icff 2011: part 2

After yesterday’s discussion about ICFF, I’m happy to move on and focus on the people who produced pieces that I really enjoyed. From hot-pink velvet sofas and copper lights to magnetic curtains and outdoor dividers, there’s plenty of beautiful design here for everyone. I hope you enjoy these next 20 designs as much as I did . . . xo, grace

Image above: Tom Dixon never fails to deliver truly gorgeous lamps with copper detailing.

Image above: Beautiful textile panels from Timorous Beasties.

Image above: One of the most innovative designs I saw at this year’s show was a magnetic curtain by Elodie Blanchard at Elastic Co. that allows you to create truly beautiful sculptural shapes with your window dressings. It reminds me of these curtains, which sadly were never produced. I still long to have those in my home one day . . .

Image above: Shiny lamps? I can’t resist them. Design by UM project

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Image above: I loved this patterned outdoor wall divider. This would be perfect for an urban or suburban space. Design by Puck and Blossom

Image above: I’ve got a thing for invisible-magnet knife boards. This one is just gorgeous. Design by POTT

Images above: I know this couch is pretty over the top, but there was a little voice inside me that couldn’t help but scream, “Pink couch!!!” over and over whenever I walked past this. So I broke down and had a seat . . . and fell in love. Silk velvet with amazing constellation-style stitching. This piece was over-the-top awesome. Design by Khouri Guzman Bunce Limited

Image above: These metal cage lights from Roll & Hill were really nice.

Image above: This felt magazine/bottle holder looked like one giant piece of dripping fabric. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought it was really striking. Design by Ilio

Images above: More beautiful work from Elodie Blanchard at Elastic Co., who made those amazing magnetic curtains above. Her fringed fabric was called “Eyelashes,” and the felt accordion-style curtain had hand-stitched detailing.

Image above: This simple leather wine rack would make a great housewarming gift. Design by Luciana Gonzalez-Franco

Images above: This couch was one of my favorite pieces at the show. The salvaged wood lip that runs around the entirety of the couch hides some really great storage and acts as a perfect drink rest or spot for books and magazines. And the leather buckle detailing? Perfect. Design by Sami Hayek

Newly Domesticated

I still wish the Hannah Allijn curtains were produced, too! p.s. just seeing them again blew my mind…i can’t believe it’s been five years since I started reading your blog!


Oooh, those Timorous Beasties panels remind me of the work of Karin Bergoo Larsson! Her husband, the painter Carl Larsson, is better known, but her textile designs were really interesting–blending geometric patterns with openwork, etc. Sigh…

So, I hate to ask, but was there a hint of a price for such a treasure?

Anne Alexander Sieder

I guess I just LOVE over-the-top! That pink couch is amazing – I’m in the process of upholstering a couch in berry hued velvet and that picture makes me wish I had gone pink instead.


Silk velvet never sucks in any color and that reclaimed wood sofa is genius!


Love the sofa AND that curtain that never got produced. I really wanted that one in my place especially since I’m not a fan of most window treatments.