw the idea someplace and can’t get it out of my head.

  • I’ve had fabric set aside for over three years…waiting and waiting to find time to tackle printing it for a valence over my kitchen sink. Actually, I’ve just been too scared to tackle it for fear I’d mess it up. Your work is beautiful and inspiring!!! :)

  • Love the video! I saw this book a few months ago and have been dreaming of it since then! So many projects that I want to try!

  • Summer is my time to make holiday presents. My grandparents were madly in love and married for almost 50 years, so this year I’d like to take some of their amazing B&W travel photos, make some collages and print them onto t-shirts or table linens for my entire family. I think they’ll be the perfect gifts to commemorate my grandparents’ love and all of the new marriages in our family.

  • After 6 months of trying to find the perfect curtains to match the ones in my head for our new living room, I would totally make them – exactly as I envisioned them all along – with earth tones and tree trunks and ferns…yay for diy fabric printing! That video is beyond inspiring!

  • What FUN! I’d like to print up some fabric for some desperately needed new kitchen curtains, or placemats, or postcards, or gift tags, or Christmas present calendars, or special occasion banners, or ……?

  • I don’t know! I want to make something! Everything! What exactly I’d like to print has yet to be determined…
    In another few weeks, I’ll have crossed off most things on my to-do list and I’ll want to fill it right back up with design and printing projects. I’m sure this book would provide lots of fun distractions while I wait to hear about my grad school application.

  • I just gave birth to my first son in late March. I’d love to print fabric for curtains in his forest-themed room. Maybe something with a woodgrain pattern…

  • I would love to print some placemats and a table runner. ooh, or a picnic blanket (the photo in this post inspired me)

  • After a series unfortunate personal problems, I need to get creative to clear my cluttered mind. I would love to make some cheerful pillows to brighten up my days and give me something to hug when times are tough.

  • If I had my way I would print on everything that doesn’t move. And a few things that do! But if I had to pick it would be some Dick Whittington style picnic pouches to take to the (sometimes) sunny Brighton Beach.

  • my 4 yr old son and i just printed on fabric for the first time 2 wks ago :)! – he drew a flower which i then transfered on to a sheet of foam and then cut out and we printed on some fabric, which i then sewed into a grocery tote. it was so much fun! we are planning on making some t-shirts w/ my sister and her boys when they visit this summer!

  • There are so many things I want to print – like labels for my knitting!

    First off though, I’d like to put my family crest on a tie for my dad (maybe for father’s day??)

    I actually ordered this book a few weeks ago from amazon, but they cancelled my order last week because they had some kind of supplier issue. I was so sad and have been trying to figure out where to get it from ever since. So excited to see this post – keeping my fingers crossed!!

  • I am focusing on my backyard this summer by adding some structures and color. Would be cool to custom print a table cloth or outdoor curtains. Killer give away!!

  • I would love to print some fabric for
    a kite. A trip to the ocean, someplace beautiful like Big Sur. I can almost see my kite flying over the dunes as the fog rolls in.

  • Would love to make random fabric prints to use in crafts – tote bags, fabric covered boxes, headboards – the possibilities are endless!

  • This looks amazing! I’d love to make some curtains for my room. I also LOVE the stencil prints for place-mats!

  • Ha, what wouldn’t I print on? We are in the process of renovating, so I’d create curtains and pillowcases to start! Then I’d love to do paper goods, I love the unique feel of printed cards, invites and posters.

  • My darling live-in boyfriend gets severe migraines, so we got dark grey curtains for those bad days to help block out the light. But, they’re a little drab, and I would love to surprise him (ok, surprise ME) by sprucing them up with some diy printing!

  • San Francisco is notorious for its cold, soggy summers. So, I’d love to print a huge blanket and cushions to be used in building my very own FORT (or teepee)! While everyone else is on the beach, I’ll be tucking myself away with a flashlight and a good adventure book during what’s bound to be a wet, foggy season.

  • ooh, i love making bags. it would be awesome to try some printed ones.
    and i know i have a few dull, plain skirts in my closet that might be way fun to play with…

  • I checked the book out the library and was so sad when it had to go back. It’s absolutely full of fantastic projects! I’ve been itching to print t-shirts for the kids on our little street. When we were first married there was a little gang of kids that used to ride their scooters by our apartment all the time and we called them the Scooter Brigade. Now we have our own kids on wheels, but we’ve got more bikes than scooters. Maybe it’ll have to be Bicycle Brigade tees.

  • I would like to print our Save the Date cards for my upcoming wedding. It’s gonna be big and gay and illegal! We want our Save the Dates and invites to be homemade and personal.

  • excellent, I have had a “memory game” project on the back-burner for my toddler. Printing the tiles would be perfect! Crossing my fingers.

  • Hi Design Sponge!
    I have been hunting for fabric to reupholster dining room chairs for months now and can’t find the perfect fabric (in my budget). So, naturally, I’d use the book to learn how to print my own! Huzzah!

  • I am moving to live with my boyfriend in 2 months (finally!!!) I would love to get ideas to do small prints and frame them to decorate our new house!

  • I’d do some printing on a big sheet of canvas fabric & craft up a summer tent/hide out for my little fella. Bit of shade for those sunny days of summer (fingers crossed)!

  • I am forever on the hunt for a really great rug. And I’ve finally worked up the guts to sew one myself…the only problem? Finding a great method to create a pattern I like!

  • I’d print little cards to send to my family and friends back home.

    As much as I’d love to extend my student exchange over here, I’ll miss my 20th birthday if I do and I’d like to send something to them to know that I’m thinking of them and that they don’t need to worry about not being around for it. (Some have queried what to do about getting gifts to me!)

  • I do graphic design for 2 friends w a wedding/boudoir photography studio. They would die if I made and printed them some gorgeous robes for their pin-up parties!!

  • Oh, I’d have to stick to paper goods – to start at least! My family lives 1500 miles away and my honey travels for work, so I’m constantly creating cards for them, him, then there’s Honey’s family scattered all across the country . . . it would be so lovely to learn a new medium to play with from such an expert in the field.

    Thank you for your generosity, all!

  • I work at a paint-your-own-pottery shop and it would be awesome to create some some handmade original stamps to work with in the studio! You’re templates are perfect examples!

  • I’m new to printing but I’m dying to make a new shower curtain so that’s where I’d start. Then a new doormat, pillows, a jersey scarf…

  • What an awesome video. I want to stamp custom fabric to make Summer dresses for 3 yr old daughter and a picnic blanket for her.

  • My son and I have been drawing together since he was 3 years old and he’s now 11. We just recently took one of his pattern drawings and repeated it on tracing paper to show him what it might look like on fabric..I would LOVE this book so we could work out printing his lovely monster drawings on bags, notebooks, fabric..all kinds of good things for him to make and share!Thanks for the chance!

  • Oh my, there’s a lot I would print on. I’ve recently dived back into garment sewing (after a little bit of dabbling years ago) and I would print on dresses, tops and bow ties. This is a timely post for me, as I was considering if I could buy yards of one fabric (cheaper than buying small quantities) and print/dye it so I wouldn’t have a whole wardrobe all of the same thing. I would also like to incorporate printing my own designs for my quilts and dish towels- I go through a lot of dish towels, so it’s nice to have ones that I love in rotation!

  • This is just the book I was looking for last fall. I am so glad it now exists!
    What I have been wanting to do is to make little projects with the kids, kitchen towles as presents to grandparents, thank you cards and birthday cards etc. As I had no clue how to go about it, I ended up using potatoes and water colors to make prints on Christmas cards with the kids last year, and they loved the process, but I would so love to learn how to print on fabric. I would probably start with kitchen towels, the kids making the templates and doing the stensiling, and me doing the carving and the dangerous things, as that is an idea I have been playing with for a while. The following project would be linen napkins. I would love to invite guests to a dinner table set with home printed napkins, or just use them at breakfast time with my little family.

