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sneak peek: kimberly ludy

by Amy Azzarito

Kimberly Ludy of Etsy shops Trampoline and Black Strap is preparing to say goodbye to this house just outside of Boston in Framingham, Massachusetts. It’s been home to her, husband Tom, their eight-year-old Ethan and dog Ollie for the past six years, but the family is ready for a new adventure, and they’re heading to Portland this summer. Like any move, it’s bittersweet, and it’s going to be particularly tough to leave this home with its nooks and crannies, acre of land and screened-in porch. Kimberly built the garden from scratch, and that screened-in porch has been the site of many memories — meals eaten outside, reading in the glider and looking out over the garden. But new adventures await! Good luck and thanks, Kimberly, Tom, Ethan & Ollie! — Amy A.

Image above: This is a small wall behind the couch that separates the living room from the front entryway and the dining room. I found the newer handmade table at a yard sale along with the vintage lamp. The artworks are antique, and I bought them as much for the old wavy glass and colors as for their content. I like to let my son choose where in the house to place the things he makes . . . and this is where he chose to put a small paper cabin he made, right next to a knotted river rock from Mudpuppy. Vistas from one room to the next are important to me, so I take a lot of care in making sure I like the view from each room into the next (I learned this long ago from studying the pages of Martha Stewart; she is a master at this).

Image above: This bedroom has had many incarnations over the years. We expanded and remodeled it a few years ago by knocking out the eave kick walls with the intention of making a nice big bedroom/playspace for Ethan, but he quickly deemed it “too big and scary.” It then became my studio and shipping area, which I soon outgrew. Now it is Tom’s bedroom and has worked just fine for that. The bed is a vintage 1970s platform bed from a then-local Boston bedmaker that was $50 on Craigslist. It had to be refinished, but for $50, was well worth the sweat equity. The chest is an antique English dresser that was once used as Ethan’s changing table in his nursery. There are touches of mid-century modern, folk, ’70s boho and industrial in here, but it all works together. (The walls are Benjamin Moore’s “Grey Mist.”)

Image above: This is an area outside of the walk-in closet in my bedroom/studio. Instead of clothes, the big closet acts as storage for the shop. The bedroom is part of a three-room master bedroom suite that comprises half of the upstairs. I use it as my photography studio, storage and bedroom and it is able to be closed off from the rest of the floor. Since I work late at night quite a bit, this set-up has really worked out well. The chair is a vintage Mobler thrift find; the pillow on it is from Enhabiten. The rug is alpaca and a thrift store find, as well. Above hangs a print from Maria Alexandra Vettese’s “His” series. The wall color is not one that I am thrilled with, but it got so close to putting our house on the market that I decided to live with it. (The color is from their new line and is called “Refined” by Benjamin Moore.)

Image above: On my dresser you will find a lot of little trinket boxes and odds and ends. I have a thing for small bits of ephemera and old jewelry. My jewelry rests on an old laboratory stand with some pendants my son and I made from a small skeleton and a piece of driftwood we found at the beach. The industrial mirror is from my shop, and it reflects the stand of pine trees through the window. I keep a rotating stack of Polaroids of my boys on display.

Image above: The extra room on the first floor serves a dual purpose. One half is our reading and playroom. This little couch is probably the most comfortable I have ever sat on. I got it at the thrift store and immediately planned to reupholster it. But over time, that project was put on the back burner, and I have grown to like it enough to live with it as-is for a while. The room gets tons of light, and we all love to curl up on that couch to read or to nap in the sun. The pillows are from Black Strap and Enhabiten. The sweet paper bunting is from Anna and Roy. The other side of the room is where I do all my shipping and bookwork. I have a large work table, some industrial shelves and lighting and two closets to store boxes and supplies. I like to work standing up, so I removed the door on one closet and turned it into a small workspace with old boxes and crates as drawers and an industrial laundry cart that slides underneath and holds bubble wrap, peanuts and packing paper. The paint is a custom mixed color from a bunch of leftover paint we had.

Image above: This is a little vignette in our first-floor bathroom. I love landscape paintings, and these are two in my collection. The top is vintage, and it reminds me of the Oregon coast. The tiny one on the bottom is from Tina Mammoser. We installed the board and batten paneling horizontally to give a modern edge to an otherwise traditional space. (Paint is “Grey mist” by Benjamin Moore. Trim paint is custom mixed from Sherwin Williams.)

Image above: My son Ethan’s room was an area that I had to take the back seat on. He is pretty opinionated and had strong ideas for what he wanted his space to look like. So wanting to encourage his foray into design, I reluctantly handed over the paint swatch book and gave him a go at it. He loves dark, deep, saturated color, and I had visions of it being all white. He wanted purple, I offered him lavender, he settled for blue, and I let him choose the shade. The paneled wall is something we installed to hide crumbling plaster that would have been quite costly to redo. We painted it “Polished Slate” by Benjamin Moore to indulge his want for a dark room. The walls are “Woodlawn Blue” by Benjamin Moore. We opted for an Ikea bed (the Mandal, which I believe is no longer made in this style) and a nightstand that I found on eBay. The quilt is vintage from my mother’s shop, Solsticehome, and the pillows are from my handmade shop Black Strap and Bookhou. All the artwork was done by him.

