leather acapulco chair

I’m not sure if it’s all the aged leather we saw at Brimfield or what, but I can’t get leather out of my head these days. I find myself stopping and staring at vintage leather deck and office chairs everywhere I go and wanting to see it used as detailing on just about everything I own. I’m drawn less towards chunky leather and more towards thin strips of lighter-colored leather that can be used in a way that feels airy and fresh. So when I saw that Greenpoint Works released their Acapulco Chair in a leather version I was psyched. It’s looks light as a feather but still has the substantial feel that leather gives a piece. While I’m sure it was designed to be comfy as is, I’d love to throw an old sheepskin blanket inside and cuddle up for a good afternoon read. If you’re looking for a new summer chair, click here to check out this chair in leather and vinyl. Thanks to Maya for the tip! xo, grace

maison marigold

looks very comfortable…and is pretty to boot! thanks for sharing, grace..have lovely day..do visit my blog when you have moment..xx meenal


Great chair and looks very relaxing. I think I will buy one for my outdoor patio! :p


I’ve sat in one of those chairs. After a while, the metal frame slices into the back of your legs in a very uncomfortable way. It needs a cushion.


.. which gives the potential of having a variation of cushions and changing them as fits your mood.

i love that picture, the roughness and the blinded windows are heartwarming!


The salvaged wood wall and stacks of books on the floor are more appealing to me than the chair in this photo! :)


It looks very fragile. But i think the designer chose some resistant materials. I bet the chair is very comfortable.