  • I have made a few simple circle skirts for spring and I would love to start printing my own designs on fabrics to make them even more one-of-a-kind.

  • Hi!
    I would like to print inspirational messages within ethnic patterns on surfaces like recycled leather & wood pieces. I am planning to expore art & textiles.

  • My boyfriend and I have been working on the design for the ablum he just finished recording in his bedroom. Yellow Owl has been a major influence! We hope to handprint lots of CD covers

  • I’ve had my eyes on this book ever since it came out! I’d like to print programs and napkins for our wedding in September. The whole event is very DIY and I think the style of these prints will fit perfectly!

  • As an apartment dweller with a very small porch, I spend a lot of time puttering around in my container garden. The green is very soothing-looking, but the “green” recycled containers are not (think: giant plastic cat litter tub housing a tomato plant.) I’m thinking that using a simple print on fabric or paper to wrap around the “Cat’s Pride” would bring my little plant family together in a less trash pile sort of way.

  • I am dreaming of making some bedding for my daughter’s crib. I want to use tints and tones of orange, in addition to the traditional pink. As for the subject… I can’t wait to do some sketches. I think simple geometric shapes could be cool, or maybe family portraits including our cat, “Lola.”

  • Great stuff! I would print a new table cloth for my home and some super cute T’s for my twin nieces. I’m sure the list would grow from there!

  • I would love to print on fabric and different types of clothes. My 6-year old son loves to cut up several of his shirts to rearrange and re-sew them. I have been trying to think of additional creative ways to let him explore his ideas. I don’t have much experience in printing, but reading this post made me think that he might get into creating his own patterns to put on shirts as a way of making designs that he loves!

  • The book looks wonderful. I took a printmaking class and loved it, of course, what I learned doesn’t exactly translate to things I can do in the comfort of my own home and now a fully functioning studio.

    I’m thinking, a nice printed picnik blanket for use this fall when I (hopefully) go to Paris with my boyfriend before we spend the rest of term in London together!

  • The book looks wonderful. I took a printmaking class and loved it, of course, what I learned doesn’t exactly translate to things I can do in the comfort of my own home and not a fully functioning studio.

    I’m thinking, a nice printed picnik blanket for use this fall when I (hopefully) go to Paris with my boyfriend before we spend the rest of term in London together!

  • I have a million ideas for prints this summer. My main project is a gift for my husband. He is a chef and has always wanted a vintage cow or pig butcher diagram, but we can never find an original and they are so expensive! I want to design my own modern contemporary diagram that we can hang in our kitchen! It would look so awesome and he would be so excited! My other project is to print a pattern on the hardwood floor in our den, it’s a pretty beat up floor, it would be nice to make a design for it! Love Yellow Owl!

  • I’d love to print a canvas growth chart to hang on the wall in my daughter’s room. Something simple and modern but customized with her name.

  • I would love to make prints on out of town canvas guest bags for all our out of town wedding guests (and there is a lot). I am thinking something fun to pay homage to Dallas, TX (where the wedding is located).

  • I’d really like to print my parents a card for their anniversary. I know it may sound simple, but it’s my parents’ 25th anniversary this month, and they collect handmade cards. It would be a sweet testament to their marriage. :)

  • I’d print new fabric boxes for my youngest’s changing table in our bedroom, it would be nice to know which box had diapers and which had clothes without having to pull them out and cute fabric printing would fix that!

  • I have a million things I want to print! I’m getting married in the fall, and want to do as much as possibly myself. I’ve just been starting to learn block printing, we’ve already done the save the days this way, and I’m addicted. Now I want to print napkins, table cloths, signs, guest book….maybe my dress?!

  • I’m working on a dissertation in art ed. that I’m writing and illustrating like a novel that’s hopefully more interesting than a typical dissertation. I want my cover pages to be prints my students and I do together in the classroom. They like to print–mostly monotypes, collagraphs, or reliefs out of foam. I love printing with little kids because they enjoy the process and the materials are cheap and/or recyclable.

  • As far as I have a dozen of my lovely people birthdays and a couple of our friends wedings, I might go with a bunch of small and medium big :) crazy printing things. Could be a bike/pillow for my biking friend (age 1 year :)), could be window sheelds for my mom, could be a lovely bagpack for a couple in the honeymoon :) O gosh, am I gonna make it on time ??? :)

  • i’m in love with whatever it is that make people smile. this summer, i’d love to print and make things for children. Such as, cookbooks+instructions and storybooks! fun fun fun:)

  • I’ve been looking for a way to get crafty with fabric without actually sewing, so this books makes me unbelievably excited. I’m moving into my very first apartment soon and think it would be awesome to create a giant wall tapestry/mural to hang over renter white walls, or even print stamps on large sheets of paper to use as temporary wallpaper.

  • This book looks amazing. A few things I’d love to print are baby blankets, picnic mat, and table mats for my kids. Maybe prints for some clothes too!

  • I’d love to hand print fabrics to custom make book cloth!

    I also want to hand print business cards, so all the people you hand them to would have a pretty little piece of art!

  • oh…I have always dreamed about making a dress for my little niece Laurence. She is my little sweetheart and making her a present would be an accomplishment for me.
    You know, a real project from A to Z including sewing and printing
    help me please ! :)

  • Can you print on flower pots? My grandmother is a gardener and her birthday is in July. That would be terrific! And we all seem to have babes in our midst, but I’d love to print fabric for custom sewn toys (play tea sets with carrying case, rattle dolls & creatures, stacking rings, alphabet blocks) and add simple embroidery alongside the printed images for true handcrafted goodness.

  • I would love to print throw pillows for my couch. My husband and I just moved in, and I would love to make the perfect print for our new place!

  • i love hanging lanterns in the back yard for those summer evenings with friends…so i would try to print lanterns (among many other things!)

  • I just love the video. I ordered this book already. Christina’s printing is so inspiring and poetic. I can’t wait to start my projects.

  • I’m beginning a project of creating organic canvas totebags from scratch. I have the fabric and have already begun to sew the totebags, but I want to print fun, original designs on them and this is the perfect inspiration, motivation, and guide to help me along that process.

  • Pick me! Pick me! I would LOVE this book. This is something i’ve wanted to learn for awhile now. I’m a fashion design student at Parsons and I’d love to print my own one-of-a-kind fabric to make clothes (and scarves) from.

  • I have never considered myself very handicraft, but I think it would be an enjoyable experience to work with designs on fabric and making other things nice and beautiful around the house.

  • I’ve been looking for the perfect fabric to make a new messenger bag (since I couldn’t find a bad I loved) After seeing the tutorial why not just print up my own fabric to make a bag and then who knows what else…. Thanks for inspiring!

  • I’m dying to get printing this summer! My aunt is getting married and I’m thinking of hand printing the shower invites for our Grecian shower!

  • I’m looking forward to hours and hours and hours spent learning & creating & having fun. Can not beat that!!!!

  • It’s coming up as winter down here!

    Lots of my friends have babies due in the next few months so I am planning to print designs on to lots of baby clothes for their presents!

  • i want to print … all over the walls, now! thank you for putting out this book- right up my alley and so inspiring. i recently left a corporate job to pursue my art life and i need the camaraderie of this book! thank you,

  • I have this idea, to tie together my Mexican roots with my habit of crafting where I can, here in Slovakia: making ‘papel picado’-inspired flags to hang in the castle courtyard where I’m planning our wedding reception this August. My vision includes: vibrantly coloured animals and flowers. Central Slovakia won’t know what hit it!

  • Hello, I’d like to print some beautiful irish linen with something elegant and organic, just to see it in all it’s glory, without a load of shamrocks tweeing it up.

