sneak peek: rigetta klint of slow fashion house


Rigetta Klint is the designer and creative manager behind the virtual department store Slow Fashion House. This Dane who now calls Sweden home has long been a proponent of “slow” — slow living, slow food, slow fashion — before the idea of “slow” was invented. She prefers to call it “old-school luxury.” To Rigetta, this means only buying the highest quality products one cannot live without. This is what her home is all about — from eating daily with the forks and knives she bought when she moved into her first apartment thirty years ago to using the furniture that has followed her through life. Even with this mentality, Rigetta’s home remains dynamic, a constant lab of experimentation and moving things around for a different feel. Thank you, Rigetta, and to Ditte Isager for the photographs!  — Anne

Image above: Our piano and a lot of small pictures, some of them valuable because of the artist, some of them because my children made them.

Image above: My favorite rattan chairs from South Africa.

What I love most about my home . . .

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Image above: One of our bedrooms.

Image above: I am not a romantic at all, even if it could look like that. An old-school bookcase, now used for bedlinens.

Image above: My daughter’s wardrobe.

Image above: Our dining table from Catherine Memmi and bluebell chairs from Ross Lovegrove.

Image above: The dining table again.

Image above: Cookbooks and other important books.

Image above: Peace necklace from an earlier collection by Lina Christensen.

Image: Vase with lavender and strawberry flowers from Tsé tsé.

Image above: Breakfast — pancake and melon salad with strawberries and flowers.

Image above: Portrait of Rigetta Klint of Slow Fashion House.

My favorite thing to do at home . . .


love the rattan chairs !
The whole house has a great personal feel to it… really admirable !


These photos are pure inspiration. P.S. My husband and I are buying our first house, so I’m drinking in all the lovely photos on your site. Without really intending to, I haven’t visited in a while, so that leaves lots and lots of goodness to catch up on.

maison marigold

beautiful..light filled and airy! love the art wall and the dining area..thanks for sharing..have a lovely day! xx meenal


That bench is perfect for the piano. I have seen it before, but cannot remember who makes it. Can someone remind me?


Oh I love this. I love the concept of “slow living”; it’s something I’m trying do more in my own life instead of immediately running to a big-box store and buying something plastic and disposable to meet my needs. Or buying cheap clothes that will fall apart in a few months. Great sneak peek!


Love the idea that a true home – like anything that is truly beautiful – takes time to be created…


Love this! So clean and fresh. A white base with loads of accent colours always looks so great.


I love the use of artwork in the first photo. Nice mix of styles, sizes and colors.


Your piano is incredible. Who makes it and where did you find it?


I happen to be a lover of Scandinavian design. I love the calm feeling, due to the use of the light, and your personal philosophy of the “slow.” It shows in your home-just beautiful!

Kat at Muddy's

Do you know the wallpaper you used for the wall behind the bookcase? (sweet floral pattern) I’ve been searching for something for my breakfast room and that is heavenly! Love you home- just beautiful- and looks well loved too! :)

Jay B.

I was lucky enough to spend more of a year living in Denmark and there simply is no match to the Scandinavian taste in the interior design! They know how to use the space, colour and just the right amount of decoration to get the most peaceful rooms. Another great thing about these countries is that the people are very conscious about such issues as environment, sustainability. So you will probably find the best sustainable design solutions in the Scandinavian brands, I have brought home with me some beautiful lamp pieces from Catarina Larsson and Chang & Biörck do great textile prints.