Cori Kindred Rock Collections

Today is a day full of fresh starts and monumental lessons in patience. Both with fixing and tweaking all the issues with the new site (thank you for your feedback, we’re working on everything) and learning to work on a new computer while mine is slowly repaired after being ruined by my decision to drink water in bed late at night. One of the things that makes me feel most relaxed and calm when I’m stressed is focusing on natural elements. Whether it’s the tree outside our windows or the tiny patches of green I’ve brought inside the house. They always feel stabilizing and grounding. And nothing makes me feel more grounded and calm then rocks. I had a crush on a boy who loved geology growing up and long after that passed I found myself continuing to enjoy rock collections and the amazing worlds of color and shimmer that could live inside such a tiny object. Mixed media artist Cori Kindred shares my love of these tiny geological worlds and curates them into “rock collections” on Etsy. Each one is organized and grouped inside a vintage box and tagged with words written on a typewriter. Whether you buy these carefully selected collections or use the idea to inspire your own rock hunting and arranging, there’s something special about elevating something so small and relatively unassuming to the level of artwork you’d place on a wall. I hope it inspires anyone looking up to take a moment to look down and see what sort of beauty is kicking around their feet. Click here to check out (and shop) Cori’s work online. xo, grace


I love these stones. I have pebbles,stones,rocks all around my house, my boys used to bring me ones from outside when they were younger. The nature/relax part is very true to me right now as well.
The new site is wonderful by the way.

Slim Paley

Congratulations on your new site! You’re very brave to mount such a Herculean feat!!
It looks great. I love these little Rocks n’ Box- they remind me of the rock tumbler I had as a child and how fascinating it was to see the grey, dusty rocks transform to such shiny ‘gems’.

PS. I hate when I spill my wine, er, I mean water on my bedtime laptop!!


The new site looks lovely, worth all the hard work! Congratulations! And…bummer about your computer…
I have always, always, been a rock collecting fiend, this is a lovely way to present them and show them. Thanks!

Amu nieto

I am a proud owner of the single “Magic?” one. It is beautiful!


Loving the new site design!
I have a rock collection from a cross country road trip I took when I was 10. My parents have been bugging me to take them from their storage – this would make a great DIY for my own collection.


These are so beautiful! I was into rocks when I was a kid and my mom took me to a few rock and gem shows. I remember seeing all of the beautiful stones laid out on the tables in these tiny white boxes, very much like the boxes above with the rock name typed or stamped inside. I think I still have my “TV Rock” in the box. :)

Congrats on the new website launch! The layout is lovely. I really like the dark gray and coral.


as Jewelry artist I am totally in to rocks :) Before I started with my Jewelry, I worked as a therapist and you have no Idea how much healing potecial all the rocks got!
Love love love :)


So inspiring! I love the idea of displaying natural materials this way. Beautiful and different.


I used to LOVE rocks when I was a kid – this really brings back memories of trying to glue them onto storyboards for projects… I really like your art!