we like it wild: dainty blue

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. Wedding season has started with a bang, and we’ve been occupied with all sorts of fun photo shoots, field trips and shop plans (some changes coming soon at Prairie Collective!). We spend most of our days go, go, going; running a flower business is not as relaxing as you might think! While hurriedly scouring the aisles of our local garden center for interesting herbs for a shoot this week, a lovely little field of blue stopped us in our tracks. Inspired by the pause the blue star creeper gave us, we created this cool, calm meadow to run down our table. — Studio Choo

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Along with our flat of ground cover, we sought out a few other delicate blue-hued plants to clip from. You don’t need to use all blue, of course; just start by picking a ground cover you like and pair it with other interesting foliage and blooms. This is a very inexpensive way to decorate a long row of tables; depending on the size of your containers, you may be able to get eight to ten pieces from each flat.

We found this set of long scalloped dishes at a thrift store that was perfect for our dainty meadow. Simply slice off a section of the ground cover that is a little smaller than your container. You may need to break up the dirt and roots a bit if the bowl is shallow.

We used clippings from our blue fescue to make a group of wee posies that could be used as place-setting decor or pin-ons. If the blooms are very delicate, use a sturdy piece of greenery to support them if they go limp. They also work well displayed in tiny bottles or cups. One of our favorite tabletop decor elements — wood slices — make great bases for petite cloches (tea light holders turned upside down!). Have a relaxing weekend!


Isn’t that all….purple? Not blue? Beautiful though!


Those dishes are PERFECT for this arrangement, and I love the use of the slices of wood. They’re a great compliment to the dainty, fragile flowers. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


Very sweet, I love the finished tablescape. Perfect for a little party or afternoon tea!


Do you have a botanical or more specific common name for the little blue flowers, rather than the very generic term of “ground cover”?

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i just sent this to my gf who is getting married- her colors include purple, i definately think you could go either way (blue or purple) with these beauties.

Studio Choo

Martha, We mentioned the name of the ground cover in the text of the post but neglected to name it on the image- it is blue star creeper or isotoma blue. Whitney, It is definitely a very pretty pale blue. You are right- the other colors in the post lean a bit violet and blue green though. Thanks!


These arrangements are gorgeous but the part of this post that I found most exciting was the upside down hanging tea light holder tip! I love cloches but have yet to find any that are not priced ridiculously, so thank you so much!