Image above: A collection of old boxes on Tom’s bureau; the one on top has a pretty paper remnant pasted inside. The small lamp is the only one I could find that would fit under the low slanted ceiling.

Image above: Another area of Tom’s bedroom. A small mid-century garden stool with a cushion we made at Black Strap from some Japanese fabric. The art is an acrylic and gouache painting by the Diction shop, and one of my very favorites. The rug was a flea market find. Paint is “Grey Mist” by Benjamin Moore.

Image above: Our living room has a woodburning fireplace that we use quite a lot. We finally got around to painting all the trim in this room white to match the rest of the house, but left the mantel the dark original wood. We hung the big mirror to reflect light into the room from the large bank of windows opposite from it. One of the very best things about the house is the old divided light windows. They have gorgeous wavy glass and are extra big, so I leave them uncovered in most rooms. The chair was a garage sale find, purchased for its small size, and I had it recovered. The crazy quilt pillow is from Enhabiten. The leather ottoman was found on the roadside. The lamp is vintage, as are the things on the mantle. Paint is “Grey Mist,” which we used in many rooms in the house, but it takes on a different hue in each room.

Image above: I like to display collections of art, pottery and small sculptures on the wood ledge . . . it has become an homage of sorts to craftspeople and handmade artisans. It is the top of a built-in unit Tom made to house the television. The art shown is vintage, but I have a number of photographs by my brother Chris and my sister-in-law Lisa. Also, pieces that I have purchased over the years from the Museum of Fine Art School student show. The pedestal is from Herriott Grace, which I bought for myself for my 40th birthday. There is vintage pottery mixed with pieces by my son, Inkypots and Slowcraft. The soft llama sculpture was handmade by Regina at everyeskimo, and the crocheted jellyfish is from Awkward.

Image above: A wall in the dining room with an old folk chair from Holland and handwoven baskets. The plant stand is from my shop. It is early Victorian antique and has the best shape. (Paint is “Grecian Grey” by Sherwin Williams.)

Image above: We have an unusual “reverse hall” that has the stairway pointing towards the back of the house instead of towards the front. It’s a more intimate layout in that it puts you right at both the bathroom and the entry to the kitchen, instead of at the front door, when you come down in the morning. I love transition spaces in architecture, but for a 1700-square-foot house, the hallway eats up a lot of space. It was important that it be utilized more like a room but not be cluttered. So we have a coat rack there, an old wooden crate that stores tote bags and backpacks, a small bench and on most days, a vintage laundry cart (since our washing machines are in the kitchen). There is an original built-in cabinet that we use for storing art and craft supplies and paperwork. The light is one of my very favorite vintage finds . . . an old Laurel pendant. It looks like the moon when it’s on at night. It is also fairly dark here during the day, so we painted it a pale neutral grey, “Classic Grey” by Benjamin Moore. The old darkened tin frame was left intentionally blank . . . someday I’d like to try my hand at a portrait of our dog Ollie.

Image above: The screen porch is my favorite space in the house. Here in the northeast, we only get to use it a few months out of the year, but we take full advantage. We eat all our meals out here and love to read on the old glider. It is accessed by French doors in the living room, so we often put records on the player and let the music waft out there. The view to the back is of our big yard and gardens. I’ve spent many a day sitting and planning and dreaming of what to plant. The flag is from a summer camp in the 50s. The little branch stool is a favorite . . . I love its campy-folk look. The table is from Ikea, and every year I mean to replace the glass with wood. The other side of the porch has a dining table that my father made to fit the small space. An old star-shaped glass light hangs from the ceiling.

Image above: The mudroom is barely a 20-foot square and unheated, but we make the most of this little space. It opens right into the kitchen and leads to the back yard, so it is a well-used area. This is also a room we recently remodeled. It had dark textured barn board on the walls and ceiling, a wood subfloor with nothing on top and nowhere to hang a coat. You literally had to long jump over the accumulation of shoes and boots when you came in the door. Since we are moving, we needed the updates to be very low cost and very easy to complete. We painted the walls and ceiling a million coats of Benjamin Moore’s “Grey Mist,” tiled the floor in remnant slate tiles that we found cheaply and hung a full-view storm door that was in the garage from a different (failed) project. Wood coat hooks from the thrift store were painted and hung and the “Carpenter” built us a nice wall-mounted shoe rack near the floor. The painting is by Jeremy Miranda.

Image above: We gave the kitchen a much-needed face lift recently that included stripping wallpaper, covering old wood paneling with beaded board and new paint and countertops. We kept the tile floors, despite my longing for wood; it just wasn’t in the budget. We chose to put in this Ikea piece instead of an eat-in kitchen table since we really needed the counter and drawer space. This is Ollie’s special spot when take-out delivery men come to the door . . . or anyone for that matter. Paint is “Grey Mist” by Benjamin Moore.

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  • oh i love kim, she is such a sweet-heart! and her home is also so pretty… filled with character! it was a delight to see all those rooms :) have a great week! twiggs

  • What a stunning home that oozes heart and soul! I’m sure it will be missed. But how lucky the home that awaits will be to have a new heart and soul to warm it’s nooks and crannies ! :)


  • What a beautiful house! It reminds me a bit of my mom’s house. I love the hard wood floors, clean color choices and cute little treasures all over ! =)

  • thanks for not making us “jump” on this one. it’s an extra step. and i know it’s a lot of pictures for the homepage, but these are all so lovely, calming. uncluttered but not sterile at all. i really appreciate her style and how personal it seems. i bet it feels great to live there! surely her portland home will feel just as good.

  • Trampoline is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. So cool to see where it all happens! Beautiful feature.

  • the simple frames used above is inspiring me to raid local thrift store and frame my small stack of art prints. enjoyed each photo.

  • Gorgeous Kim! Can’t wait to come over this week and see it in person. And too funny, I blogged about your everyeskimo llama on BabyG. Love it!

  • I too have a backlog of art prints to frame. Thanks for the inspiration! I love how the home is airy, but with such pointedly placed pieces. Really lovely.

  • It is a very pleasant home, and my favorite room is Ethan’s. The house seems very sparse with the exception of this room–gives a full yet uncluttered ambiance.

  • I’ve never been a minimalist or a fan of mostly-white spaces. But I’m drawn to it more and more, and this home is just awesome.

  • Alix – it sounds like they do have seperate bedrooms, which I applaud! I’ve been angling for this set up for years with my husband who snores a lot, and I stay up later than him, but he won’t go for it. Now I can show him that it’s possible! Welcome to Portland, Kimberly!

  • Kim is such a talent- I knew her home would be beautiful. The idea of vistas from one room to the next is so true! Martha may be the master, but you’re right there next to her, Kim.

  • While the uncluttered simplicity of the entire home is very pleaseing to the eye, I agree with Carter, Ethan’s room really is the best of all the rooms in the tour.

  • oh… so beautiful, so fresh, I like that there’s nice details all over (specially that deer door-stop) and such lovely art without being overwhelming

  • My favourite d*s interior feature yet…lovely!

    I’m sorry they have to leave it :(


  • I’m the mom and I can attest..this home is truly even more lovely, warm and comforting in person. My favorite spot? the screen porch, many happy hours spent there .

  • Beautiful home and website. You have a style that I ENVY and try to create, but can never seem to pull off.

    As a Portlander, we will be glad to have you and you’ll love it!

  • Oh so lovely, but now I want pictures of her garden!!

    ps welcome to Portland this summer, I’m assuming OR? you will love it!

  • Beautiful, serene house. I love homes that incorporate the “imperfect” so artfully. And, what is it about boys and the color purple?

  • Wow..I love it! Could you please tell me which paint did you use for the white wall? I am trying to paint with white..but there are too many options..

  • thanks everyone! we will surely miss this place. to answer some questions:

    yes, we will be moving to Portland, Oregon, and the warm welcome we are receiving already, as evidenced here, is one of the reasons why we are so excited for it

    the lamp on wheels is an old medical lamp that i found at a flea market. it’s coming with me but may end up in the shop if it doesn’t fit my new space

    my aesthetic definitely leans towards simple/minimal, but if you ever saw my house on an average day, you might not consider it sparse. kid + home business = a fair share of clutter

    yes, tom and i do have separate bedrooms. we are on opposite work schedules, him very early mornings and me very late nights. and yeah…i like having a bed all to myself

    there actually isn’t a white wall in the whole house. these are all variations of grey, and when it is cloudy or seen by lamplight, some of them look fairly dark. the grey we used in most rooms is ‘grey mist’ by Ben Moore

    the dining room chairs were found on ebay, but they definitely were not a ‘thrifty’ purchase unfortunately

    ethan is thrilled many of you like his room best. i guess maybe i should put him in charge next…my boy’s got talent ; )

    ps. jasper…you can find more house pics and my garden on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/ethanollie/

  • wow kim – your home is fantastic!! so not only are you an attentive, patient and flat-out awesome etsy seller but you also are a working mom and wife with rocking interior design skills. bravo!!

    thanks for sharing your home with us!

  • i love the miss-match mixture of clean 50s pieces and countryside chic. things like the gorgeous chair outside the walk-in closet, paired with all that gingham and quilting!

