make it yours: gemma ahern

Gemma Ahern paired up with her sister Abigail (both part of Atelier Abigail Ahern) to create this amazingly designed 1,200-square-foot apartment. The dark wall colors — along with the combination of simple, modern and quirky vintage décor — make this home a pretty unique one. I love to see pops of neon used like this! These ladies have a great eye for design and color. What’s very exciting is that much of what you see in Gemma’s home can be bought at Atelier — from the coffee table to the bookcase wallpaper; they even have a book out called A Girl’s Guide to Decorating! Click here to see the original sneak peak of Gemma’s home and here to take a look at Abigail’s sneak peek. — Lauren

Palette 1 (Living Room)
A. Black Suede (Behr), PMS Black; B. Amethyst (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 260; C. Yellow Mustard (Valspar), PMS 116; D. Razzle Dazzle (Benjamin Moore), PMS 806; E. Steel Wool (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 424

Roundup 1 (Living Room)
1. Lacquer Coffee Table, $1460; 2. Cielo Graphic Sectional Pieces, $599+; 3. Bookcase Wallpaper, $298; 4. Greyhound Lamp, $540; 5. Girl’s Guide to Decorating, $28; 6. Star Cushion, $250; 7. Raven Glassware, $298

CLICK HERE for the 2nd roundup and more products after the jump!

Palette 2 (Kitchen)
A. Steel Wool (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 424; B. Inventive Orange (Sherwin-Williams), PMS 1565; C. Blue Mosque (Sherwin-Williams), PMS 639; D. Sweet Mustard (Valspar), PMS 115; E. Black Suede (Behr), PMS Black

Roundup 2 (Kitchen)
1. Bernard Py Painting, $895+; 2. Gelda Flowers, $38; 3. Half Moon Pendant, $635; 4. Container Round Table, $815; 5. Tulip Arm Chair, $225; 6. Buttering Board, $26; 7. Large B/W Vase, $279


I’ve always enjoyed dark walls in theory, but I think that if I lived in a house, surrounded by the dark-dark-dark colors, I would feel claustrophobic. I need bright light and openness.

The greyhound lamp is fierce.


These colors are soooo daring and dark, with splashes of color – I LOVE IT. :) Soo much inspiration going on in my head right now….

going to pin… :)

thanks for sharing!



I still remember when I fell in love with that hot pink table and that grey couch but can not remember where I saw it… regardless, I am so happy to see it again!

Adam Booth

Such a different yet fantastic look.

They certainly aren’t scared of bold colour palettes. The dark charcoal of the living room walls, contrasted with the hot pink and yellow is striking and a great unique touch. The kitchen uses an unconventional colour palette but is dramatic and individual.

Great lateral thinking used to create a new stunning look.


I am so coveting the Razzle Dazzle hot pink right now.

I also love the Simply Color posts – totally inspiring!

Amber Dawn

A nice dark atmosphere with cheerful bright place to gaze upon make this ideal for me. I love this idea!

Karen Wilson

Just spent yesterday at Abigail Aherne’s house.
The soft velvety hypnotic hues of midnight Sky, the aubergine of Parisienne orinwork railings, aportugese dark olive green, and a magical, mystical childhood cocoa powder covering all architectural surfaces while suffused with acid yellow, turquoise, lapis, and a tarnished brass for accessory accents is mesmerising before attempting to describe the coccofony of fabulously discordant textures, shapes, eras and styles which vibrate with exceptional ‘harmony’ unlike any other.