brimfield 2011: tables + chairs

When it comes to basic design elements, chairs and tables are my bread and butter. As much as I love odds and ends and little unexpected pieces, you can rarely go wrong with something as simple as a table or chair. We saw tons and tons of beautiful options at Brimfield, ranging from basic to bold, but these are our absolute favorites. From a sweet little chair with arrow detailing to adorable dotted-zinc tables, there’s something here to inspire anyone’s home-decor style. I hope you’ll enjoy these selections as much as we did. xo, grace

There’s more Brimfield coverage here (what we bought), here (recreation trend), here (textiles), here (equestrian trend), here (lighting), here (leather) and here (oddities and off-the-wall finds).

Image above: I must have stood in front of this amazing bar table for at least 20 minutes hemming and hawing. They listed it as $750, then it went down to $500. Then before I left, it went down to $400. I still couldn’t stomach (or really afford) the price, but man, I miss this piece already. The color jumps off the screen here but doesn’t even begin to do it justice — it was electric in person.

Image above: These chairs are amazing. End of story. If I had a backyard, these would be in it. No question.

Image above: I saw this table while I was running back to the car to leave. I wish I’d stopped and brought this home with me. How gorgeous is this piece?

Image above: I loved so many things in the Jersey Ice Cream Co. booth. These theater seats killed me. I wanted them sooo badly but couldn’t think of any place for them in my home. The detailing on the side is just fantastic.

CLICK HERE for 12 more beautiful chairs & tables from Brimfield after the jump!

Image above: More details from the side of those phenomenal theater seats. Man, I wish I’d gotten these.

Image above: Oh man, I wanted to sneak this zinc table into our car. It was so lovely.

Images above: I loved the little raised circle/rivet detailing on these tables.

Image above: How adorable are the arrow details on this chair?

Image above: I loved these chairs so, so much. The huge arms were very comfy. They may look uncomfortable, but they were shockingly comfortable and welcoming.

Amy Castle

WOW….been to my share of flea markets but have NEVER seen anything like this.
Is this an annual event? If so, next year, I’m in!
Thanks so much for sharing. Your my fav!

Kristin @ everythingZamora

I know what you mean about those theater seats. I see theater seats pretty often on Craigslist, and continually kick myself, because I can’t think of anywhere to put them! There can be seating in the hallway, right?

maison marigold

love the quatrefoil ( well almost) table with spindle legs..would be a great diy project to paint the shape very much..xx meenal


Amy, Be prepared if you go in July – hot and dry – wear a hat, bring sunblock and lots of water. I’ve never been in September, but the anticipation for the May show (waiting all Winter) I thinks makes it so much more exciting!
Grace, Kate and Amy – you guys did such an excellent job of recaping all of the trends seen at Brimfield – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it…made me feel better about only being able to attend one of the days (I got to see it ALL through your eyes)!

Sharon Snow

Oh wow! GREAT post! As a table and chair junkie this was such a treat on a Monday morning! Thank you!!! Love everything, especially the last table with the cast iron base. Does anyone know what this sort of base is referred to and where to look for something similar? I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing such wonderful finds!

Claire H

Those pics are gorgeous! Does anyone know how to achieve that “retro look” like in the first ones? I hope some photoshop will do it! Thanks!!

Terry Golson

I go to Brimfield every year. Wish you’d mention what fields you found these things in – I can’t see every booth – even if I go for two days!



the sellers change fields every year, so it’s not always accurate to list fields for people attending the show at a later date. our favorite sellers often move fields within the same show week, so it’s really up in the air. but i’ll reiterate that our favorite fields are: mays, j&j and heart of the mart.

grace :)


Beautiful stuff – this is a *really* fun mini-series. Just the right balance between “wish I’d been there” and “feel like I was there”.

Sixela Co.

Hi There! Question for you, I know it was awhile ago, but any chance you remember what those theater seats were priced at? I’m a newbie dealer and taking theater seats with me (equally phenomenal), but not sure how to price them…