make it yours: emma straub and michael fusco

This week’s color schemes and roundups are pulled from the lovely home of Emma Straub and Michael Fusco. Emma and Mike live in Brooklyn and are often busy designing and silk-screening posters for their business, M+E. The first image is from Emma’s office; I was drawn-in by the peachy pink walls, which look fantastic with lime green and orange accents. Doesn’t that sunny window seat look like a comfortable spot to work from?

Emma and Mike’s living room is quite beautiful, too. They do a great job of mixing prints while keeping their walls and large furniture simple and solid. What an adorable, eclectic home! Click here to see the original sneak peek. (You don’t want to miss the backyard!) — Lauren

Palette 1 (Emma’s Office)
A. Forget-Me-Not (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 550; B. Springtime Peach (Benjamin Moore), PMS 162; C. Lime Burst (Valspar), PMS 380; D. Brown Clove (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 483; E. Orange Nut (Valspar), PMS 1565

Roundup 1 (Emma’s Office)
1. Trey Speegle Print, $650; 2. Q&A a Day, $17; 3. Lime Candleholder, $1; 4. Pop Orange Candleholder, $1; 5. Terai Folding Chair, $198; 6. Correspondence Desk, $1298; 7. Diego the Cat Pillow, $19

CLICK HERE for the second set of images, roundups and paint colors after the jump!

Palette 2 (Living Room)
A. Wet Coral (Behr), PMS 7416; B. September Glory (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 680; C. Quiet Time (Pratt & Lambert), PMS Cool Gray 9; D. *Actual Wall Color: Wedgewood Gray (Aura), PMS Cool Gray 2; E. Belmont Garden (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 344

Roundup 2 (Living Room)
1. Quixotic Reverie Rug, $78+; 2. Jane Bi-Sectional, prices vary; 3. Dyed Sand Dollar Pillow, $98; 4. Grafton Chair, $598; 5. Alex Katz Serigraph, $4480

Lara Jane

I just adore this window nook. Who wouldn’t?

[As an aside, I bought the Q&A a Day book in Anthro a few months ago and I’ve really enjoyed it. The questions are fun and I really feel like it will give future generations a unique insight into my personality.]

The living room is pretty much perfect, too. I wouldn’t change a thing.


When can I move in? From the paint color in the “nook” to the Alex Katz print, I’m totally in love. Emma and Michael’s was one of my favorite House Tours ever!


The office space is such a dream! Who wouldn’t love working if they had such a lovely room to go to.

Meg K

I have the exact same antique Singer sewing table, and we use it for a desk as well! Great minds think alike!


I love the pillow in the window seat and on the chair in the living room. Any one know where they came from or who made them?


Love the contrasting oriental rug and color schemes . Really very nice and classy touch !

Lynn Barber

Does anyone know where the colorful sunburst pillow that is both on the bed and the chair living room is from?

BL {Birdsong Artblog}

Emma Straub has the most beautiful office! Every office should have a comfortable nook like that. I like to do my research while lounging.

Trish Rowan

I’m also loving the peachy-pink & orange colors. Been adding them to my cottage a lil bit at a time. Thinking of doing a big wall soon. Thx u for these inspiring pics!


I would like to know where that sunburst pillow is from as well! It’s gorgeous! And that nook is to die for. So cozy but upbeat.


I am in love with that anthropologie desk. I can’t even slightly afford it, but I really love it! and the colors! Their home is gorgeous and not so far off what I imagine my ideal future home to look like. I really like this “make it yours” series.


That’s my handsome kitty Diego..He’s thrilled to be inspired by Emma’s office! He is the perfect addition in any room so his pillow is the next best option :)


Emma’s window seat looks like a perfect reading spot. I love the idea of the office being a functional as well as a comfortable, inviting space. Love the color palette, too!