wedding cake planter

I’ve got a major soft spot for cute planters. When we moved in March, I discovered an embarrassingly huge stash of them under the kitchen sink that hadn’t even been used yet. I ended up selling most of them to kick off the “clean start” vibe in the new space, but I always have an urge to add more to my collection. This sweet tiered planter ($125) was inspired by a classic wedding cake and features three distinct parts: a small pedestal that doubles as a saucer and two tiers that can be used together or as separate vessels. If you’re like me and enjoy a little height in your garden arrangements, this could be just the ticket. Click here to check out the planter and here to see more planters from Potted. Thanks to Alyssa for the tip! xo, grace

debi akin

sooo funny i just purchased this at POTTED yesterday! love it!!