  • My east-facing windows, the ones I see from my computer desk, need new shades. I want to design & print panels to use in those windows. The every season design must complement the trees that are visible when the shades/panels are partially raised.

  • I am hoping to get an antique dining room set that was my grandmother’s and I’d love to make it a bit more modern by printing my own fabric to reupholster the seats. And then, I can make coordinating table linens (placemats or runners, and napkins). And then, I might even print the fabric to make a matching “chandelier” out of a fabric covered tomato cage (and replace the hideous green thing that hangs in the dining room now!).

  • i would love to make a stamp for my newborn and one for my toddler and label their things: clothes, artwork, cards to grandma/grandpa…

  • Yay! I want to screen print the white curtains in my living room. Have experimented w/ screen printing through a makeshift screen/embroidery loop combo. Interested to see the techniques in the new book!

  • I am an art teacher and would love to use this book to improve my middle school printing class! We want to make shirts, curtains for classrooms, hanging decorations for the school, and fabulous artwork!

  • I saw a preview of this book a while back and have been coveting it ever since.

    I live in northern Finland with shops filled with beautiful (and incredibly expensive) Marimekko fabrics and garments. I would love to print some bold fabrics to sew myself clothes to brighten up the long Nordic winters.

  • I’m an art student (and a printmaking major) and I love the idea of taking some of the skills and tools I already have and using them on more utilitarian objects. This book would be a big inspiration and a great way to get started on some projects. Love your idea of a printed tote bag for the beach!

  • Hi! I would print on everything. All the methods you mentioned in your video are things I have been wanting to do forever (it’s like the book I never asked for, but need to make my life complete!). With these various techniques on hand, I would do everything and anything–from making quicker cards to making cool shirt designs. I would also expand my horizons, maybe doing some cool picnic blankets, or place mats, or even some designs on my wall. This book excites me with its possibilities, and I hope you think I am worthy enough to give it to. Thanks so much!

  • My brother is having a baby!! First baby of the family – and I am all set to spoil this little one to the ends of the earth! I am looking forward to spending the summer creating artwork for the little one, to help decorate the makeshift nursery they are creating in the sun room of their apartment. I want to do some fun prints of animals and nature – I would love to learn some new techniques and ideas!!

  • Loved the video … now my fingers are itching to print. My best friend just moved into a new house far away and I’d love to make her a great house warming gift. A printed table cloth and napkins would be great … maybe some place mats for her boys.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • I just inherited a kitchen table and chairs from my grandparents and I’d love to print some fabric to recover the green vinyl seats!

  • I’d really like to print some dishcloths. I’ve been searching for beautiful simple ones with a blue motif and have come up empty.
    Also I really don’t want to spend $20 on something that’s meant to wipe up spills and such.

  • So many things I’d love to print, but top of the list would be greeting cards. I love designing cards, and really want to print my own – and not from my computer. I enjoy my digital designs, but I need to spend some time away from my computer, do work by hand.

  • I love supporting local artists <3. I want to print a hand sewn linen bed spread this summer. Beautiful book, by the way!

  • I would love to learn how to print a banner for my family’s bread stand at the farmers market!

  • One of the crafts I was planning to do this summer was to create a print on some boring white curtains I have to create a white on white texture, making my own stamps to do so would make them that much more special and unique :) :) :)

  • My mind practically exploded with inspiration from your video! All the projects look so fun, and I would use the techniques to make special/quirky items such as onesies and curtains for my coming baby, make a table runner or placemats for my dining room table, and also make a couple of special bags for going off to the farmer’s market. So much fun!

  • I have a little niece and nephew now, so I would love to go to town on the walls of their room! Prints of birds, animals, leafy trees and, well, dinosaurs and robots.

  • The clip you provided is so inspiring!! I have gathered my materials and am ready – will order the book if I don’t win…

  • I’d love to print on a large piece of raw canvas that I’d affix to a cork board. It would be my inspiration wall above my studio desk and will cover the unsightly holes left by the previous owner’s (multiple) attempts to hang a floating wall shelf. *le sigh*

  • With some solid printing savvy and paper currage from this book, I’d print my precious 33 yr old laminated particleboard bedroom furniture. It’s been classic, chic, and now it’s just shabby. But instead, it could be the perfect way to incorporate that elusive 7 color scheme inspired by a bold vintage floral I’ve been dragging on, if only I could figured out how to design & execute a printed pattern….

  • Awesome book! There are so many projects I want to try, but I’d have to start with some new throw pillows for my living room–something with a colorful pattern. I’ve had the same ones for years, so it’s definitely time for a change.

  • Hi there,
    This summer I would like to bring a printing project to the seniors I teach at the North Oakland Senior Center. I was thinking it would be fun to help them compile journals using print techniques.

  • I would love to make a bungalow for my cat, complete with plush pillows, draped curtains with a fish bone print, and a “no dogs allowed”sign.

  • I have some of these stamps and I love them. I am thinking about using stamps to make some custom quilt labels for some wedding quilts I am making this summer, but maybe I will be bold and inspired an actually create some patterned textiles to incorporate into my quilts.

  • Oh I have been dying to try some printing techniques this summer! I probably post something online about my plans every couple of days…I am hoping to sew and print a few pillow and blanket sets for some friends that are getting married this summer, just as soon as I figure out what colors they want me to use. I’ve been wanting this book ever since I heard about it. It looks fantastic!

  • My friends and I are all splitting up in a few months to move various places around the world. In the past when we’ve had parties we’ve handed out art materials and hung all the artworks on our wall. We now have a massive wall full of art and memories and I would like to print selected works onto teatowels and give them to all my friends before we say goodbye.

  • I’d love to use various printmaking techniques in my bookbinding classes here in Singapore. Perhaps custom bookcloth?

    I also have a lot of friends having babies soon. I’d love to figure out a non-toxic, organic way to make nappies, bibs, etc. for them.

  • I’d love to print on paper then scan it in and use it for background design on my web site – I’m in the middle of trying to come up with a redesign.

  • I live in a townhouse, and my backyard is a small concrete pad, and directly behind that is a visitor parking stall. Because of this, I feel totally exposed out there in the summer. I want to diy up some kind of privacy screen this summer and I’d LOVE to print a lovely design on it!

  • I would like to print some cute and quirky designs on natural canvas shopping bags – to give as eco-gifts for all my family and friends to use when they go shopping. Lots of different colours and designs so they have a few to chose from to match their outfits! Plus a small zippered coin purse, and a fabric covered notebook for writing the shopping list on.

    Bag construction will be sturdy and roomy for the weekly grocery shop.

  • I am a calligrapher, and I’d love to take my lettering and illustrations to surfaces that can’t handle a pen (like wood or fabric). Thanks for offering the book!

  • I make original art calendars for my friends most years, but would love to be able to make more for other people i know and don’t have time to do each one individually. Printing would be a great way to do this if I can master it!

  • What a lovely book. Looks jam-packed with projects I’d love to create! My little nephew is into the ocean and all things nautical: lighthouses, starfish and octupi- I’d like to make him a small boat he can sail on his own this summer. Thanks!

  • I’m all about babies right now. so, onesie’s, high chair cover, play mats, nursery art. there are so many wonderful ideas out there, I wish I had the ability to transfer the ideas from my head to fabric. I’m a totally sucky artist….

  • Congratulations on your new book – it’s very exciting for Yellow Owl fans like me! Keep up the great work!

    I’d try to tackle some curtains for my new apartment. I can’t seem to find the perfect print, so I’m starting to think I’ll have to make them myself!

  • Love the video! I would love to try printing up custom napkins and runners as gifts for this year. This book is so inspiring!

