weekly wrap up + bhldn decor!

Earlier this year, all the wedding and fashion bloggers I know headed down to Philly for a preview of URBN Inc.’s new wedding line, BHLDN. Since I’m more about dressers than dresses, I (sadly) sat that trip out and waited anxiously for news of BHLDN’s next collection: decor. So when I saw in an email last night that the images of the decor collection were finally in, I jumped at the chance to share them here today.

When I first heard about BHLDN and their wedding decor line last year, I remember smiling and thinking “finally!” because back when I got married, the first thing I did was see if I could hire an Anthro visual display manager to help me install some large-scale paper decor for the big day. So for this amazing team to expand into a new company that specializes in weddings makes me so, so happy. Their newest collection carries everything from table cards and runners to champagne coupes, paper bouquets and display stands. If you have a big event coming up, this selection is perfect for achieving a handmade feel without the work. And while I tend to prefer doing the handmaking and paper folding on my own, I know not everyone has the time (or interest) in doing something like that. So it’s great to see so many worn-in, handmade-style pieces available and ready to go. You can check out and shop the full collection online right here, and browse more of my favorites above and below.

For now I’m signing off, but I’ll see you on Monday and will be sharing live reporting from Brimfield later next week! Until then, have a wonderful weekend. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

CLICK HERE for eight more beautiful decoration designs from BHLDN’s new collection after the jump!

The Postage Service

Lovely, but for a girl who regularly drops several hundred on a pair of shoes, even this seems disproportionately overpriced, and not terribly unique!? Would rather support Etsy folks, for instance, who produce similar, if not better, stuff.


Absolutely love this line!

I just wish I was around when I got married. I love it all!


lovely! lots of this stuff would work for a baby shower too!


I totally agree with The Postage Service. The decor is beautiful of course, but the prices? Come on!


I agree with the other two posters who said ‘really?’ when they saw the prices. I can’t help but feel that, although this stuff really is beautiful, it’s just one more company ratcheting up the price once the word wedding is involved.


Some of this stuff would be great to have around the house for everyday decoration.

As for prices, what can you expect? It’s owned by the people that brought to us Urban Outfitters and Anthrologie – the land of the expensive stuff.


What awesome treasures! I have to admit I felt a bit cheated that Anthro came out with their wedding line just a few months AFTER my wedding… but this seriously makes up for it! I’d happily decorate my house with all those lovely things, forget having another party! Haha! =)


These items should serve as inspiration only. I don’t know what bride would actually buy a majority of those things. Sure they are lovely, but anyone who is getting married knows not to spend $68 on a bottle with a stick tied to it. …Or $14 on one pin wheel. …Weddings are already too much now a days. (Especially if the couple is doing it by themselves). As craft, diy people – we know we can do that for less than half the price.


Inspiration only is right (I agree w/LB above). Not only due to the prices but I will not give a cent to the folks who own the company. You may be able to square their “values” w/yours, but I cannot. It’s impossible to boycott every company that one disagrees with but when it’s something like this, it’s as easy as can be.


LB & Susan, AGREED! Maybe, but only maybe, could I justify the prices slightly more IF these handmade “style” pieces were actually manufactured in the US by folks who are paid adequately. What would be amazing is if this company would contract the work to small, local businesses, supporting our crafting communities in a genuine way.

FIDM Fashion Club

I love the flowers and the saucer plate but all of these items work great for decorating your house and not just for a wedding! That’s a great way to make your dollar stretch for sure.


I love today’s post! Also, I hope that it’s not too late for the book giveaway! :D


LB & Susan- Prices may look high at first but most of these items are sold as sets! The pinwheels are a set of 5 for $14 and the bottle on a stick comes as a set of 4 for $68 which I think is actually pretty good! I’m not an extremely crafty person myself but I wish I was so this new line makes me so excited!

Monica Barbaro

omg I JUST started working on a blog post about the BHLDN collection for my blog! I feel inspired to know you guys are all about it, too!


overpriced and ridiculous. but it’s normal for people who are actually craft & design innovators to have their ideas co-opted and marketed by corporations like this one. so i’m not surprised. if you want to pay them $78 dollars for an 11″ tall pitcher, just remember that the factory worker in the Czech Republic got about 50 cents for it, and the profits are going to fund Richard Hayne’s anti-abortion and Prop 8-type efforts.



i’m very familiar with the issues with richard hayne. i have major issues with his anti-gay marriage agenda as well. however, unless you know specific details about the sourcing and labor ethics of these specific objects please do not leave accusations like that without proof. i take those claims very, very seriously and i’ve never heard specific claims like that, so if you have information i don’t, i would appreciate you leaving that here or letting me know. otherwise, i’ll consider it an opinion and not a fact.


Liz Messick

Beautiful Items and Great Inspiration. I’d personally choose to find or make these items myself, or support Etsy as another poster mentioned. For example, search Ebay for pink depression glass, and you’ll find something similar to the pink glasses pic above.