wow shelf

by Grace Bonney

Folded textures or patterns are some of my favorite designs to use at home. Something about the simple act of folding and seeing paper or other materials wrapped snugly around themselves feels instantly comforting to me. Maybe it’s the way the folds create natural pockets that feel tucked away and safe, but it’s a texture that always seems to work well with home products. This new shelf called “WOW” by Latvian student designer Arthur Analts plays with that folding texture in a way that creates perfect little pockets that act as a landing strip for keys, pens and any other odds and ends you have around the house. Inspired by the symbol for the mythological Latvian goddess Mara, Arthur’s shelf is made from a single piece of powder-coated aluminum. Each shelf holds up to 93 pounds and would work just as well in an entryway as it would in a home office or kitchen. Arthur’s website is still being built (it’s due to launch May 20th), but you can email him here if you’d like to ask about purchasing or get more details.*

*I’ll update this post when the site is live.

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