  • I am so glad I watched the preview video – so many great ideas in just a few minutes. Truly one of the best intros I’ve seen ever. I would like to make sets of printed cards with and for the kids I work with that are a combination of personal affirmations and visual reminders of things that help them to de-stress and focus on the positive when they are upset. I think it would be really cool to have them carve their own personal symbol stamp for the backs of the cards also. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • I am finally all settled into a new home after a big move, and I am so excited to bust out my brand new sewing machine and but out some projects with hand printed fabric that I did myself. I have so many different fabric patterns bubbling away in my head. This book would be such a great addition to my tiny little library. Such a great book!

  • I’d love to print some banners for my neighbourhood (you know, the kind that hang from lightposts, or telephone poles). Something to capture the growing community spirit. And small maps of the community.

  • Would love to make my daughter some pretty frocks in hip fabric (of my own making!) instead of the tacky kiddy fabrics at the fabric shop.

  • I plan on carving into rubber stamps, creating my own designs for imprinting on muslin cotton swaddles for my dear baby Addie…

  • My one-year-old’s name is Eleanor, but we’ve called her Norge since she was in utero. Now that she’s walking all over the place (!!!) we’re preparing for an action-packed summer. I’ve started making her a wardrobe of flowy summer dresses, and my fantasy is to incorporate homemade fabric designs…including a print with a repeating image of the Norwegian (Norge) flag. (It counts for the 4th of July as long as it’s red, white and blue, right?)

  • Well, the first project that popped into my head was printing some fabric to upholster a cushion to go into my teeny, tiny, lovely reading nook that i’m currently putting together.

    I have a great bench, but it needs a nicely patterned cushion to pull everything together and make it oh-so-cosy!

  • That placemat is awesome! I love the picnic blanket too. But what I would like most to print this summer is customized T-shirts for all my friends to remember me by since I’ll be graduating and leaving the country.

  • i am a homeschooling mom of three art loving kids. they are 10, 6, and 4. i would love for them to print their own library bags and i would like to print fabric for a dress! i remember doing this in elementary school…so fun!

  • My boyfriend publishes a local arts and entertainment magazine called Zocalo in Tucson, AZ. I want to learn how to incorporate printmaking and drawing to create a collage for an upcoming cover design!

  • I think I would like to do the floor. I’ve seen some amazing “carpets” that I’d love to use as inspiration. Or perhaps my patio – think it would work with wood stain? Or maybe just a welcome mat. The possibilities are just endless :)

  • What a fantastic book idea, and inspiring (and long) list of reader comments! When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic I started a recycled paper-making project with creative local women, and I’d love to send them handmade stamps to decorate their cards that they sell at craft fairs and to tourists in their villages. :)

  • I did silk screen in college and have been sad not having access to the studio with photo emulsion, screens, etc. This video and the preview of your book remind me that there are other ways of making prints in my own apartment (post-college) Thank you. I plan to begin with some relief print cards! LOVE the sun printing. I’ve been thinking about this for summer but didn’t know where to start. Thanks again,

  • I want to create a print which I can then structure into a light fixture some how. Maybe if I did a light fabric with a dark print it could create interesting shadows in the room. It would certainly be conversation piece and a great way to decorate my new house!

  • I’m reading from Australia and the cooler season is upon us here so please forgive me if my printing idea is a little snuggled up on the couch and indoor-y! I’m in the midst of making a wall art ‘quilt’. I’m collecting fabrics and papers I love, using a cardboard template to cut out many hexagons, then arranging them honeycomb style on a blank wall in my lounge room. I’d love to be able to customise some of the pieces so they could reflect special things our life, and so the quilt can grow and change with the seasons….My one-year-old daughter would love some little birdies, I’d like to make a print of a doilie pattern to remind me of all things Nanna, and perhaps a vintage camera for my husband, tie it all together with some simple but gorgeous repeating patterns…I’m excited already!

  • I would probably purchase some plain tank tops/tees from Target which I live in every summer. I can think of so many prints that I could apply – organic prints, seasonal summer fruit, my puppy, a starry night…. It would be an inexpensive, fun, and unique project.

  • I just spend my post-graduation year in India, and have been so inspired by the patterns and colors that can be found everywhere from the bright saris of women working in the villages to the clay pots used to keep water cool. I’ll be going home in 3 weeks and have been thinking of ways to create art that will help me remember such an amazing year…this book would surely give me the inspiration I need!

  • I am pregnant with our second, due in October- so with baby on the brain, I am hoping to print fabric and sew some things for our Littlest as well as 2 year old big sis! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I plan on creating a stencil project for a education program at the small museum that I serve at as an AmeriCorps member (happy AmeriCorps week!!). It’s going to be a bridge design to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the McCullough Bridge on the SW coast of Oregon.

  • I’m a recently divorced single mom wants to start a custom linen collection home based business for cushions covers, bed sheets and duvet covers, too name some, and looking around a kicking technical how-to start.

  • Dear Christine,
    I have got four children; two of them are interested in the great deeds of the greek hero Herakles. I would like to print a poster with them illustrating all the 12 deeds of Herakles which he died for the king Eurystheus in the style of the greek red-figured vases, but woth bright colours. We want to tack the poster in the children’s room. I would love to get some skills from your book to do this.
    Greetings from Berlin.

  • I am a recently divorce single mom want to start a home based linen colletion for cuhions cover, duvet covers and bed sheets, to name few, and looking for a kicking technical how-to guide

  • what wouldnt i make!! seriously though, the book seems to have endless ideas…would love to make my own fabric to make some pillows ;) liven up the house a bit more. and some cards, lots of graduations this year!!

  • I’ve been dying to make my own tea towels for a while now. I have experimented with making my own stamps and seeing your technique for using the felt as a make-shift stamp pad is genius! When I saw it I was amazed. Thanks for the free tip!

  • How inspiring

    How could I choose

    I think I’d have a crafternoon at my place, invite some friends and go CRAZY print print print

    I’d probably print some fabric to sew into funky clothes : ) but why stop there…

  • I loved the diy video! I want to make prints on fabric to use to reupholster my dining chairs! This has been on my to do list forever!!

  • I have recently discovered handprinting and I’m so excited to try out many different projects. To name a few….designing and printing my own fabrics, making bags, cushions, lampshades etc out of them, printing cards, notebooks, gifts for my friends, the list goes on….this book would help inspire and advise me on my handprinted journey! xx

  • What an enticing video! I want to print some fabric for a shower curtain. All of the standard options are just too dull!

  • I want this book so badly… I’m already hooked up on Lena Corwin’s, so I guess this one will just make things better !

    I’d like to print on light muslin curtains this summer. My son has those plain white curtains, and i’ve been meaning to had a zesty touch to them since I got them. Not sure how to proceed though…
    Oh, and I’d love to make linoleum prints to hang on the wall over my bed !

  • I am redecorating the little room…and I am thinking about, walls, curtains…and a bit of organizing boxes…I want something easy, fresh and different.

  • I would like to print some mice and birds on fabric to make my cats a new cat bed. Inspiration for their dreams… :)

  • I am moving house tomorrow with an other design friend, we are hoping to produce some amazing prints for the house for item such as curtains, cushions, wall art, tea towels, coasters, bedding, lampshades, table cloth/runner, the list is endless and very exciting.

  • Oh, I would love to print some kitchen towels. And maybe some paper to use as wallpaper/decoupage for my kitchen cabinets. I might be just a little kitchen focused at the moment. :-)

  • I was looking for some time how to make my own prints to achieve them on curtains on the walls. Thank you very much for this post.

  • Are you kidding me?! I’m in love with Yellow Owl! This is an adorable post…

    Let’s see, what do I want to print this summer? My own fabric! I’m off to Finland & Sweden for my birthday and think some pretty, hand-printed dresses will start the trip off right!

