new: table lamps from schoolhouse electric

While we were walking around Brimfield for the past few days (a post on our finds is coming up next!) lighting was a major, major “trend”. I know it seems silly to call something so basic and necessary a trend, but I can’t stress how creative and abundant the lighting options were. We noticed all the fancy store buyers (J Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren POLO, etc.) tagging industrial lighting options like crazy so I kept my eyes peeled for great lights all show. We’re rounding up some of our favorites on the blog this week, but I wanted to kick off the lighting theme with some beautiful new table lamps from Portland’s Schoolhouse Electric.

Handmade from concrete, porcelain and salvaged vintage glass and science lab lights, Schoolhouse Electric’s new series comes in twelve different styles. I’m really partial to the Matter Lamp (top image above) because it feels like a small piece of tabletop sculpture. The contrast of glass and concrete is so striking but still so simple- these would be perfect for a minimal office desk or even a modern entryway. Though their bulb-type would make them perfect for bedside lamps, too. You can view the entire range ($85-$249) right here and shop online if you’d like to bring one of these beauties home. Thanks to Michelle for the tip! xo, grace

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I love the Matter lamp also. It’s incredible what a difference lighting can make. I just purchased new bed side lamps and it has made such a difference to the look and feel of the room. Great post!


I love that table in the first pic. Where can I get one??


Love love love these. Lindsay School house electric has a website- I think the link is included in the first paragraph.

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Even lamps can be both efficient and decorative. Uniqueness is really a significant key in great home design. Unique accents and it’s going to be really beautiful.


Not crazy for the lamps but wild for the “expose yourself to art” print.


The lamps are great, but how will they look with cfl bulbs?


Random, but could anyone tell me what those fuzzy green leaves are called? I’ve been trying to find some and can’t get a name.


Oh I love vintage touch! So in my humble opinion the lamp showed on the first picture is adorable!! I’m one of those persons fascinated by the past and I really enjoy everything that comes with a full package of heritage. I remember a really cool brand who takes inspiration from the classics…if there is anyone interested, take a look: