living in: dangerous liaisons


Dangerous Liaisons is as seductive and subversive as costume dramas come. The boundaries of cruelty, blunt sexuality and betrayal are pushed to extremes while also balancing wit and humor in equal measure. Eighteenth-century Rococo France was not for the light-of-heart or strict-of-morals, but the castles, silk dresses, dripping candles, tamed gardens and coquettish underthings seem to tip the scales back in its favor. — Amy M.

1. Floral Tasseled Shawl, $19; 2. Colette Silk Taffeta Bow, $86; 3. Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat, $30; 4. Florentine Chandelier, $2750; 5. Pink Pearl Earrings, $220; 6. Antique Settee, $3995; 7. Black and White Marble Floor Tile, $21/sq. ft.; 8. Antique Key, $8; 9. Sheer Patterned Tights, $20; 10. Boston Fern, $50

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Clipping roses in ridiculously fancy heels while being wooed by a notorious womanizer — these are not things that happen every day, so when they do, you should appreciate them. Add a stroll in a well-manicured French garden and a dash of forbidden love-letter writing, and you’re pretty much set for the year. Let me know how it goes for you — I’ll be waiting with bated breath.

1. Quill Pen, $28; 2. Victorian Fan Brooch, $75; 3. Advice Tray, $75; 4. Creamware Sugar Bowl, $64; 5. Demi-John Bottle, $300; 6. Formal Urns, $178+; 7. Zoraide Artemista Heels, $835; 8. Flower-Picking Basket, $15; 9. Potted Red Roses, $29; 10. Florrie Mitton Garter, $86

maison marigold

OMG..absolutely loved this post..the movie stills..your inspired round-up and yes the writing!! thanks for sharing..have a lovely day..xx meenal


This movie disturbed me a great deal. I think it had to do with the woman getting raped and coming to believe it was a good thing. *shudder*


Oh, I’m breaking out this DVD tonight. Everything about this movie fabulous. I love the sumptuous opening scenes of the Marquise and Vicomte getting dressed for the day.


This has me thinking of hosting a Dangerous Liaisons/Valmont double bill…

Too much?


This is lovely, thanks! I actually have a suggestion for a Living In column – I hope you havent done it already but I think that True Grit would provide some great inspiration. There are some really excellent interiors in that film if you watch closely. I particularly like the bedroom she stays in in the beginning (that wallpaper!).


i love love love this film!! the cast was so amazing. Uma was so young. i will never forget the ending of Close removing her white powdered make-up to reveal her red humiliated face beneath – so great! love your finds, amy – especially the hat, the antique settee, the garter and the demi-john bottle of eau de vie de prune – would love to try that brandy.

Ban Clothing

Two things I will always remember from the movie: 1. the green silk dress and 2. the filming of Keira in the dress in the library.


It was a lovely movie. But to live in though those days, one would need to be very rich. I would have hated to be poor.


I absolutely love this movie, it’s genius. Thanks for this post! Those shoes and that garter!!


I’ve been looking for a sun hat, and just bought the one you posted in this article!! Great inspiration!


These movie stills and each and every single item in the round-ups are so perfect with this Living In! Love the chandelier and floor in the first one. And the shoes and garter in the second. Love it all, really!


one of my all time favorites – with this cast! Great film and very nice ound-up. I always look forward to this column.


Preferred Valmont [happy someone mentioned it], also Barry Lyndon, which was done only by cabdlelight as Kubrick felt that was how it was done then. Really beautiful.
18th c. French is a favourite so very pleased to see it here. Thank-you.


Excuse me, Candlelight was the lighting for Barry Lyndon…need my caffeine for the a.m.

Jess Y

So glamorus! So chic! My roomie had this movie on this weekend and we were commenting on the interiors, must have had a cosmic d*s connection!


my parents bought this on vhs when it came out and labeled it “adults only”, so of course I watched it repeatedly in secret! remember the cupping scene? I had never seen such a thing before 1988.

Sarah Coriene

I LOVE this film! I remember first watching just the scenes of Glenn Close and John Malkovich dressing for the day in my History of Dress course and drooling over the fabulousness!!