diy project: dried flowers and herbs

Although we’ve yet to exhume our sandals and tank tops from their winter resting place, we do see spring rearing its head . . . at last! After an especially long season of bare trees and cold days, we thought it might be nice to preserve some of spring’s bounty to hold us through the harsh, dark months that come around next year, so we started working on projects to dry and save flowers. We started with things in our own backyards (well, Amy’s backyard, as she’s the only one who actually has one!), so our selection was limited, but we hope that as the sun shines on, we will be able to add to our collection — nine in all, for a nice 3 x 3 wall collage.

Because framing gets expensive, we wanted to work on a project that could be switched out and added to easily and inexpensively. We were going for something fast and simple, so we dried the flowers the old-fashioned way we learned growing up (if you want to be a bit more technical on this, please see Amy’s amazing flower press DIY). Using simple Euro clip frames seemed like the perfect solution (of course, these would also look gorgeous in proper frames). There are so many ways to do this project, and the clip frames come in various sizes, so have fun! — bbbcraft sisters

Have a DIY project you’d like to share? Shoot me an email with your images right here! (Low res, under 500k per image, please.)

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  • paper (we used slightly thicker stock)
  • tea bags (we used black tea; coffee will work as well)
  • 9 x 12 (or larger) baking pan
  • stack of heavy books (or if you are  more organized than we are, a flower press)
  • wax paper
  • clip frames
  • scissors or paper cutter


1. Place flower in a folded piece of wax paper.

2. Place flower under a large stack of books for about a week. Different flowers will take different lengths of time, and the herbs take less time.

3. Print out your flower names and/or descriptions on the paper you’re using.

4. Combine water and one tea bag in baking dish.

5. Place paper in dish. Leave for as long as you like; the length of time will depend on how dark you want it. We did several pieces of paper at once.

6. Hang paper to dry.

7. Place sheets of paper under a heavy stack of books to flatten them out; they will be a bit beat up after all of this!

8. Cut paper to size for your clip frame. The ones shown are 8 x 10.

9. Once the paper and flower have dried, place them in the frame!


I love this! Definitely will be raiding my parents garden next time I’m home and giving this a shot!


I saved some lavender from my SIL’s wedding last weekend – this will be perfect for it! I’ve been trying to gather ideas for some old-fashioned “naturalist” type decor, too, so perfect timing all around. :)

Monica Barbaro

What a fantastic idea!
I always save flowers that I receive from my boyfriend/mom/friends and it would be incredible to preserve them in these sorts of fixtures!
Thank you!


So beautiful. The choice of type face and positioning for Lavender is lovely — the difference between a real artist and, say, me…
The printed words don’t run in the water bath?


Oh, my excellent idea and even if your a city dweller you could do it with herbs for a kitchen from the grocery store!


Very nice idea! Thank you!
! I just returned from my visit to the states and was at the Watkins Glen waterfall where I collected beautiful fresh ferns, growing around and dried it. Now I know how I can treasure that beautiful trip forever!

Gabriela GH

me encanto esto!! gracias por las ideas, son geniales! me alegran el corazon. Cariños desde Argentina