  • I can’t wait to start hand-printing!
    First I would like to print some clouds on my pillowcase. Then some cats on a tablecloth. It’s a long time that I dream on doing this, maybe this is the right time!

  • summer time always makes me look at my wardrobe and think that it dull and tired. So I would love to make my clothes more fresh and bright so I have more joy when dressing up!

  • My baby is already 6months old and I still havent sorted out her nursery. I cant find anything that goes with the way I want to decorate her little room in a personal way that reflect her personality(she’s only 6mths but what a character!) It would be lovely to have a base like that so I could personalize her bedding, curtains, cushions, wall, furniture…and when she’s old enough she can decorate herself! Craft education to a better world haha

  • I’d like to make my new tea towels and napkins more interesting, maybe print on even a few other things, like a bag or make some custom fabrics for new projects.

  • i have some salvaged furniture on which i want to print borders and trimmings – i think printing would be an awesome way to add a really girly touch to some beaten up furniture, but in a sort of minimalist way.

  • love it! just started selling my own lino prints on etsy and wish I could quit my day job and spend my days cutting pretty shapes and printing my own pillows and table cloths and walls….. We’re actually heading into winter, so if I were printing something it’d be a silhouette of cherry blossoms and make a quilt. I need spring in my life!

  • I would love to experiment with the printing techniques from your book and traditional Indian designs like Madhubani and Warli. It would be great if I could teach my toddler son how to print (because he loves drawing) and make art for my home as well. Lots of hand printed traditional looking curtains, table cloths and cushion covers….the possibilities are endless!

  • 1st – next summer I’ll be taking all “my” kids to the beach (sons and nephews) by myself, so:

    – t-shirts for everybody! (so that I’ll recognize them easily with just a glance)
    – matching tote-bags (for their toys and snacks) for everybody!

    2nd – Print fabrics for my baby slings!

  • I want to print owls on everything. Our family camp’s mascot is the owl. Every year we make t-shirts for the 19 cousins and I would love to do something fresh and new. Also all of our homes have owls everywhere. I would love to print on some curtains, some dish towels and some tableclothes. They would make great gifts for the holidays.

  • I’, looking for ideas to fill the summer for my two girls.

    For the 2nd grader I’d love to have a craft party for her and her friends where the girls can make their own t-shirts. We could also do binders and little totes to carry their pencils/pens/rulers/earasers etc.

    For the 5 year old I plan on throwing an ice cream social. I’d love to create a customized ice cream cone stamp for the invites and the table cloth for the party.

  • My boyfriend is a soldier stationed overseas, and I’d like to print an invitation for “two weeks of freedom” and mail it off in time for him to see it before he’s home on leave… just something to remind him how much I miss him and how excited I’ll be to have him home :)

  • I recently started carving stamps and I’m hoping to stamp some moleskine journals, and my business cards for my doula work as well as craft! I’m also a poet, and am hoping to put together some kind of publication soon – I’d love to be able to design the cover. I made a feather stamp once – I’d really like to make a better one that is carved around rather than carved into. The first one was…not so wonderful. :)

  • I’m looking forward to a summer where I will establish myself as an artist again. I’ve been out of making art for myself {for pure enjoyment rather than clientele} for almost 7 years now. Finding out all these new mediums. I’d love to learn and experiment with print. Honestly, not sure what I’d do: home decorating, screen t-shirt making, etc. I’d love this book to aid me on my journey in finding mediums to express myself. :)

  • Awesome givaway! I know it’s a big project, but I’d love to “upcycle” some of the more older, boring bedlinen with my own stamps. Not only is it an eco-friendly solution (not everything we get bored of should be thrown or given away) but I bet it’ll be great fun to lay the linen down and to just let your imagination flow!

  • My daughter; 22, asked me if I could make t-shirts for her and her boyfriends 1 year anniversary, they refer to their love as a two headed monster of awesomeness.

  • I just turned 60 and am exploding with art ideas…I would love to use these ideas to help my creative path, using in collage, on anything I can get my hands on..I am decorating my art space..wallpaper would be fun! Happy Birthday to me!

  • I’m gonna print a ‘welcome home’ banner made of linen and loads of linen gift wraps showing kissing birds for my husband who I haven’t seen for the last 5 months. He’ll arrive by the end of June and I want to surprise him :) and welcome him to our new home here in Germany!

  • wow, just taking the sneak preview into the book got my juices flowing….obviously you can print on ANYTHING if you have Christine as your guide….would love to do a custom “wallpaper” for family room

  • I would like to print fun flags for my daughter’s screen porch. My grandsons are 2 and 5 and they would love to see them flying in the breeze on summer days!

  • After years of having a positively shabby bedroom, I’m finally getting it redone. I’d love to make some new linens for the bed

  • My grandmother, who was an extremely gifted quilter, has always been one of my biggest inspirations. After she passed away, I had the idea to make a quilt in her memory, incorporating old fabrics that remind me of her as well as new fabrics with designs I created myself to honor her.

  • I absolutely love the printed place mat! But beasue I am not good with fabric, I am thinking about printing an art piece to hang above our vitnage cupboard.

  • Hi, I would love to have this book. Our youngest son would love it – it has so many projects that it would keep him busy all summer. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I have gone to the beach every year for the last 21 years with a group of 5 special ladies. Each year I try to make something to give each friend and printing a special tote bag or t-shirt would be perfect! The first night together we exchange gifts and it is always a blast!

  • I had my husband bring back some lovely block prints from India. Hoping to make some awesome fabrics for home deco with that particularly curtains and pillows

  • I design one of a kind bags , purses and oddities. My big dream is to hand print some of my ideas on them, but I am intimidated by learning a whole new crafting process. Seeing this book, makes me feel that the threshold just got lowered by um, let,s say 36 inches? Hand printing HERE I COME !!!

  • I want to print on some fabric and make some custom pillows… we just revamped our entire living/dining room area and want some original textiles!

  • I want to print some custom fabric reusable shopping bags for my friends and family so they will stop using the plastic ones.

  • I added – “learn how to print” to my summer to do list a day ago with absolutely no idea where to start and am so thrilled to have some direction. My ultimate goal would be to make some amazing wall hangings for my house but also stationary cards, beach towels and anything else I can get my hands on to experiment with!

  • oh wow, i SOOOO want a copy of this book!
    My fiance and I are opening up a pub cafe and I would love to print some things for that– tablecloths, jars, napkins…. that feather-printed picnic blanket shown above is pretty rockin’ too!

  • My husband and I have been endlessly (feels like it!) searching for bedding that fits our personalities. We find things that are either too boring or too busy. I would love to create my own bedding using printmaking, however the last time I printed anything I was 14, so needless to say, I am very nervous to attempt (even though I have had the desire to for the past year).

    This book would be soooo helpful. We would have our relaxing escape, finally!

  • Your book looks inspiring and fun! I’ve been desperately seeking some printing instruction to enhance the look of my budding clothing line – thanks!

  • I would love to do some printing with my girls this summer. We all love to customize our clothes but haven’t tried printing,

  • This past winter, I made a birthday banner for a friend of mine. It was7 “flags” done like Tibetan prayer flags — all in black and white with crows (her favorite bird) and stars and other things she loves. I used the freezer paper stencil method and it worked beautifully. This summer I plan to make more strings of prayer flags for my friends — using symbols for fire, earth air and water and various animals.

  • After purchasing my first home a few months back, i haven’t had the funds to invest in furniture the way i’d like so i’ve been craigslist scouring. I’ve found an amazing danish table and chair set, but need to reupholster the chairs. Only problem is I can’t find a fabric I like. This would definitely solve that problem since I’d just make my own! Plus, I could make some placemats and napkins to match a new tablecloth!

