national stationery show 2011: part 1

by Grace Bonney

After yesterday’s ICFF post, it was interesting to go through the National Stationery Show in the same building. More than a few people came up to me to ask if I was preparing a video about stationery, but I was happy to say that it definitely wouldn’t require that sort of response. While this year’s NSS didn’t knock my socks off like it has in previous years, there were still plenty of designers playing with interesting motifs, materials and patterns. I loved seeing really bold color (especially primary colors) come back in a big way, and well as designers embracing larger-form works. Posters, prints and oversized cards were everywhere, and it was fun to witness designers thinking bold, rather than sticking to tiny and overly precious-feeling prints. I’ve got plenty of great design to share from this show, so I’m diving in first today with 20 of my favorites. Stay tuned for much, much more tomorrow! xo, grace

Image above: My favorite calendar from the show, Hammerpress‘ Boxer. Who wouldn’t want to start the day by seeing this line: “Fight the Good Fight Day and Night.”

Image above: A sweet shoe card from Jesse at Gold Teeth Brooklyn. I can never resist a sweet flat with a bow.

Image above: Probably the coolest thing I saw at NSS this year — a cloth calendar that you gently unravel, week by week. Fantastic. Available from Sweet Bella.

Image above: I couldn’t get enough of this card because I love Sriracha and I would love to be given this. Spicy and sweet. Perfect. Design by Printerette (who made their debut at this year’s show. More below.)

Image above: I LOVED these cross-stitch cards from Pistachio Press. More images after the jump . . .

CLICK HERE for 15 more fantastic designs from NSS 2011 after the jump

Images above: Cross-stitch cards

Image above: I loved these colorful postcards from Ink + Wit. They reminded me of ikat in card form.

Image above: Wildhorse Press had one of the most playful designs at this year’s show — colorful tooth envelopes! I would have loved this as a kid (and I still love it now).

Images above: The Egg Press booth is always one of my favorites at the show. Not just because the girls couldn’t be nicer, but because they’re always producing beautiful cards and thinking outside of the box. In addition to a collaboration they did with Angela Adams (pictures coming soon) that capitalizes on both groups’ love of texture, they introduced a series of cards that let you punch out paper earrings. These would be so fun to send as a “just because” gift.

Image above: I’m still drawn to shiny metallic surfaces and polka dots like a moth to the flame. I can’t help myself. So these notebooks from Sweet Bella were right up my alley.

Image above: Larger-scale prints and cards were big this year, and these colorful prints from Banquet were favorites of mine.

Images above: Sweet summery cards from Printerette

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