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sneak peek: cortney bishop

by Amy Azzarito

This home in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina (just outside of Charleston), is home to interior designer Cortney Bishop, husband Baker and the couple’s two young children — Ryder (5) and Lucy Kohl (18 months) — plus two dogs. That’s a lot of foot traffic, but somehow, Cortney has managed to create a serene and welcoming home. She loves to combine styles, trusting that by mixing things she loves, it will all come together. Thanks, Cortney! And thanks to Andrew Cebulka for the lovely photos! — Amy A.

Image above: This Thomas Pheasant mirror is one of the first pieces I purchased for myself. Throughout the house, I’ve used Benjamen Moore ” Morning Dew ”  for the walls and China White Trim.

Image above: While living in Tennessee, I purchased this oil painting by Scott Duce. It always reminded me that my heart belonged in the Low Country.

CLICK HERE for more of Cortney’s Southern home!

Image above: Years ago, while sitting on this front porch for a friend’s wedding party, I vowed that one day, I would move to Charleston and live in this house. Dreams really do come true.

Image above: The photograph on the wall in my office is the work of Tieney Gearon. It reminds me of my Greek grandfather, “Papou,” by the sea with my son Ryder.

Image above: There is no one piece I love most in the living room; everything just feels balanced and agreeable together.

Image above: The nursery was designed for my son Ryder in 2005. When Lucy Kohl arrived, I simply hung a pink blanket above the crib and it worked!

Image above: The Annie Leibovitz I purchased for the family room is one of my favorite works of art. It’s just a cool piece of Southern culture. My husband grew up on a farm . . . we’re not offended by the word red-neck.

Image above: I am a big fan of Rose Tarlow wallpaper. All of her papers work together . . . I could do my entire house!!

Image above: We often have dance parties on the screen porch with the kids in the spring and fall — wine, music; there’s nothing more fun than this time with my family.

Image above: The house was built in 1893. I have an original black and white photo of a woman in a full white gown sweeping my front porch . . . it’s like a dream!!

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  • Wow, Cortney, everything looks so comfortable and inviting. I keep running across so many people lately from around the Interwebs that live in or near Charleston. Everyone I talk to just seems so happy and creative there. Hmm? Perhaps it’s time for a move myself?

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Oh my goodness. I love it! The pillows in the first photo and the bed in the nursery are to die for. I love her Southern flair, I too, am not offended by “redneck”.

  • oh, those blue chairs are just heavenly!

    everything in your house works together nicely in a relaxed and southern way. love it.

  • I love the “Love You” chair, but most of all I love that your dream came true!

  • isn’t sullivan’s island the setting for part of pat conroy’s latest novel? i love this home, i love courtney’s aesthetic and i am happy for her dream having come true! :)

  • Brilliant. I have a space in the countryside… i know what i want after seeing these photos…

  • What a beautiful home! Is that a ceiling fan in the office? I love the simple, retro feel of the piece. Do you have any info on it? Thanks!

  • I love this house! What a beautiful place to grow a family. Where did you get the “Love You” pillow?

  • I love this… It’s edgy and warm, the blue chairs, the inviting nursery. Esp the mirror design on the wall, I would love to have that

  • I love seeing your home, Cortney! So clean and inviting…sophisticated, yet so relaxed! Wonderful attention to detail, and the whimsy pillows are awesome! Beautiful and coastal!

  • Such a beautiful home. It’s nice to see something that’s not white and minimalist (as much as I love those, too!)

  • So beautiful! I love the marriage of rustic and sleek design and I love the porches…makes me miss the south, I can practically feel the humidity and smell the honeysuckle and jasmine! Thank you!

  • I am overwhelmed by the kind comments you all have made. So nice!

    The drapery in my office is a fabric by Lulu DK. Living Room Drapery is Raoul Textiles.

    Love you pillow is by Sugarboo.

    Yes, it is a fan in the office – you can find in at lumenslighting.com.

    Thanks for all the lovely support!

    Much Love….xoxoxoxo

  • Is no one else turned off by the overuse of real estate photography? Otherwise, pretty house.

  • I LOVE the lamp in the family room. So much so that this is the first time I have ever commented on someone’s house before and I am an AVID fan of design sponge.

  • My grandmother and her family grew up on the Island and still live there. She walks to the post to get her mail daily. Such fond memories and a beautiful idyllic place.

  • I would like to paint the floor and the ceiling of my screen porch like you did, can you give me some advices? Don’t want the dog to scratch off the paint with her claws…oh! This is Mme Dardar, huge fan of Ryder!

  • What a beautiful, open, sky-splashed place. All so lovely.

    But Cortney, the story, the story! How did you move from being a guest on the verandah at a friend’s house to its being your very own house???

  • Lovely! You give me great hope. Every time I visit Habour Island, SC, I dream about which house will someday be mine. When it happens, will you decorate my Low Country home?:-)

  • very lovely. great pallette and perfect blend of masculine & feminine, contemporary rustic and traditional style! and farms and rednecks are great btw!

  • What a beautiful, old, gracious home. I love all of the patterns and colors. Right by the ocean in that screened porch? Heavenly, I bet.

  • Wow. The family room with the tan leather couch, the denim (?) pillows, the Annie Liebovitz, the old bowl on the coffee table. Everything! It’s just too much… I could sit there forever.

  • Love the big armchairs, the combination of blue denim and caramel leather, the big stencilled canvas cushions. Rustic and classy… perfection.

  • I LOVE the caramel colored couch! May I ask where you purchased it from? I’ve been looking for a perfect shade of caramel leather couch for sooo long! I first fell in love with Louise Bell’s caramel colored couch that was featured here and but the store she purchased from is in AU :(

  • amy! you make me get even MORE excited!! we just bought property in charleston!! so i keep looking for coastal home design and decorating ideas – saw your house design, and it is similar to the one we are settling on – we LOVE charleston and can’t wait to move there with relatives who are already there. would love to get to know you and share ideas!! where is this house? our land is on Oak Is. near folly beach!!

  • Is there anywhere else we can find more photos of your screened porch? We’re about to build something very similar in the back of our house.

  • Love the color you painted the porch! Can you tell me the name o fthe paint color?

    • love the color of the screen porch, can you tell me the name of the paint?

  • Just wondering about the color you painted the porch. Would love the name of the paint color. Thanks so much. Lovely home!

  • We are looking for this kind of a couch. Can you tell us who made this one on your porch?