  • I have burlap left over from my wedding and I would like to use some and print a little french looking design and use it as a runner on my table. I saw this on Etsy and loved it. It was so rustic elegent.

  • I am going to be a grandmother at the end of August and I want to make some unique printed items for the baby. I think it would be cool to make an awesome diaper bag for the new mom as well with cool printed designs. Your book looks fun!

  • i’m moving to a new home (with a new bed) so i think i’d like to print some morrissey-esque sheets that read: “last night i dreamt that somebody loved me. ..” !

  • I’d love to make book covers with fun prints. My summer will be so much fun with this book! I love all your ideas, Christine!

  • I am looking to redo my dining room set. I would love to hand print my own seat covers to create a truly original place for the family to gather.

  • hey there, i was s ecstatic to see that your book was out. I have been dreaming of printmaking for the past year and a half. Pretty much with anything, but especially wall paper. oo and tiles, o and fabric, rugs, shirts, dresses. I already make a lot of everything that i own, so this would be an amazing step in a new direction! I am so excited for you!! Thank you for giving all of us out there new reasons to make great things!!

  • A tablecloth that is fancy and unique all the same, showing all kinds of different sea-animals, including a whale, giant squind and a ray.

  • Definitely this would be great for making kites. I’ve been looking for a new way to get images for kites and printing sounds just perfect. One bed sheet will make several kites and the tails out of the scraps. Yay!

  • wow that video was sweet. my boyfriend and i stayed up late one saturday night a couple weekends ago making block prints. it was a little nerdy (ok, a lot) but it was the most fun project. so far we’ve only experimented with single prints on paper, but i would love to try doing prints with multiple layers and your video totally inspired me to try a repeating pattern on fabric! thanks!

  • I volunteer for a dog rescue and we have an online store. I would use the book as a reference to create and print some doggie-themed fabric, whip it up into phone cases and some scarves and use all the money raised to save more dogs who really need a break and a loving home.

  • I’m renting my first home and plan to spend the summer doing a ton of DIY, gardening, etc. I have a 3 season porch now, and I’d love to print some colorful designs on sheer fabrics to bring beauty and comfort to the space. Many records to listen to and cold drinks to have out there!

  • My husband and I are celevrating our 40th wedding anniversary in August and I would LOVE to print make a pillow for him with words and graphics of our life together.

  • There are so many great ideas here! I’m currently an aspiring artist with a new studio and I’m bursting at the seams with project ideas. Printmaking can get expensive starting out so a book like this would be a great segue to incorporating some of my sketches into patterns. I’m inspired to make prints to recover old chairs in my studio and use printmaking techniques to create postcards, notes, letterheads, etc to help advertize my work. I’m already itching to get started!

  • I need new curtains for almost every room in my home- the windows are extremely long (we have 15′ ceilings in our circa 1865 apartment) and the only curtains wr have right now are very ol, heavy, burgundy velour and are absolutely hideous. I want to print new, lighter, brighter curtains!

  • my two boys love playing card games with their grandparents, so i thought a custom deck of cards would be a perfect gift. also, we’ll be homeschooling this year and i’d like to incorporate some of your projects into our art curriculum.

  • i’ve been creating linocuts for thank you cards each time i’ve had a baby – now i’d like to create more and open an etsy shop. and i’d love to print some fabric and tees for my kiddos! what a fabulous book! i’ll cross my everythings for it… :)

  • Christine, I truly think that printing is one of the most unique ways to communicate with the world…it gives the artist such freedom of expression…I love the fact that you are defined in your creativity yet open ended as well…
    and as for my printing project?! I want to tackle making a linen printed headboard for my bed.{squeal!} …so happy at the chance to win your fabulous book!

  • I’m lately on a kick of making my own small purses, custom designed to hold exactly what I need – cell phone, fountain pen, small notebook, cards, and cash. I’d love to print my own fabric for these, too!

  • Christine – really appreciate your work. I would love to print on fabric a genealogy of my family for the upcoming reunion this summer! A name and doodle of each family member on long fabric then lay it out on the huge picnic table for all to see and then eat off of it!

  • This summer I am going to print kitchen curtains. My old ones were fun, but have seen better days. My 17 year old daughter is leaving for a month of study at Moore College of Art and Design and I think it would be great for her to come home and see that Mom has a bit of talent too! Looking forward to pouring through the techniques in this book! Thanks!

  • I do watercolored cards (terribly, with no training) and have never tried this technique before! Would love to learn how! I would also like to decorate our chicken coop and make some fancy table linens! And see what other ideas you inspire! Thanks for the chance to do so! You rock.

  • I would love to print invitations and brithdays cards for my friends and families. What else? T-shirts for mu friends, lots of ideas! Book covers, pillows, notebooks, sketchbooks…and so on lol Amazing giveaway! Have a nice week and an amazing summer!

  • I spend my days fitting garments and designing art/arranging art for print on my companies garments. BUT, I want to read this book for the DIY instructions and THIS SUMMER I want to collaborate w/my 10 year old son to create some designs that he/I draw together, and print on his clothes/our clothes, maybe even on pillows for our living room. He can create with me!

  • We recently moved and I’d love to print some fun and inviting curtains for my daughters shared room! If I get really ambitious, I’d also like to print our new patio deck which is currently a chipping grey.

  • I’m planning to make my own bed line sheets, duvet and pillows! something fresh with greens and oranges for the summer! win this would be great! this book could help me a lot! Thanks!!!

  • This summer I’d like to re-attempt some t-shirts with this great MUFFIN DINOSAUR design I came up with. We tried screen printing them and unfortunately due to *ahem* being tipsy *ahem* they ended up looking more like dino blobs. Just think… what says summer better than a dinosaur with a muffin body!?

  • I want to print fabric to make pencil bags for my friends, and personalized wrapping paper! This book is in my Amazon wishlist, I would LOVE to explore it!

  • I would love, love, love to print up a big umbrella that would hover over a table spread with a grand summer spread from the local farmer’s market! Thanks for sharing your mad printing skills in your lovely new book!

  • Oh my god, I have never seen so many comments on a blog. I might as well add to it… I just moved into a new fixer upper house and have the chance to start with a fresh pallette. I am decorating my dining room with a soft New Orleans/French style and I need to recover my dining room chairs. I want to print some vintage french labels/designs on burlap for my chair seats, and do a table runner to match. For a start.

  • Wow, this looks like so much fun! There are two things I’d like to print. I’m in charge of designing the invitations for my cousin’s bridal shower and this kind of handmade touch is just what I’m aiming for. I’m also in the process of job hunting (out of school and into the frying pan, yikes!) so it would be fun to print some promotional pieces to send out!

  • i’d like to print some custom slipcovers for my husband’s turntables. you know, with a manly sort of print. ha!

  • I love sending care packages to friends and family who live far away and I’m always in search of new ways of decorating the package. I’ll have to use this for my next one I send. If your going to send something you might as well send it looking adorable!

  • I’d love to make more custom t-shirts. I’ve made a few, but nothing so lovely or professional looking as Christine’s book would help me to create. Thanks!

  • I would love to print so many things! A throw for the couch for when my husband turns the AC on to high. An owl wall hanging for my first nephew’s nursery, he is due in September. Fabric to make a skirt. And that’s just what I can think of in 2 min!

  • I absolutely love prints! As a graduate student, I’m the assistant to the print curator at the Chazen Museum of Art. I fell in the love with the process, the product, and the artists in the printmaking world. Thanks for producing such a beautiful book!

  • What a great contest!
    My daughter, Elsie and I have started doing crafts and printing is definately something we are going to work on, this would be a great book to get us going!

  • This is fantastic! Nothing is better than a handmade stamp. I would love to make some citrus themed stamps and go to town on some throw pillows and a cushion for my patio furniture. If not citrus, maybe a bicycle themed print!