  • What a relaxing, peaceful place… I would have a hard time parting with it too! Rest assured that Portland will welcome you with open arms. I just moved here from Brooklyn a few weeks ago and feel like it’s home already. You and your family will love it!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this home!!! I adore how well lit by daylight it is, I love the white walls. Looking at those pictures was a really good start of my day! Congratulations on this beautiful home! YAY!

  • Best of luck, Kimberly. I am also moving to Portland (next week!) from the East (Westchester, NY). And, I am a fellow Etsyian – love your Etsy sites. Perhaps our paths will cross at the Portland Sunday market!

  • I love everything about your house too and also wish I could pull off this look. I guess a little focus is the word.
    btw I just love the little painting in a small wooden box on your wooden ledge. I am inspired to pull out some of my old boxes and mount some painting inside.
    Good luck in your new home.
    I can”t wait to see what you will do.

  • Great house. I love it. Way to rep MA! That Victorian plant stand is so cool. I will for sure be on your Etsy shop looking for it. And thanks for all the mentions of other great Etsy shops. I love your style and the idea of the vistas from room to room being so important. I’m with you on that! Thanks again. Enjoy your next adventure

  • What a lovely tour of a beautiful home. The photos are also beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

  • It just looks like a collection of stuff to me…like every college home in the area where every piece of furniture was whatever was handed down to them and haphazardly arranged. I don’t see balance, and little intentionality.

  • yippee for Kim!! i’m so delighted to see my favorite Etsy seller here! Kim has the BEST taste around! nobody does calm & peaceful like her. your spaces always give me that happy tingly feeling. the best part of a serene misty grey back drop is that your perfectly picked goodies can really shine against it. i adore the earthy & arty vibe that each room exudes so purely. and that couch is a dream machine. congrats Kim, well-deserved. oxo

  • Your home is so beautiful it makes me wistfully look at my teeny studio and hope for a day when I can live in a house! And have a dog with a sweater. Thanks for sharing your home and style… it helps me dream. :)

  • I feel peaceful just looking at the pictures of your beautiful home. I also read every word of your post – thank you for your interesting perspective on what you have done. It was a pleasure to read as well as look!

  • This is beautiful. I have a serious question though, that I hope does not come across as sarcastic: Where is your stuff? Are you very strict about clutter? Or do you have built-ins, etc. I often wonder how people manage to have homes that look this spare. Besides the well-placed vignettes, you don’t seem to have any everyday possessions–pens, books, toys, mail. I can’t stand the clutter in my house and would love a serene living space like this, but I can’t understand how it is possible.

  • hi reeve…truth be told many if not most of these pics were taken for the real estate listing when the house went up for sale (it has since sold). as as is typical, the house shows better when it is stripped down to bare minimum. that said, not much of the decor was changed or altered…this is just my style. much of the ‘personal things’…kids toys, laundry cart, stacks of magazines and books…were stashed away.

    we are lucky and have tons and tons of storage in this house…( how many people are lucky enough to have a big closet just for art supplies and two home studios?) so yes… there is a place for just about everything i need to stash away

    mark…you inadvertently paid me the highest compliment. when you said little looks intentional, i said mission accomplished.

  • Kimberly, your home is so beautiful. I especially love the wooden floors and the color of the walls. You are going to make the loveliest home for yourself in Portland, I just know it!

  • Thanks for your response. I live in a house with very little storage space–it really is a luxury when you have it!

  • I love the way you display vintage things in art-like vignettes throughout the house! It feels like time and the rush of life has slowed down in the house. Nice and comfortable. I would definitely like to hang out in that sun porch all the time! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lovely. So calm and welcoming. I am also a fan of deep saturated colors, and the wall in your son’s room is gorgeous! The mud room is wonderful too. Thanks for providing paint color references!

  • I love the natural history feel and the clean minimalism combination you’ve created! I’m sure your new home will be just as wonderful :)

  • I loved exploring your home through these pictures! Thanks for sharing it with us. Been a fan of your shop since joining Etsy earlier this year, and you give me much inspiration. Good luck in Portland!

    -Amy =)

  • I am thinking of doing an accent wall in my dining room in the Benajmin Moore
    polished slate, the room is not that bright, but does open into the kitchen. The rest of the room is in BM, clemintine rose. The trim is white. Does this color have a blue tint to it? My drapes are turquoise with a flower trim with rose in it. Pictures are vabulous. Cynthia Spencer

  • I’m looking for a house in Framingham…wish I’d known about this one when it was available. :)

  • Beautiful home. The paint is also lovely. I am purchasing grey mist and was wondering if you used flat, matte, or eggshell in your rooms?

  • I see that you used both Gray Mist and Classic Gray-what made you decide when to use one or the other in the different rooms? What do you find the difference between the two?-the LVRs are very close.