joel penkman food art

I’m a complete and total food painting junkie. Ever since I spotted my first Wayne Thiebaud cake painting I’ve always known I wanted to have a kitchen one day just filled with these sorts of paintings (or, alternately, one GIANT cake painting). So when I see people carrying on that tradition of great food-based still life I sigh a little and smile because what’s not to love about seeing your favorite foods immortalized in art? Joël Penkman is a UK-based artist working as a graphic designer and painter. She recently had a show in Liverpool inspired by food and I love his pieces that focus on sweets and traditional British foods. It’s always nice to see food that’s specific to a certain region (Will someone please paint my beloved Kendal Mint Cake into a painting?) celebrated in art. You can check out more of Joel’s paintings right here, but I’ve chosen my favorites above and below. You can check out more food-themed art I’ve loved at D*S here, here and here. xo, grace

*Stay tuned for a special Memorial Day themed menu from Kristina next!


….is it OK to eat paper? Because if I bought one, I would eat it, without a doubt.


These are sweet—Pun intended. I love Wayne Thiebaud, too, the art and the artist—he’s a very nice person.


I love these! Do you know how much he sells prints for? Or what the price range is?

Rod Quail

I’ve just seen the wonderful Joel Penkman food paintings! WOW WHAT TALENT!! LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!! She’ll go far!

Gareth Langley

Just for your info, Joel is a she not a he, and she is lovely. And the paintings look even more delicious in real life! Keep up the awesome work Joey!


I don’t know if they count as well, but Lee Price has some evocative realistic paintings of women consuming all sorts of junk food, exploring the relationship of women + food… I know they are supposed to make me think about my own, but sometimes they just make me want to eat Ring Dings. Sad but true!

April Pike

We fell in love with this artist when in the UK. Brought a couple of her pictures back to NZ with us. She is a real talent.

Angelo giaquinto

The artist is actually female. She’s very talented and they are great pieces of work. I have one up in my kitchen…looks brilliant.

Patricia Shea

OMG these are absolutely gorgeous and very reminiscent of Wayne Thiebaud but with an English twist, I recognize those
‘sweeties’…I just LOVE them and am Tweeting them after I write this comment…I love food art too and am pursuing my own style in watercolour. Thanks for this glorious post!!


Totally DELICIOUS! Wafers are my fave. I can smell them and feel them!


Kendal mint cakes are not my favorite thing, I confess, but I would love to see a Penguin biscuit painting! (:


Is this an homage to Thiebaud? The paintings look way too much like Thiebaud’s to feel like original, but they’re very cute and well executed.

I was never a Thiebaud lover, until I read a book about him. He comes across as someone who was entirely in love with life. So many artists during his time were painting pop works in an ironic, sometimes even critical way. Thiebaud, on the other hand, painted out of complete joy, without guile. I loved that about him.


For my coursework in art we have to find 3 different still life artists and reproduce there work YOU ARE MY SECOND ARTIST AND I LOVE THESE PAINTING’S… anyone else really hungry..?


It is very very delicious when you look at it as it looks so real!!!