  • hello, greetings from lima in peru.
    i love eduardo, and we’re gonna move to our home pretty soon.
    so this winter :D, i really like to print lovely sheets.
    it would be nice to sleep surrounded by flowers in the moon.
    kisses cecilia

  • I am planning on making a quilt this summer with all the squares being hand printed from blocks. I have already carved one or two and now the printing needs to begin! I am going for geometrics and bright/bold colors.

  • Great tutorial! Can’t wait to see the book. I just picked up some cheap tee shirts at Target–I think I’m going to try printing on them. Thanks.

  • Ive been dreaming about printing on cheap vinyl table cloths, cutting them up, and sewing a large set of outdoor pennant flags for our porch deck. We love to grill out and have friends over for dinner parties in the summer and I thought that would be such an adorable addition as well as being fun and welcoming.

    I’m a big fan of Christine. Love the work she is doing and I would love a copy of the book!

  • as a photographer, i would love to handprint a small backdrop for creative photo shoots. i’d also love to handmake calendars for friends and family. my 10-yr-old daughter, who is learning how to sew, wants to make stuffed dolls — printing outfits and faces on cloth would be fun for a budding fashion stylist! the possibilities are endless… thank you for the opportunity!

  • I want to print some baby t-shirts….and LOTS of them for my two baby granddaughters born 4 months apart. Their names are Emma and Rivers and they NEED Gramma to print up fun, bright shirts with hearts and flowers and seashells…and that’s just a start!
    Your book is so WOW!

  • I’m moving into a new apartment on June 1st so I’m hoping to make a lot of the furniture/home goods myself. A lot of this includes repainting old furniture, sewing pillows, sewing curtains, and things like that. Great give away!

  • This is a great tutorial! I would love to take a monochromatic small printed fabric and stamp large graphic images on it and then make a dress for my 6 month old daughter out of it for the summer.

  • I’ve checked your book out from the library 3 times now. Love it so much! I’d love to have a copy in our “library” so that I can learn to print fabric – textile design fascinates me and I’d like to make a go of it! As far as a project to start right away, curtains for our girls’ room are a must… they go to bed before it gets dark! ;)

  • This is a little more unusual answer, but for the longest time I have wanted to make my husband and our friends t-shirts & a personal sized flag that combine the Grateful Dead and the Appalachian Trail. I have the design in mind & everything & if anyone out there has a passion for both, I call it “Steal Your Blaze”. : ) It’s rather creative if you get it, and obviously a bit unconventional. Fingers crossed!! xo

  • Wow, that video was so cool! <3 it! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
    So, I recently bought yards and yards of cotton drop clothes from my local hardware store and hung them up for curtains. I totally love the color and texture (and price!) but now I think what they need is a dose of yellow -owl- workshop style print! Then they would be PERFECT! Thanks Christine, and Designsponge, for the great giveaway!

  • I’m heading to Bonnaroo in a fews and want/need to make a flag or banner for camp site. Printing our design on fabric would be much easier than sewing it!

  • I’d love to make block letter pillow covers, so I could spell out words on my couch. Looks like a wonderful book that I would love to own.

  • I am planning to do some sun printing on fabric. I was totally inspired by the bon voyage print in the book, now I’m thinking about doing a table cloth with flowers and some quotes from my favorite poems!

  • I’d love to print on my plain kraft notebooks, on my plain canvas totes and baggies, and my plain linen tea towels…. adding a little something fun to my things.

  • That video was so darn inspiring! I want to print everything now! I would start off with some fresh notecards and stationery for sure…

  • I’ll be doing a hospital pediatric rotation this summer and it would be great to make some summery scrubs/t shirts to brighten the faces of some sick kids.

  • You make the stamp carving look so easy that I can’t wait to be more adventurous with my designs. I would like to learn more about image transferring.

  • Would love to print up some baby onesies! I stamp and make cards, but haven’t tried making my own stamps. This looks so fun – love the video!

  • I want to print a flock of steven segals onto t-shirts for my coworkers, basically a flock of seagulls diving over a cliff but without bird heads, with steven segal heads. It would be very merican, good to look at, and hilarious of course. PLEASE, I’ll all ya’ll some. It will be much cooler than your everyday celebrity head superimposed upon an animals body, i swear!

  • I have made a few attempts to print things around my house, most recently I printed my curtains with a juice cup. I really want to more complicated designs on apparel this summer.

  • I would love to print on fabric to make my own custom pillows! I adore patterned pillows but they get so expensive so it would be awesome to be able to make my own :D

  • You are so inspiring, I would love to create a houndsooth rug for my dining room with this idea. I have been wanting a large teal and ivory houndsooth rug for years but never thought of how to go about it, thank you so much for the tips

  • I would like to stamp fabric for various craft projects with my sister. We would have a lot of fun together with this book!

  • I am a Montessori preschool teacher and would love to print custom fabric for the handmade books, aprons, table cloths, placemats, napkins and random pouches that get used in my classroom everyday all year!!

  • I’ve been planning to use some of my free time this summer to hand-print a light grey gingham onto white linen for use in sewing myself a bow tie.

  • I want to print posters & fabric, cards & bookmarks. I might even combine any or all of the above with photography & embroidery :) This book would be great fun!

  • My husband and I are taking our three children on a family vacation to Disney World (the kids are thrilled…my husband and I are dreading it). I’d love to make matching custom shirts for our family to wear so we’ll see each other in a crowd. I’m sure while I’m at it I’ll be making one for our dog for the heck of it, as well as designing things for our back yard we’re working on. Oh, now I can’t wait!!!

  • I’d love to print some original patterns on fabric for cushions and curtains for my living room, which I’m redesigning right now…

  • I am an oil and acrylic landscape painter. I would like to learn to screenprint funky nature inspired patterns together to combine and form landscapes.

  • For some reason my boyfriend and I can’t agree on a printed shower curtain, which is why we are still using his black velvet looking one which makes me feel like a 15 year old cure fan. It would be really fun for us to design and print one together.

  • I’m living here almost a year and haven’t found yet the right wall decoration. Would love to make one using this technique.

  • I want to print some light cotton curtains so that I don’t need to plan my wardrobe changes around the smoke breaks of the guys in the office building across the road :p. I’d like to do something that looks natural and kind of abstract!

  • I would really like to print on fondant icing!!! I saw the coolest cake ever somewhere on the Internet…. I would also love to make some postcards.

  • After the summer, my group of friends and I will all go our separate ways. Although we’ve made loads of plans to meet up again, the probability is that we won’t be able to. Therefore I would love for us all to meet up and print friendship t-shirts to remember the awesome few years we’ve had.

  • I know this is awfully ambitious, but I have an antique sofa sitting in my basement. I was my Grandma Amelia’s. I’d love to print some fabric (she grew flowers in outdoor rooms so I know what direction to go) and re-upholster that sofa.

  • Let’s see, I’d make some table linen as a gift for the couple whose marriage I’m attending at the end of the summer.

  • Oh oh oh oh. Wow. I need this so badly. I mean, is perfect timing.

    I’ve had this project in my mind for a while, of reusing old scarfs by adding my own prints to them, and I started experimenting with resist dying, with no success so far – plus, I realized I can’t hot dye on synthetic surfaces. I will be taking a screenprinting for textiles class on the fall, but after browsing this (fantastic!) book I’m sure I’ll be able to find the answer that I’m looking for in it. And I won’t have to wait!!!!

    Pretty please?

  • I love the yellow owl workshop stamps and when I saw that they’d made a whole book about handprinting I was thrilled! I haven’t seen any other handprinting books that are as thorough, nor as beautiful to peruse. I wasn’t able to buy it at the time, but have had it on my wish list since.

