juju papers

Just when I was starting to hear a voice in my head that said, “Maybe I could use a break from wallpapers for a bit,” I got an email from Avery at Juju Papers. Despite feeling like I was on the verge of a wallpaper hiatus, I let myself fall for Avery’s designs pretty quickly and imagined papering my kitchen in the red/cream design above. My design whims can be so fickle.

Avery hand-prints all of her wallpapers to order from her studio in Portland, Oregon. She uses water-based inks and sources sustainably harvested papers for each design, all of which were inspired by original ink paintings she created. I love the transition from painting to wallpaper and would love to see more artists embrace this look. It’s what made me fall in love with Nama Rococo years ago, and it’s what draws me to these pieces now — that hand-drawn feeling that looks so fresh in wallpaper form. You can check out all of Avery’s designs right here and place an order via her website. I’d love to see images of these installed, so if anyone takes the plunge and orders them, please pass on your “after” photos. I can only imagine how pretty these look in person. xo, grace

CLICK HERE to view more patterns from Juju Papers after the jump!


so pretty and fun ,cant wait to have my own place to go crazy on the wallpaper :D muahahaha!


I’m loving all of these wallpaper posts, they’re making me nostalgic for my little youth and all the wallpaper stores my mom dragged me to.

However, these are 100 times cuter of course. :)



I must convince my husband that wallpapers are awesome, get a bunch of money, get them all


They’re so fun! I definitely feel like they’re be best in a cute little cabin or some awesomely retro place in Palm Springs! <3

sue bulmer

wow, these are amazing, I just love the leaves, wish my cottage walls were strisgh enough for wall-paper as I’d order some of this in a flash!!

Andrew Smith

These are simply amazing wallpaper designs! The patterns are very pleasant and remind me of the famous designer, Orla Kiely. Love them!


I’ve been looking for wallpapers like these forever! So glad you posted about this.

♥ sécia


simple, random, good hues & combo of tones. i like very much – thanks for finding & sharing

em simonetta

Original, love the look. Great designs. Beautiful colors. Thanks for posting!


Oh, these are just a little bit too cool. I adore the hand drawn look of the leaf design.


I need something that’s victorian but not too victorian for my kitchen walls. these are perfect!