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living in: wet hot american summer

by amym

Even thought it’s not technically summer yet, a few days with temps in the upper 80s along with an annual viewing of Wet Hot American Summer have me convinced otherwise. My days at camp weren’t nearly half as raucous, bawdy or hilarious- facts not surprising since we didn’t have Janeane Garofalo, Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler or David Hyde Peirce for counselors. A lot of it rings true though, the nerdy kids, the cool kids, the nerdy counselors and cool counselors all running around under big cloud of bug spray.

1. Starlight globe, $63; 2. Risky Business glasses, $14; 3. God’s eye kit to make 25, $18; 4. Pocket knife, $12; 5. Pendleton towel, $49; 6. Celestron telescope, $210; 7. Bottle opener, $11; 8. Friendship bracelet patterns;  9. Cast iron fire bowl, $318; 10. Rainbow suspenders, $10.

An outdoorsy summer camp in 1981 doesn’t sound like such a bad place to be right now, especially if you skip the hot counselor look and go straight for the geek chic. Classic camping gear, handmade friendship bracelets, a roaring bonfire and a swig or two from a forbidden flask? Sounds like the perfect way to start off summer to me.

1. Sangean portable radio, $69; 2. Airmail envelopes, $7; 3. Clifton ringer tee shirt, $20; 4. Nickle whistle, $2; 5. Striped gym socks, $8; 6. Coleman lantern, $105; 7. Coleman steel cooler, $160; 8. French deck chair, $140; 9. Stanley flask, $20; 10. Balsam fir incense, $8.

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  • I LOVE this movie! Working at a summer camp for years meant we’d gather to watch it at the start of each season. It’s amazing how each character is totally represented in our real-life camp environment. Thanks for bringing out the style in this hysterical movie :)

  • Can you believe I JUST saw this movie for the very first time last weekend?! I’m embarrassingly behind on movie watching. It was awesome, of course. Extra awesome now seeing this great “homage” post!

  • OMG, this is awesome! My friend Jill was a producer on this movie (she’s now a lawyer)! I will have to tell her the film was featured here.

  • YES! considering i am a former camp counselor, i have a very specific love for everything in this movie. but shame on you for making me miss camp even more than i am (today is check in)! favorite part: when they go into town. i know how important those trips to town can be!

  • “Bring a lot of movement clothes aka jazz shoes, dance belts, lycras, et al. And seriously, fyi you guys, this is not an excuse to get out of your normal activities. This is an excuse to do some good musical theatre. So be prepared, be enthusiastic, and keep your bs attitude and baggage at the door because we don’t need it!”

    Favorite Quote from this movie! I LOVE it! Well picked for summer. DS

  • This post totally speaks to me. So funny! Am I the only person alive that actually likes God’s Eyes??

    I was always the big girl at camp (and gym class) that could never fit my tube socks over my calves.

    Things never change. *sigh*


  • “Wait for me, Abby Bernstein! Wait for me my love!” This movie is so under-appreciated. Thanks for doing a “Living In…” segment on it. :)

    Love the redesign, by the by. This blog is a fabulous part of the interwebs.

  • “There were two epidemics when I went to camp — head lice and the Plague, the Bubonic Plague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    LOL Best. Movie. Ever.

    So glad you did this “Living In”!

  • I’ve not seen it but it’s definitely on the list.

    My summertime films include Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and The Long, Hot Summer.

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    • papreeka (and everyone else)

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  • This is definitely one of my favorite movies ever! So glad to see this post, and I enjoyed reading all the quotes in the comments section. This made my workday afternoon a bit brighter :)

  • I was inspired by this post to watch this movie last night (never even heard of it and considering the cast I was surprised!) but I was sadly disappointed in it (again, considering the cast, I was surprised). It was more weird than funny, corny rather than cool. I was expecting something in the nostalgic, hilarious realm of Dazed and Confused and it just wasn’t… the hubs didn’t think so either. But according to the comments here we are the only ones with this opinion lol!

  • Aaah! Love love love this movie! It’s available to “watch instantly” on Netflix now!! Great post D*S!

  • I love this movie too. And so many people in it that are just awesome, Amy Poehler, Chris Meloni, Michael Ian Black (who MARRIES BRADLEY COOPER IN IT!!!), ELizabeth Banks, of burger-tasting-like fame, and Paul Rudd, who is just a gem in it. But also, Michael Ian Black and Bradley Cooper get married in it! Did I mention that?

  • One of my ALL time favorite movies!

    “We’ll be in our late 20s by then, so let’s make it our beeswax to be here. Besides, I have something at 11 and I’ve already changed it twice.”