    I am a high school art/film teacher, and took a year off to work in a print studio here in Vancouver last year. I mostly did hand printed multi-plate woodcuts (of my old highschool teachers – comic book style portraits). This year I’ve been pretty deprived of printing – having been immersed in full time teaching again.

    This summer I would love to learn some non-toxic printing techniques because I am expecting my first child in September. I just bought a potato printed onesie off of etsy, and I would love to try experimenting with onesies, fabrics, quilts – who knows. I hope the encouraging and informative style of the book will inspire me to experiment safely with some hand printing. First in preparation of the babe, and then when she is not as little, with her too!

  • Two things: a room divider to protect our guests from the sight of our kitchen until we can afford to remodel (probably around March 2064), and I want to help troubled teens print chapbooks this summer!

  • i’d like to print cloth napkins, place mats, and tea towels for the kitchen…
    but i really want to print up some gig posters for great shows i’ve missed or that didn’t have a poster. sort of make-my-own souvenier.

  • oh my…I had forgotten I had made printing blocks in school so many years ago & how much I loved the results. My mind is racing the possibilities are endless. Thank you Christine & Design Sponge!!

  • oh my…I had forgotten I had made printing blocks in school so many years ago & how much I loved the results. My mind is racing the possibilities are endless. Thank you Christine & Design Sponge!!

  • What a great video! Thank you for the inspiration.

    I’ve had a block in my art drawer for years along with the tools. I’m going to finally drag it out and play. I love how you made it into a rubber stamp and inked it in the paint jar cap—that’s my kind of inking.

  • I am starting a graduate program in the fall and have to move out of the town and apartment that I love, and away from my dear friends.

    I plan to print custom curtains for a DIY project with some great fabric remnants that I bought *on Sale* ahh!
    I found a beautiful apartment in my new town. So for the first time I’ll be living alone and get to make all of the design choices all by myself!

    I also want to make matching throw pillows for my couch.

    And maybe I’ll even make matching stationary to write my friends back home!

  • I want to print things with my students. I work in a rural school in South Australia with disadvantaged kids and NO art room so it is up to the teachers to come up with inspiring and awesome activities…maybe this book holds a few and could be shared around the staffroom? <3

  • i want to make a tonf of things.. i loved the wax seal in the book.. an di would love to make a cool table runner with a carved stamp. i heart yellow owl workshop!

  • This book looks so amazing and fun! Love that feather spread.
    I’ve been planning to make some fabric hampers to sort my laundry, using fusible interfacing applied to unprimed hand-printed artists’ canvas. I need something that looks nicer than my functional-yet-ugly metal-framed laundry sorter.

  • I have so many things to do! Starting by aprons, tea towells, cushions and MORE!!
    An Yellow Owl it is just what I was looking for!!
    I would love if you consider myself for the giveaway :-)

  • My husband and I run a small wine domain in the south of france. We concentrate on a high quality wine and use organic and manual methods in our production. We have made a small amount of organic red wine vinegar and hand printing the bottles would be the perfect finishing touch. I would LOVE this book as the perfect reference.

  • I would love to print on some napkins and table clothes. Also I plan on a lot of canning–so labels will be in order, too! I love the idea of creating gift sets, one design but incorporating diff. colors and materials.

  • I’d love to make a series of prints documenting historically significant moments in world cuisine/culinary arts…and use them in various table/kitchenware applications–napkins, tablecloths, kitchen towels, etc.

  • I’d love to print a picnic basket for my boyfriend and me. We go on frequent hikes weekly and like to take a little picnic break halfway. We also go to the beach to surf and soak up some sun, so a picnic blanket could double-duty as our beach blanket too!

  • So funny– I just ordered this book off Amazon but they canceled my order! My mind is full of ideas and I hoped to have the book to get started. First project: either an alphabet (well, at least my initials) or maybe some printed fabric to reline an antique trunk. Later, I want to do larger projects based on my photography.

  • Would love to incorporate some handmade elements into my wedding this Sept! Particularly table runners and favors! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • LOVE yellow owl workshop!! I want to learn how to print on fabrics for my little toddler who needs some happenin duds :)

  • I just graduated from college and currently without a job- aka more free time to create! I was a graphic design minor and I’m still trying to figure out if I want to go back to school for art or not. There are still so many areas I want to explore. I’ve wanted to pick up printing for a long time now. Your book would be such a great tool for some experimenting this summer! Thanks. :) BK.

  • I would like to print up some fabric to use as a sail in our background – we’re not going on holiday this year (Sob) so I’d like to print the beach to our garden with some images of sailboats, seagulls and sea shells.

  • my boyfriend and i are leaving for the trip of a life time tomorrow – we’re going to south africa!!! i plan on doing lots of drawings of the amazing animals, fauna and people we see on our 2 week road trip to chronicle all of the new experiences we’ll have. i run my own stationery business so when i get back i’ll be making cards, but would love love LOVE to be able to turn my rainbow nation inspired designs into t-shirts to share with all of our family and friends!

  • I would really like to print a blanket or fabric for a quilt for my boyfriend who’s currently overseas. He will be home for a couple weeks and then will most likely be sent over again. I would really like for him to be able to take something with him to remember me.

  • 50th birthday invites… a garden party at my new house for my new life … oh yes! 50 will rock and hand printed invites will get the party started! (and yes, you are invited!)

  • I would love to learn how to print fabric that I could turn into a cozy pillow-filled fort. I’d escape the stresses of graduate school by laying beneath my beautiful creations and curling up with a good book (or blog!).

  • OMG – just reading all the things people want to print is enough to make me swoon with possibilities! I have fallen in love with white print on brown kraft paper and I really want to make some printed brown paper wrappers to protect my treasured books ~ just like we did old school when i was eight. :)

  • I’ve always wanted to transform the patterns that i find on the beach into textile designs. The ridges of the sand, the colors of the pebbles, the patterns on the shells of the tiny creamy and coral colored crabs. So many patterns, i’ve just never learned how to translate them to fabric. I love textiles, and love to sew. To be able to make my own fabric, then sew cushions, bags, clothing, anything would be fabulous!

  • Oh boy, that feather print picnic blanket is on my list!
    I just moved to Southern Wisconsin and am absolutely in LOVE with it.
    I’m hoping to learn to print on fabric so I can start making yardage with my designs on it–I’ve just moved to a beautiful area and every day I’m inspired by some new scene. I’ve begun designing/sketching a giant memory quilt cataloging my first year in my new home: printed images of my sketches would totally rock it!

  • I am a paper fiend, and I would love to create my own stationary. I’d also love to print kitchen textiles like tea towels and placemats – I still haven’t found the *perfect* ones, so making them must be the solution ;).

  • I would love to make t-shirts as favors for my son’s 9th birthday party – practical and original. He hasn’t decided on a theme – but his interest in Ancient Egypt has my wheels turning. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  • I want to custom print some sweet designs I made for baby onesies. I’ve previously been creating and recreating them with freezer paper, but having a solid stamp would be so much better!

  • I pulled in the awesome old chaise lounge of the street and would love to design and print my own fabric to bring it back to life but i don’t know if i’m thinking too big for myself :/

  • There are so many ideas running around my brain after watching that awesome tutorial. For awhile now I have been dreaming of making my own duvet cover in a silvery fish scale print, but I couldn’t find the right stamp. Now I can carve my own!

  • Wow… A lot of people want the book… And so do I. I do want this book to support me achieving my guru dream for the year. And the beginning of 2011 I committed to myself in front of my beloved colleagues at work to create a quilting, a special one: made out of fabric I handprinted, using paint I prepared myself. Now… I don’t really sew, and I started by swing simple things… last weekend I made my first quilt, and the next step is to handprint some fabric to use in my next quilt project. I want the book to help me becoming the best version of myself.

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